Why should I eat Sprouts? by Sean Herbert

“Why should I eat Sprouts?” The easiest answer is Sprouts have a variety of textures and tastes that compliment any of your favorite dishes. Sprout Garbanzo beans add a few spices and make hummus.  Sprout radish and add a spicy kick to any food. Sprout Sunflower and Pea Greens and use as the base of a vibrant salad. Or put them all together and make a nice Hummus Sprout Wrap Sandwich, and use romaine for the bread. Sure it takes some work to sprout, but imagine sitting down to a meal that you grew personally, harvested fresh that very moment! The sense of pride and of course the flavors are your reward!

Another reason to eat sprouts are they are relatively inexpensive, easy to grow, and easy to get.  You can plant Sprouts in a soil-filled tray and nurture them to harvest, you can use a Mason jar, Sprouting bag or Sprouter to grow hydroponically. You can pick them up at the store, or have them delivered. Sprouts are readily available.

Nutritionally Sprouts are the best food on the planet!

Sprouts are the baby plants bursting with the energy of growth. Sprouts contain anywhere from 10 to over 50 times the nutritional value of their adult plants… so a little goes a long way! Sprouts contain a powerhouse of vitamins, minerals and chlorophyll called nature’s greatest medicine. Sprouts also contain enzymes that help them digest and assimilate to the body naturally. But it’s not just the vitamins, the nutrients or the fact that they taste great. All of which are reason alone to include Sprouts in your diet.  What is most important is the ENERGY, the LIFEFORCE that you receive from eating Sprouts.

Imagine a dormant seed placed in the fertile organic rich soil of the rainforest. First it is activated by the rainfall and nourished by the soil. Once exposed to the rays of the Sun, the LIFEFORCE of the seed is triggered and explodes producing a Sprout. Photosynthesis from the Greek word photo meaning (light) and Synthesis meaning (putting together), is a process used by plants to transform the Sun’s energy into Chemical energy called chlorophyll or the green blood of the plant. Photosynthesis is vital for all aerobic life on Earth. In addition to maintaining normal levels of oxygen in the atmosphere, Photosynthesis is the source of energy for nearly all life on Earth.  The average rate of energy captured by photosynthesis globally is immense…about 6 times larger than all power consumed by human civilization.

Simply put, Sprouts are alkaline batteries for your body.