Energy flows at all levels in and about our life. Many cultures and healthcare systems believe that quality-of-life issues–such as being disease free, having enough energy to be active all through life, and being of sound mind, body and spirit–are not just a gift, but a reality that belongs to us. Deepak Chopra in his book Ageless Body, Timeless Mind states that, if properly balanced, human beings could live healthy and active until the ripe age of 135 years!

Let’s look at how we may grow old–youthfully. Energy is the source of all vitality in humans. No matter what form energy takes it gives us life and all life is pulsating movement.

As Candace Pert said in her tremendous book Molecules of Emotion, there is a biochemical link between the mind and the body. The human organism is this incredible communication system that redefines health and disease. She classifies this system as having a very intelligent pathway to receive information. “Receptor molecules,” as she calls them, will respond to energy and give chemical cues to our body/mind by vibrations–yes, vibrations! Energy is the substance that eventually creates form.

To begin, for energy to pulsate we must have electro magnetic force–a polarity. Energy must move from a positive to a neutral to a negative charged pole and back again creating movement. Energy moves in a pattern; it has purpose and direction.

The major energy transport highway for all movement is called a chakra system. Sometimes called wheels of life, the chakras are core centers that network our mind/body communication system–spinning vortexes of human energy, transformers and/or centers of movement for reception, processing and transmission of vital life energy.

Look up, follow those electric wires and every time you come to a pole, observe the transformer. Energy moves from a higher vibration (a power plant) to a slower vibration to be used as electricity in your house. These transformers hold electricity (energy) in a solid container which allows it to spin off again and again to slow it down.

We know without much debate that when a transformer isn’t functioning, entire communities are without electricity. It is the same within our own chakra systems; if our chakras are not open and functioning, we also are without electricity (energy). This eventually affects our emotional and physical health.

Each chakra is an independent center that spins energy to slow it down so it can process to the next level. Every chakra has its own personality, independent but interconnected. Amodea Judith, in her book Wheels of Life, gives a summary of the general points for understanding the chakra system:

  • There are seven major and several minor chakras.
  • Chakras are created by the intersection of two major vertical currents. (They are reflexed in the spine.)
  • A chakra system describes a pattern of involution, energy moving out and away from source, and evolution, energy moving in and back to source. This creates an oval field so movement can occur.
  • Being in constant interplay, chakras correspond to colors, sounds and specific locations in the body.
  • Chakras have value for maintaining good health and can be kept open through exercises, meditation and/or polarity contact points.

Each of the seven chakras has unique properties:

  1. Base of spine: Color, red; Element, earth
  2. Lower abdomen: Color, orange; Element, water
  3. Solar plexus: Color, yellow; Element, fire
  4. Heart: Color, green; Element, air
  5. Throat: Color, blue; Element, ether
  6. Forehead: Color, indigo; Element, light
  7. Top of head: Color, violet; Element, thought

Each chakra also corresponds to specific glands, sounds, emotions, foods and energy

states. A well-trained energy practitioner will assess these vital energy centers and through specific associations and input from the client, gather vital information on areas of concern.

Chakra balancing techniques are excellent for maintaining good health. The following exercises are very useful; try them when you are tired and stressed. First, sit back in a comfortable chair, eyes closed, feet even on the floor. Place your left hand gently on your forehead and right hand just below the navel. Hold for three minutes, light touch with deep breathing. Second, lift both arms above your head, press the palms of your hands towards the ceiling, close your eyes but focus eyes up to your eyebrows.

Hold for one minute and nose breathe deeply. Third, hold both hands close to the heart center, palms facing chest. Relax your jaw, close your eyes. Breathe in and out of your mouth. Become aware of your internal resources.

If most diseases are stress induced, isn’t it worth our while to keep our vital life-energy balanced?

The power is within.

Words of wisdom from Dr. Randolph Stone: Centers of energy are essential for creation of forms and their finer operation. It is essential that energy be concentrated and worked according to definite patterns and designs or exhaustion would take place.

May the longtime sun shine upon you.

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