Interest in magnetic field (MF) therapy has increased rap-idly in recent years as research shows that this noninva-sive, cost-effective modality might be safer than drugs and surgical procedures for reduction of inflammation. Inflammation is a signal-mediated response to tissue inva-sion by pathogens or toxins or to injury or physical stresses. The immune response plays a pivotal role in reac-tion to insult, which triggers an inflammatory response almost immediately. Commonly, pharmaceuticals are used to suppress inflammation, although some evidence shows that suppressing inflammation can hinder wound healing. Immunological studies show that MF therapy, even low-intensity MF, interacts with cells and tissues, and the use of MF as an alternative or complement to cur-rently prescribed therapies could lead to a faster reduction in the inflammatory response. This review highlights past and present outcomes in bioelectromagnetic therapies and some of the more promising findings on the effect that MF therapy plays in inflammatory responses. (Altern Ther Health Med. 2013;19(2):##-##.)