Written by: Charoula Dontopoulos
So we have talked a few blogs back about how to make herbal teas, and tea is the easiest and less time and effort requiring herbal preparation. No question about it: a good cup of tea is always appreciated!  I like mine hot, but cold or icy teas are wonderful as well on a hot summer day.


However, my most favorite herbal preparation, undoubtedly, is a Tincture!

Granted, tinctures are more complicated to make than teas, but they are certainly worth the effort!


Just in case someone reading this blog does NOT know what a tincture is (sort of  doubtful!), please read on!


  • I also strongly believe, along with many other herbalists, that besides being the strongest, it is also the most effective preparation, and easy enough to take.


The only possible drawback is that it is made with part H2O and part Alcohol, therefore something that individuals with alcohol intake issues cannot use.


Overall, there are two kinds of tinctures: the Single Tinctures, made with just one botanical, and the Tincture Blends, made with multiple herbs.

If you go to the beginning of our E-Wellness Solutions website, and search for the content, you will find all the different tinctures that we make and sell.

Most, if not all, of those tinctures are made with multiple botanicals.

I find that multiple botanicals tinctures are more effective, especially if they are meant for conditions which require an effective combination of certain herbs for best performance.

For instance, sometimes the need for a single botanical tincture arises:

I often, in the winter, use Echinacea as a Single—a wonderful tincture that helps prevent or even cure colds.

But mostly I prefer a combination tincture I make, called Healthy Cell, which includes Echinacea as well as a few other herbs that work together, primarily to protect the Immune System and increase our resistance to all sorts of diseases.

Making tinctures is great fun, and not all that complicated, once we have mastered the process.

Of course, the most important part of making any tincture, esp. a combination tincture, is to learn the botanicals that are specific for the purpose of the tincture we want to make, and to figure out the proper proportions needed for each botanical. A decent knowledge of the nature of each particular condition, and of the herbs that have been studied and pronounced the proper herbs for this condition, is absolutely necessary for the making of the tincture.

I firmly believe that when we first start making and using tinctures, it is best to begin with the Singles—it is easier to pick just one herb that we have studied and found it to be a powerful herb for our specific tincture.  And then, progressively, to study and begin to combine two, then three etc. herbs for an overall more effective tincture which will cover different aspects of the condition.

Making tinctures is great fun, but it does take a lot of studying, knowing your herbs very well, and then learning how to add the proper proportion of herbs to the right amount of Alcohol (I personally use Vodka) in order to produce a strong and effective tincture.

The way I combine my herbs is the result of many years of studying herbs, but overall it is a process that takes in the different aspects of a specific condition we want to heal.  We then assign specific herbs (one or two or three) for each aspect involved. Finally, we combine all the herbs (sometimes I use up to 10 herbs for a tincture).

However, as I already suggested, until our knowledge of both the herbs and the condition are really well studied and digested, it is best to stick to singles, so no mistakes are made.

Well, let me have your questions if you start making tinctures, and I will try to give you easy answers!

Above all, have fun, enjoy the process, and profit from the results!!

Happy Tincturing!



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Thanks for reading!

Charoula Dontopoulos
Certified Herbalist
Holistic Health Advisor
BC Polarity Therapy Practitioner