Healthy Tidbits

Almond / Almond Milk I love Almonds/ Almond milk ( I think should be used instead of cow’s milk.) Try Sprouted Almonds – very light and easy to eat. Can make your own Almond milk also. Slice them put on salads. Best results after sprouting is soaking them overnight then pealing the skin off – and eat. Look at these benefits. Organic please. (
Almond Milk Chemicals used to treat illnesses in Animals, found in Milk–Painkillers, Antibiotics, and Hormones. They say they are not Harmful – Do you believe that? Try Almond Milk. (
Apple Cider Vinegar Apple Cider Vinegar to the rescue! Two to three Tbs of ACV in a large glass of good water. Drink every am and/or afternoon (without food) best in am. Works on digestive/alkaline balance, reduces inflammation, helps eliminate pain. Incredible for promoting good health. Use daily.
Apple Cider Vinegar Apple Cider Vinegar: Miracle Remedy! Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, prescribed vinegar often for his patients. Ancient Persian physicians would recommend a drink of vinegar, lime juice and sour fruit juice to help prevent fatty accumulation in the body.
Apple Cider Vinegar Heart Burn Do you get Heart Burn? Over time your stomach produces less Hydrochloric Acid which is vip to break down food. Heart Burn is the result. Simple Solution: Drink 2 Tbs of Organic Apple Cider Vinegar in 8 oz of water 1-2 X per day – taste good and works.
Apple Cider Vinegar Digestion Mary Jo’s Health Tidbit: Holiday eating sometimes produces digestive issues — good thing to remember is the incredible affect of drinking organic apple cider vinegar – 1-2 tbl in 8 oz of water — will stop acid imbalances and issues related to digestion. Drink first thing in am – wonderful results – have a shot of it after a large dinner. Try it = it works.
Aromatherapy multi-use Aromatherapy: Essential Oil Profiles: Basil, rejuvenating, insect repellent, fatigue. Bergamot, antibacterial,anxiety,depression. Camphor, bronchial dilator, antimicrobial. Cardamom, digestive, bronchitis. Chasteberry, hormonal balance, menopause. Cinnamon, poor circulation, rheumatism. Nature’s Medicine!
Aromatherapy Aromatherapy: Blending Essential Oils is an Art using various oils, absolutes, CO2s, grain alcohol, carrier oils, herbs, or water. Blending basics .. Learn essential oil groups. Categories based on their aromas.
Aromatherapy Aromatherapy: Essential Oil groups…Floral:lavender,neroli,jasmine. Woodsy:pine,cedar. Earthy: oak moss, vetiver, patchouli. Herbaceous: marjoram, Rosemary, basil. Minty: peppermint, spearmint.
Aromatherapy Aromatherapy: EO Groups cont. Medicinal:eucalyptus,cajuput,tea tree. Spicey:nutmeg,clove,cinnamon. Oriental: Ginger, patchouli. Citrus:orange,lemon,lime. Oils in same groups blend well.
Aromatherapy Aromatherapy: Essential Oils produced by steam distillation. Plant placed in glass closed cauldron water heated producing steam diffuse elements of plant. Cooling creates liquid forms a layer on top of water which is separated for production. Quality of producer is VIP for AT.
Aromatherapy Aromatherapy Works ..there is a chemical response to scents – pain can be managed through scents .. depression is balance through scents – noninvasive and no side affects. Stay tuned we will be doing a full week of Health Tidbits on Aromatherapy! (
Aromatherapy Aromatherapy: Here is active research on the use of Essential Oils. There are also huge studies going on with Cancer Anti Nausea and Peppermint oil – Something as simple as specific smell with the right Plant based Essential Oil can be a huge healthcare system !! Enjoy the video. (
Aromatherapy Aromatherapy: Power of Essential Oils – extracted from plants which have special oil bearing cells, glands, pores! Some plants produce scent in leaves,flowers,roots,fruits and trunk. Plants use Solar Energy for cell activity absorbed by chlorophyll – Photosynthesis — Natures Medicine.
Aromatherapy Aromatherapy – essential oils, raw material of AT. Plants produce natural substances as part of their life-cycle. Essential oils are extracted from plants through distillation which produces pure condensed oils. A drop of this oil added to a carrier oil produces AT product for us to use. Stay tuned more to come.
Aromatherapy Aromatherapy – based on the use of essential oils. Used by all ancient cultures who knew the healing qualities of aromatic plants. Science of Aromatherapy is booming today, research shows the medicinal /healing properties of plants – stay tuned we will explore this Science all week.
Artificial Sweeteners Artificial Sweeteners are dangerous. In essence it would be better to use good Honey, Maple Syrup, Agave (really the best), you would be better off (if needed) to use regular sugar instead of Splenda! See Below – (The Truth About Splenda
Aspirin Taking Aspirin? Surprise aspirin is derived from natural source (that has no side affects). Research shows Willow Bark has same affects, preventive also, as aspirin ..dates back to 400 BC..can buy 300mg of Willow Bark take 2per day .. Same affect as aspirin! Only ingredient in aspirin is Acetylsalicylic – synethic willow bark! No Brainer. No more stomach issues.
Beans multi-use Eat 1/2 cup of beans daily! Add to soups, salads. Dried beans best (soaked) Top ones – Lentils (low blood pressure/high protein), Black Beans (Iron, Colon Health), Adzuki (Heart Health), Red Kidney (high minerals) Share any recipe you have.
Beets Brain Health Great to add Beets to any juice — add a little Beet Juice at a time with other juices like Carrot Juice (add some apple) — good morning juice. A little Beet Juice goes along way. See article below. (
Berries Cancer Season for Berries – UCLA Human Nutrition report-antioxidant rich extracts from berries can inhibit the growth and spread of Cancer cells. Any type of fresh berries good – Fresh blueberries best – get organic.
Beverages Soda “pop” increases risk of lung disease by 80%! Research links soda to asthma/copd, can cause lung inflammation/restricting air passages and limiting how much air flows through the trachea. Read Journal Repirology, Dr Shi study, Univ of Adelaide, Australia. Can the cokes and Pepsi!
Beverages Diet Coke Tied to Heart Attacks, Stroke Risks: study in Journal of General Internal Medicine. People who drink diet coke daily are 44% more likely to suffer with Heart/Stroke Attacks. The mainstream studies are saying this — Drinker beware. Try Green Tea. COMMENTS: Mary Jo Ruggieri Sorry gang it is the Diet Coke . I will post the actual study and was done by mainstream med research check the Journal of Internal Medicine.
Beverages / Soda Cardiovascular Can That Coke! Colas linked to Hypertension. AMA study reported women do not develop high blood pressure from coffee but from caffeinated colas – diet or sugar. It is suggested there are other compounds that increase this risk besides caffeine.
Black Cohosh PMS /Menopause Looking for relieve from PMS or Menopause “Naturally” Read below on the benefits of Black Cohosh. Estrogen Replacement, finally after much research, has been shown to be very detrimental for women…There are many other ways to help that Hot Flash. Read below. Come Blog With Us . love your input.
Blueberries Memory Blueberries Improves Memory! Study at Tufts shows blueberries (which are high in Flavonoids) slow the age related degeneration of the brain and may also reverse it. Maybe we should switch to Blueberry Pies for Thanksgiving. Happy Turkey or Tofu-rkey Day enjoy your friends and families.
Cabbage Joint Pain Home Remedy for Joint Pain. Cabbage Leaves ! Contain anti-inflammatory compounds. Take 2-3 large outer dark green leaves, roll leaves with rolling pin, warm them in oven or steamer — wrap around joint cover with moist towel 15 min — It is amazing! Love Mother Nature.
Carrot Juice Cancer Carrot Juice is high in beta carotene which is incredible for lung issues first and foremost. Daily Carrot Juice will help balance the affects of Chem and Radiation. Good for a weekly drink for normal health.
Castor Oil Muti-use Miracle Castor Oil. Been around 1,000, years. Studies show improves inflam (arthritis),skin issues, muscle strain, feet/back pain. Use CO packs (soak flannel in CO, put over area, cover plastic, heat) Use right on area rub in well. Packs best. It Works.
Castor Oil Inflammation / Pain Castor Oil Packs are a Gift! Reduces Inflammation and helps manage pain. Research shows that Castor Oil is very beneficial for Arthritis. Read how to use below. Try them they work.
Cayenne Pepper Pain Control the Natural Way. Cayenne Pepper gets its power from capsaicin, reduces pain. Get fresh ground Cayenne keep in glass. use a pinch of it in a cup of tea, sprinkle on salads, soak your feet in hot water1/2tsp of cay/1tb mustard. There is also Capsaicin Cream to use on sore muscles/ joint pain.
Chlorophyll Miracle of Chlorophyll -metabolized sunlight, closest relative to human blood, molecular structure of Chlor is identical to hemin which is part of Hemoglobin (protein in blood transports O2 to body). Can drink liquid chlor, chlorella or spirulina tablets – Chlor is like getting a fesh blood transfusion – add daily vip!
Chlorophyll Muti-use Chlorophyll, Green Blood of Plants. Chlor, is reason plant cells change light energy into chemical energy. Research shows chlor has healing properties – reduces plaque, stimulates bone marrow repair, carries more O2 to cells. Try 2-4 tbl of liquid Chlor in 12 oz of H2O- you will feel great. Think Green
Chocolate Good News!! Dark Chocolate is good for you .. Rich in Polyphenols found in plants. Has to be Dark Chocolate. Come blog with me and share your views .. Any good ways to cook with Dark Chocolate? Love to hear from you. Evidence appears overwhelming that the consumption of dark chocolate can improve both glucose metabolism and blood pressure. (In the available research the study done showed that white chocolate had no affect).
Cinnamon Health benefits of Cinnamon, anti-clotting, anti-microbial, blood sugar control, boosts brain function, good source of manganese, fiber,calcium,iron. Put cinnamon sticks in tea,soups,cider- sprinkle on protein shakes, salad, toast, fruit – taste wonderful.
Cinnamon Muti-use Mary Jo’s Health Tidbits: Take out that jar of Cinnamon – benefits are immense: Anti-clotting, blood sugar control, boost brain function, anti-microbial, source of fiber, calcium and iron. sprinkle in a protein shake, tea, coffee, apple sauce, toast. Stick Cinn- can let sit in cup of tea all day.
Coconut I have written about Coconut water , Coconut oil for a variety of conditions – we now have proof– incredible research — this is an excellent study on the use of Coconut oil for slowing Alzheimer’s disease. I often recommend taking one teaspoon of Coconut oil per day for overall help with digestion, immune enhancememt and arthritis pain. Something that simple works so well. See research below. Coconut Oil Touted as Alzheimer’s Remedy – CBN TV – Video
Coconut All you need to scare ticks and fleas away is Coconut Oil (component is lauric acid) rub 1/2 tsp in your hands until it is liquid then apply it on animal neck, lower back, legs and stomach. Works so well your dog will love you!
Cq10 Muti-use CQ10 to the rescue. Coenzyme Q10 key for healthy cells, increased energy, improves metabolism, improves cell function, heart and cardiovascular health. Research shows CQ10 preventive benefits for breast cancer. 200- 300 mg per day.
Dairy Is Dairy Good For You? Harvard studies show dairy does not strengthen bones and may even lead to increasing risk of fractures. More Calcium/Minerals in green leafy vegies and sun flower seeds than processed dairy. Have we been fooled by the dairy industry??
Dairy & Meat Forks Over Knifes is a big hit – good resource to read is the “China Study” by Colin Campbell. This is a huge challenge to the dairy and meat industry and even the way they produce their products — still adding a lot of antibiotics, and excess hormones.
Dark Chocolate Heart Disease Chocolate could be as beneficial as a powerful drug in reducing risk of Heart Disease .. dark chocolate that is. Research shows reduces risks by 40%..if you eat enough! Are we in heaven?
Detox Detoxing is used to cleanse and relax your vital systems so your body can heal/repair more effectively and efficiently. It is an accurate healthcare modality and should not be done randomly. Learn about it and work with a Holistic Health Practitioner who knows the many ways to detox. Best to do over an extended period of time. It so beneficial!
Diet “..the overemphasis on reducing Fat caused the consumption of Carbohydrates and Sugar in our diet to soar. That shift may be linked to the biggest health problems in America today.” Dr Frank Hu, Harvard School of Public Health. We need to rethink the low fat, no fat craze!
Drugs Asthma Asthma/ Breathing Conditions have increased 130% for children ages 5 to 14. Why ? Is it environmental, food related or both. Onset of Adult Asthma also increased in record numbers. One key, according to many studies, the drugs we are using to treat these breathing conditions increase the conditions! Read more Come Blog with us.
Drugs Harmful Effects of Nsaids ! AMA estimates 50-80%hospitalized for Gastrointestinal bleeding are taking NASAIDS! Also a 10% fatality. Most Nsaids like Advil. Aleve even aspirin are used for pain/ inflammation – there are natural non invasive ways – best one is using Systemic Enzymes.
Drugs / Pain The rule of thumb should be try the non invasive therapies first. Every drug has a side affect – and is symptom related. Herbal and Homeopathic Healthcare has extend benefits for the entire system ,, and no adverse conditions. Time to take back our health. Health and Medical Prescription drugs kill one person every 19 minutes (
Drugs / Pain Abuse of prescriptive drugs in US is epidemic — more than all street drugs combined in our major cities! Also…7 million Americans are taking Prescriptive drugs for no reason – actually do not need them they are just prescribed by their Medical practitioners! (CNN) Are we getting the wake up call.
Drugs / Pain Pain meds are addicting ..try non invasive therapies first .. Pawpaw works very well eating fresh papaya’s also. Do not eat the seeds …squeeze some fresh lime on them. Read below. article: Pawpaw for Healing
Drugs / Pain Pain Control Naturally – we have a major Pain Med Addiction problem and we have to pass on info of Natural pain reduction techniques. Natural and Holistic Therapies are being shoved under the carpet – lets stop this discrimination! (Mary Jo’s Health Tidbits: Pain Control the Natural Way. Cayenne Pepper gets its power from capsaicin, reduces pain. Get fresh ground Cayenne keep in glass. use a pinch of it in a cup of tea, sprinkle on salads, soak your feet in hot water1/2tsp of cay/1tb mustard. There is also Capsaicin Cream to use on sore muscles/ joint pain.)
Drugs / Pain SOS Pain Meds Abuse is epidemic – ruining people’s lives – what starts out to be simple Dental Surgery ends up with Pain Med addiction. All prescriptive drugs given freely by medical professionals. There is a 900% increase in pain medication abuse/addictions! In Ohio there is an average of 67 pain pills taken daily per Ohio resident!
Drugs / Pain Meds Abuse SOS center of disease control –Pain Killers Abuse is out of control in US. 40 die each day from pain killers. Prescriptive Drug Deaths have tripled making it one of the leading causes of death in US. Sad thing there are non-invasive solutions – Low level laser therapy, specific herbs, homeopathy, bodywork, chiropractic care. What is wrong with this picture?
Drugs/ Pain Pain and Pain Control is #1 medical condition – more than Heart/Cancer. Pain Medications use is epidemic. One answer (says Dr Oz) is to really start looking at the Holistic/non-invasive options! i.e. Castor Oil packs, Devils Claw 500mg, Inflam Blockers. Join us the next week we will post a new natural remedy for pain each day on FB!
Eating Digestion For Digestive Balance and For Optimal Health. 3 VIP Health Tips. Sit down and Eat (do not eat on the run) Intentionally Chew your food (Try 25 times a chew small bites please) Keep yourself Hydrated, research shows 80% of Hunger is Thirst (75oz of H2O per day).
Enzyme CQ10 Heart health / breast cancer Energy vitamin/enzyme CQ10-research also shows CQ10’s link to good heart health and breast cancer prevention. This enzyme sparks the heart – a must for us all. 100 to 300mg daily.
Enzymes I am an avid fan of recommending that we need enzymes and Probiotics….To maintain healthy digestion, help with digestive disorders and to be able to break down food well. Probiotics protect the friendly bacteria in the body and help maintain acid balances in stomach. Here is a fun and catchy video explaining Probiotics! (What are Probiotics?
Enzymes Inflammation 99% of all pain is Inflammation! Lack of Enzymes is the Key to inflammation. There is an enzyme needed for all chemical reactions in every cell in your body. Enzymes break down Fats, Protein and Carbs. FYI-between the age of 27 -35yrs old – stop producing many enzymes. Good to add Digestive Enzymes with your meals.
Enzymes Enzymes the Spark of Life! Every chemical reaction in the body is supported by an enzyme — this is a great info article, video- about enzymes … very important to your quality of life. (
Fats trans fats / inflammation Hidden Danger In Your Diet. Fats–cereals, potato chips, fast foods – they are found in half of all grocery store foods (even healthy foods) trans fats interfere with enzyme activity increasing inflammation — if you need Advil/Aleve may be the trans fats in your foods – check labels.
FDA Approved Drugs Beware..FDA approved drugs- Fosamax, Actonel, didronel, boniva,reclast, to treat Osteoporosis actually may lead to increased fractures and cause ulcers ..research Dr Ott, Journal of Endocrinology/Metabolism. Herbals/Homeopathy work well!
Fluoride Fluoride Connection: there is conflict that fluoride prevents tooth decay? Studies have shown that fluoride accumulates in many organs, especially the thyroid. Interferes with ability of thyroid gland to make thyroid hormones and iodine metabolism. Maybe why we have a thyroid deficiency in US – hypothyroidism is epidemic in small children.
Garlic Antibacterial/viral/fungal breath Garlic Food For Life. Antibacterial, Antiviral, Antifungal. Keep cove of garlic nearby. Research shows garlic prevents pulmonary hypertension. Ingredient is Allicin .Use fresh garlic Allicin is destroyed within one hour of smashing it. Chew it up then eat Parsley – helps breath.
Garlic Cancer Garlic and Cancer Prevention. Nutritional Research reports a significant role for garlic in prevention of human Gastric Cancer! Inhibits growth of tumors, even provides anti-tumor immunity. Use raw or cooked, on salads or most anything, use daily – Chew fresh parsley for fresh breath! Yum!
General Food Cravings Great tips on how to control your food cravings. Dr Amen does a good job on explaining simple and easy ways to stop the munchies! The supplements he suggests are very helpful. I recommend using them especially the Vit D — will help. Enjoy (
Ginger Ginger to the rescue again. Try making Ginger tea — slice about a cup of fresh ginger put it in a large pot 2-3 quarts of water bring to a boil and simmer all night – store liquid heat a cup at a time with honey and lemon. Incredible for colon health, inflammation and arthritis. ( Natural Health Dossier | Ancient Asian Root Alleviates Arthritis and Puts an End to Pain )
Ginger Best disease fighting spice — I suggest peeling and slicing (a lot) Fresh Ginger – boil/ steep it in a large pot of good water- let it sit over nite – heat when needed, add some honey and lemon – incredible. Chop it on salads and soups! Read below. ( The Health Benefits of Ginger )
Ginkgo Supplements Hearing Loss /Ringing in ears Great News- Ginkgo Supplements may be useful in treating Hearing Loss and Tinnitus (ring in the ear). Studies show 200mg daily best. Double Blind study!
Gluten Free / Recipe Gluten Free Spaghetti — low carbs and filled with nutrients — cook the Squash and you will find that you can turn it into good spaghetti – put any kind of sauce on it, add other vegies, garlic and herbs – hummm see this video on how to do it and do not be shy try it. How to Cook Spaghetti Squash
GM Crops More on GMO Crops – this is just the tip of the iceberg – talk to your Congress/Senate people. (
GMO health problems GMO’s (genetically modified organisms) are plants/ animals created via gene splicing – merging DNA from different species, creating unstable combinations of plants/animals. Research growing connects GMO’s with health problems, environmental damage/violation of farmers/consumer’s rights. Info go to
Good Nutrition Good Nutrition including adequate needed supplements build and rebuild healthy cells and create healthy organs – Only way to establish good health and regain health if there is a disease or dysfunction. Drugs often interfere with healing.
Grapefruit Seed Extract Germ Fighter Grapefruit Seed Extract/ Tea Tree Oil two of nature’s best germ fighters. Use for Abrasions, acne, arthritis, dilute and gargle – Take warm Epsom Salt baths add 1-2 tbs water soluble Tea Tree Oil. Relax and refresh.
Green Foods /Sprouts Three most nourishing foods on the planet are Green foods. Best food on land are leafy sprouts.(sunflower, peas) Best food from fresh water is Algae.(blue-green, chlorella) Best food from the sea is sea vegetables (dulse,nori)…..message is go Green – have something green every day.
Green Tea Muti-use A Wonder Drug -all Natural, No side affects, Enjoyable, Comforting and Relaxing. Research shows it is key in Cancer prevention, promotes effective weight loss, good for detoxing — This is hard to believe but true.. Green Tea is here to stay and has thousands of years of reliable use on it’s positive effects. Read below and then start brewing. Come Blog With Mary Jo and Please pass on. .(
Green Tea / Boswellia / Willow Bark Arthritis Pain Reduce Arthritis Pain: Drink Green Tea rich in (polyphenols) suppress gene involved in Arthritis Inflammation. Also try Boswellia/ Willow Bark (Willow Bark is where aspirin comes from) studies show these 2 herbs effective as Motrin! 300mg, Willow Bark/1,000mg Boswellia.
Home Remedies Home Remedies work. Honey for sore throats, Lemon water to alkaline, aloe vera for burns, grandma old tonic recipes that have been passed down for years. Best to try these herbal and home remedies before jumping into addictive drugs. Why not? (
Home Remedies Muti-use Grandma’s home remedies work! Gargle with salt water for a sore throat, use oil of oregano for digestive issues, parsley tea for bladder infection, Epsom salt bath for sore muscles, — guess what these remedies work — see more below.
Iodine Fibrocystic Breast conditions Iodine Connection: research shows Iodine effective in treating Fibrocystic Breast conditions. J. Flechas MD, “definite increase in incidence of breast, stomach, ovarian, thyroid cancer with Iodine deficiency.” Connection between Hypothyroidism and Breast Cancer. Natural Therapies best in correcting iodine problems.
Juice Enzymes Mary Jo Healthy Tidbits: Bad rap on Bottled Juices! Chemicals added in processing, made from fruit concentrates, tap water used to reconstitute them, shelf life unstable which kills off live enzymes. Why not just eat a good piece of fruit or juice our own??
Juicing Juicing and doing healthy smoothies can help with many conditions – easy to do and each drink can be made for a specific reason. Try this one – Yum. Share if you have any special drinks you make. Enjoy (
Kale Chips Bones / Detox Eat Kale Chips! Rich in vit K, strengthens bones, helps body detox. To Make: wash Kale, toss with organic sauce mixes, dehydrate overnight (low temp) you have chips! Have any good sauce recipes? Taste Great.
Lavender Sleep Relax, unstress and sleep better with Lavender. Good as an essential oil, use fresh or dried .. Put in a small pillow and sleep with it. See info. (Lavender flowers (fresh or dried) emit a strong, aromatic, uplifting scent when crushed between the fingers. For a quick mood pick-me-up or instant stress relief, crush and roll between your fingers a few of the flower buds and inhale the scent slowly and deeply. The combination of breathing deeply and inhaling the lavender scent will calm nervous tension, anxiety and panicky feelings within minutes.)
Lemon Juice VitaC and Alkalining / Lungs Something as simple as Lemon Juice! Reason is Lemon’s have great absorbable Vit C and are very alkalining – Drink Fresh lemon water every day. Check out the IHHC Facebook page a lot of good Healthcare Info. Lemon Juice For Lung Conditions New studies show lemon juice made from real lemons may help protect your lungs against the onset of adult asthma. Many references agree that most citrus fruits like oranges and grapefruits besides lemons help prevent asthma.
Multi Mineral Supp / Water Muscle Cramps Muscle Cramps are painful and disruptive! FYI – could be a sign of magnesium, calcium or potassium deficiency. Taking a multi mineral supplement is vip (take in eve or after dinner) vegies or fruits for potassium – Drink Water 6-8 glasses per day.
Mushrooms Alkaline System / Cancer Mushrooms have incredible healing qualities — Kumbucha a drink made from fermented Mushrooms has been used for many years to Alkaline the system (research shows can work with Cancer also see info below on Herbal Mushrooms (
Mylotarg Leukemia Drug maker Pfizer pulling Mylotarg 10 yr Leukemia medicine off US market after study found higher death rate and no patient benefits! Research showed more deaths 5.7% for Mylotarg patients compared with 1.4% without the drug. There was No product safety and No clinical benefits. My Question — Why 10 Yrs Using the Drug when they were aware of the dangers. ???
Natural First Aid Kit VIP items for First Aid. Ginger/Peppermint digestion, Echenacea supports immune system, Goldenseal antibiotic, Arnica muscle pain, Tea Tree Oil skin issues. Keep a travel and home Natural First Aid Kit around – see more below. (
Oil of Oregano antifungal / Asthma / Pain Natures Medicine Chest! Antifungal, recommended for acute bacterial infections (gastrointestinal/bronchi) good as inhaler for Chronic Asthma. Use for pain (massage oil into areas) Amazing research and uses – see article below. “Come Blog With Us” Love your comments. Have you used it?
Oils New Oil — Argan, out does other oils 10 fold. Healthier Omega 3’s than olive oil, more vit E than sweet almond oil, more cancer fighting antioxidants. Oil is delicious, from Morocco where Argan tree grows (called Tree of Life). Used topically for skin infections, acne, eczema. PLUS – all Argan oil sold today comes from Cooperatives operated by Moroccan women – who share profits with local women of the Berbu Tribe. See info! Benefits of Argan Oil – Healing Liquid Gold From Morocco : Underground Health Reporter (
Oils Almond oil massages before a shower- keeps your skin nourished. Before a shower take good Almond oil and rub it all over your body (you are dry) let it soak in then take your shower – do not need to use much soap –your skin will be deep cleaned, soft, moist, clear and nourished – do regularly and for youthful skin. It works.
Oils Good Hair Health?? Here is a secret to nourish your hair and replenish a natural shine. Use Oil of Rosemary — a few drops massage into your scalp and work the entire head. Best to use after shower and before hair becomes completely dry. Helps keep grey away also. Use every day .. smells wonderful also.
Organic Food Choosing organic foods you let go of Pesticides: 19 major chemicals used on US crops disrupt our Human Hormones – also 5 toxic to nervous system, 18 harmful to skin/eyes/lung, 1/2 have cancer-causing chems, 17 cause genetic damage, 10 harm reproductive organs, 6 disrupt functions of hormones. Is there really a choice??
Organic Food Go Organic! Organic food is produced without using pesticide; fertilizers with synthetics; sewage sludge; bioengineering; or ionizing radiation! (yes these things are in our foods and affect us all.) Local grown and ORG are best – don’t be penny wise and health foolish.
Parsley Bladder /UTI Parsley Tea for bladder/urinary tract infections ..Yes. One of the best remedies. Steep a large bunch of Parsley in boiled mineral water. Let it set for a few hours .. Drink like a broth 2-3 cups per day…can. add some seasoning. It works
Pineapple Cancer New research – Pineapple as a cancer cure! Two molecules from an extract of crushed Pineapple stems fight cancer growth! Also is a source of Bromelain enzyme for inflammation. Eat fresh Pineapple – Yum.
Plant Based Diet / Detox Power of plant based diet. After two weeks of detoxing/eating raw, drinking green my Cholesterol went down actually 37 points from 210 to 173 — LDL Cholesterol down 22 points, Triglycerides down 22 points. Blood work ( we get beginning and end of program) was good but at end showed remarkable positive change! Proof that Food is Medicine and Medicine is food!
Prescription Drugs SOS Deaths from Prescription Drugs reach epidemic level, higher than all motor accident fatalities. PD overdoses are one of the leading causes of deaths in US. (Center for Disease Control) Does not happen with use of Herbals and Homeopathic! ??
Raw Foods Eating raw living foods stimulates red blood cell productivity, increases their ability to carry O2 to the body. Best are live sprouts, dark green leafy vegies, organic fresh produce – not cooked to death – raw is the key, can grate, blend or dice, put them in wraps just eat raw and live foods. FDA’s New Claim: “Your Body Is a Drug and We Have the Authority to Regulate It!”
Soda Pop Soda Pop: The Deadly Drink – high calories/caffeine, tooth decay, kidney stones, osteoporosis, contributes to ADD!! Research on affects of soft drinks is profound – lets push our schools to get rid of them!
Sprouts my second day at Hippocrates and already feel better! I am always surprised to see at meals 15 different types of fresh sprouts .. Sprouts have more useable protein than any other food on this planet (including meat!). close to the source! Eat them daily very healing.
Steam Veggies Proper prep Art of Steaming Vegies – steam hardest ones first, steam whole if cut they deteriorate, boil water then turn down let simmer, near end turn heat off. Steaming less is best. Over steaming cuts nutritional value of vegie.
Stevia The Scoop On Stevia – with all the bad news on sugar there is a solution – Stevia it not only is a sweetener but also a digestive aid! Join our discussions and Come Blog With Us. Try Stevia and let us know what you think. Article below. (
Sugar Sugar Addicts? Pick up any label on food products and you are going to find sugar added – usually corn syrup. How does this affect you, your family – children? Does ADD/ADHD have a relationship to sugar? Yes indeed.
Supplements Anti-aging / Inflammation Antiaging Supplements: Astaxanthin, in salmon and algae, 4mg 2x per day. Curcumin, in turmeric 500mg per day. MSM, relieves arthritis also 1000 mg 2x per day. Pterostilbene, in blueberries 50 mg 1-2x per day. Resveratrol, in grapes, red wine 200mg daily. Most of these are good for inflammation as well as Antiaging — start You thing!!
Supplements Proper Nutrition Proper Nutrition today requires Supplementation. Due to Processed food and adverse chemical additives we lack nutrient value in our food. Best to look at Whole food/plant based supplements (especially enzymes).
Supplements / Gingko hearing loss / innitis Ginkgo supplements useful in treating hearing loss and tinnitus! Clinical studies: Gingko is as effective as common drug treatments in hearing loss/tinnitus. Acta Otolaryngologica. 2001;121:579-584. One more plus for using the non invasive and drug free route first!
Turmeric Cancer I have spoken before about the Cancer Prevention Qualities of Turmeric…it is True! Get good organic turmeric .. Use it daily, sprinkle on foods. Great anti-inflammatory. (
Turmeric Rheumatoid Arthritis Inflammation is the key cause of Rheumatoid Arthritis. Can be helped naturally! Turmeric is the best – sprinkle it on salads, take in capsule form. Use it daily for best results.
Varies Foods Inflammation Tame That Inflame! Inflammation is associated with most Degenerative Diseases known today. Cancers, congestive heart failure, joint conditions, digestive problems go hand in hand with Chronic Inflammation. Eat food high in phytonutrients, eat onions, garlic, leafy greens, bell peppers, flaxseeds, chocolate!! Use turmeric, ginger, cinnamon and cloves. Work with a Holistic Health Practitioner. Be aware of CI.
Vita B12 B-12 are you Deficient? Keeps nerves balanced, red blood cells healthy, energy at peak. Research: B-12 can defend against Depression. Take sublingingually (under tongue). Studies show 40% of people age 26 to 83 are deficient??
Vita C Vit C Fights Aging! Research (9/20/11 Journal of Gerontology) shows a positive correlation using 3 – 5,000mg of vit C per day with increased strength, agility, walking speed. Humans can not make vit C have to eat it or do a good supplement – fruits and vegies are great but they loose vit C longer they sit on shelf — Emergen-C (non sugar is good) !
Vita C Cardiovascular Vitamin C Prevents Heart Attacks! Vit C protects cardiovascular patients from potential heart attacks. Moderate intake of the Vit C is enough to protect the entire cardiovascular system. 5-7 fruits and Vegie’s per day – is a good start!
Vita C Arthritis Boost Your Vit C – research shows Vit C slows loss of Cartilage in Osteoarthritis (low levels of C may increase risk of developing Arthritis!) Take 1500 to 2500 C daily. Try liquid C or power…juices not good way to get it – they are limited in C !
Vita COQ10 Blood Pressure Lower Blood Pressure Naturally. Take daily 300 mg of COQ10, eat 1banana per day (potassium lowers bP), 500mg of magnesium citrate/malate twice per day. Minimize Stress and Sugars. Works well.
Vita CoQ10 Heart Health CoQ10 is absolutely essential to Heart Health. Low levels of CoQ10 can cause heart failure. CoQ10 can help people with heart conditions. FYI – Statin use depletes CoQ10.
Vita D Depression Vit D Fights Depression. Low levels of D affect function of Dopamine/Norepinephrine ..neurotransmitters involved in depression. Vit D also regulates inflammation in body linked to depression. Average dose to take 5-8,000 IU per day. (VIP to take D due to daylight saving)!
Vita D Cancer Prevention Vit D linked to Cancer prevention. 200 epidemiological studies show cases of breast/colorectal cancers prevented if Vit D was increased. Randomized, placebo controlled study showed Vit D cut overall Cancer risk 60%. American Journal Epidemiology. Why Wait?
Vita D Asthma There has been a 130% rise in Asthma in children 7 to 14 yrs. old. Many reason for it, food, environmental toxins and allergies. Now we know that Vitamin D has incredible positive results with Asthma rehab. Vit D to the rescue once again – minimum dose 2 – 5,000mg per day. Great info below. (
Vita K Heart Disease New Focus: Vit K essential for Vit D to be used well. Vit K offers Heart Protective benefits, prevents harding of arteries, fights caner. Eat Dark leafy vegies, Natto (fermented soybeans), wheat grass! Read Details. VIP Info. (
Vitamins Winter Blues?? Add Vit D3 …low vitamin D contributes to Low Energy and Winter Fatigue. Add 2,000 – 5,000 iU of D per day effective for most people. D is also good to build immune system ..!
Vitamins (B) Vitamin B’s to the rescue – B Complex (Smile Vitamin) over all stress reduction/balances nervous system. B6 useful for muscle issues. B6 300mg, B12 1200mg, Folic Acid 800mg super to reduce inflammation. (take separately from the B complex.) Start your year out with a Smile!
Water Good way to start the day. Helps cleanse, helps with arthritis, congestion and allover health. Drink 4-5 glass of good water when you first get up brush teeth first. Will work like a charm.
Water High Blood Sugar We are made up of 75% water – and everything we process chemically in our body is based on a fluid systems. So Drink Of Choice Should be Water! Good clean fresh water. See article below many benefits. Use fresh lemons also and enjoy. (
Water Fluoride New studies show the bad affects of Fluoride in our water- especially for Children (direct link to bone loss in children) — people are taking action see below. The Gov has issued a warning and has Lowered the safe level of fluoride needed ??? Drinker Beware. (
Wheat Grass Benefits of drinking Wheat Grass are profound. High in chlorophyll, antioxidant, brings tons of 02 to cells, tons of minerals, works on colon/digestive issues, mental clarity and powerful detox and can battle inflammation! Start slow – one ounce a day to 2 ounces 2x per day. Can grow your own! Very Healing – Give it a try!