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I was researching holistic therapy information when I came across your site E-Wellness Solutions. I really applaud your work.


Not so long ago, I was going through some tough times with depression and the medicine doctors gave me was not working. Somehow I stumbled upon your blog and web site and it convinced me to try Alternative Medicine. Something about your writing style is very honest and powerful. I visited a local practitioner. Amazing I can now manage my depression. It’s mind blowing how effective natural medicine works. Thank you for your articles and blogs. I cannot express in words how grate I am. Your site has changed my life.


Mary Jo’s recommendations on wellness products have been invaluable. Whatever my needs, her advice on finding products of quality that resolve the problem were on target. I have relied on her decades of experience and vast knowledge in the field of holistic health to restore and maintain my good health.


I have to say that this has been a phenomenal experience doing business with you and am looking forward to doing so again. And I will be looking forward to the new site and articles and info on Polarity (I am a Massage Therapist and I am going for Polarity Certification). Anyways, I am very pleased with you guys. You all have been awesome. Thank you.


The E-Wellness Solutions website has been a valuable health resources as I have been looking to improve the quality of my life. I found the articles on nutrition and stress very helpful as I put together a plan to gain control of my health. Everyone that is trying to make changes in their health needs to go to this website and see for themselves.