Because it is essential to the sustenance of life, water is one of the most important substances on Earth and has become a highly precious resource. ‘Water, water everywhere, yet not a drop to drink.’

Readers Digest featured cover from August 2011: “How Safe Is Our Water? It may contain rocket fuel, birth control pills, arsenic, and more shocking ingredients.”

It’s impossible to predict which contaminants may be in a particular area’s water pipes, or in the water purchased from a commercial bottler, but some statistics are illuminating:

  • In surface water testing, 80% of streams and creeks were found to contain synthetic hormones, detergents, insecticides or other chemicals. These sources form part of the nation’s water supply (USGS stream survey)
  • Approximately 500,000 cases of illness in the U.S. per year are caused by drinking water contaminated with sewage (National Resources Defense Council)

Municipal Water almost always contains chlorine, a known carcinogen, and may have a myriad of other substances such as arsenic, pharmaceuticals, hormones and a variety of undesirable toxins.

Over 100,000,000,000 dollars (that’s one hundred billion dollars) is spent annually on Bottled Water, mostly because of public perception of the dangers found in our tap water.

However, bottled water sold in the US is not necessarily cleaner or safer than most tap water. In fact, many bottled water manufacturers use ozone (a toxic gas) for disinfecting their product.

FDA rules allow bottlers to call their product “spring water” even though it may be brought to the surface using a pumped well and treated with chemicals. A key NRDC finding is that bottled water regulations are inadequate to assure consumers of either purity or safety.

The bottom line is bottled water is expensive, not necessarily better than tap water, produces a host of health, economic and environmental issues too broad to cover here.

The materials in Plastic Bottles have been known to contain cancer-causing chemicals that leach into the water, hence into our bodies. They are also toxic to the environment, creating tremendous waste and pollution. It takes 1,000 years for one plastic bottle to breakdown.

There are many choices when it comes to Water Filtration. Distilled water and reverse osmosis, are popular, as they remove the toxins from the water, and are extremely clean, but they tend to strip away many of the components found in water that are vital for life. They leave the water dead, with no nutrients.

It’s hard to think about anything that’s more important than clean water to basic health and yet water is seldom looked at in relation to disease.

Since our body is 75% water and our brain tissue is 85% water, good hydration is critical in almost every bodily function: the regulation of blood flow, delivery of vital nutrients, disposal of cellular waste, nerve impulses and brain function.

Over 80% of our society exhibits signs of de-hydration. This alone is a major link to our burgeoning health issues. Symptoms of dehydration are fairly common and include dry mouth, hunger, headaches, mental confusion and difficulty concentrating.

We live and die on a cellular level and to be healthy our cells need essential minerals. Most filtration systems simply filter toxins, all to a different degree, yet do not recognize or implement the necessary ingredients to provide water as nature intended: clean, pure, mineral-rich, alkaline, alive and flowing.

“Water is the best of all things.” PINDAR (C. 522 BC TO C. 438 BC)

Years ago, near a small town in Japan, scientists discovered an area with unusual topographical features. The surrounding hills contained magnetite and calcium. A small stream flowed over silicates, the material that forms natural crystal.

They observed that the water in this stream had amazing results on the surrounding plants. They named this substance Pi Water, “the water of life” and they set out to duplicate these conditions in the laboratory to provide water the way nature intended, straight from the tap.

The result is cleaner, mineral rich, alkaline pH balanced, energized water with better taste, using natural filtration with no added chemicals.

  • A Multiple Filtration System with an exceptional level of performance to reduce contaminants, the same way nature does, without adding chlorine or other chemicals to the water.
  • Special Ceramics to re-mineralize, alkalize and pH balance.
  • Magnetic Technology to assist in reducing mineral build up and to help condition water without adding salt or other chemicals. It is an intelligent alternative to complicated and expensive water-softening devices. Re-structures water to be more readily absorbable.

Pi water solutions are environmentally responsible. They reduce the number of discarded bottles that become trash in landfills and decrease consumption of fossil fuels used in manufacturing water bottles. Pi products are made with non-leaching, recyclable, biodegradable materials and they are economically brilliant as they cost a fraction of bottled water.

A variety of models are available as “intelligent solutions” for all one’s water needs: at home, in the shower and “on-the-go.”


“Pi mag water is the best water I ever drank.”

“As a regular drinker of bottled water I used to spend over $40 a month. I was looking to have healthier water, reduce my monthly expenses and reduce the amount of plastic that winds up in landfills. The Nikken PiMag Sport bottle addresses all of those issues and I am so impressed with the quality of water produced.”


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