Crohn’s – an inflamatory bowel disease that results in leisons on the wall of the large /small intestines.

Ulcerative colitis –leisons are on the lining of the large intestine only (the last 5-7 feet).

Eat a low carb/high veggies/high protein diet.

Eat a high fiber diet/ take supplemental fiber.

Avoid high fat and oil foods, diary and caffeine.

Drink a lot of liquids, green drinks are good too.

Take garlic, enzymes and acidophilus/bifidus.

Take l-glutamine (an amino acid) it as well as licorice and aloe aid in healing the lining of the intestine.

Increase the levels of calcium, magnesium, b vitamins and proteins.  Add fish oils.

Try inflamex by metagenics – high quality protein with herbs for reduction of pain and inflammation.

Check for bacterial, fungal and parasitic infections.

Keep a food journal and check for allergies – wheat, citrus, tomatoes and corn are common.


Dr. Kathleen Jones, D.C., N.D.