We often wish for health and have a long list of requests. Some of these requests might be getting rid of chronic fatigue, chronic yeast infection and/or insomnia. All of these conditions usually have one major circle of influence-pollutants! The body has wisdom and truly knows the invaders that rob its vital energy.

Dr. Hulda Clark, in her book, The Cure for All Diseases, believes the biggest tragedy is in not recognizing when a pollutant is harming you. Illness, she contends, comes from many environmental pollutants/toxins.

Here’s a quick overview of some major toxins:

  1. Solvent Pollution
  2. Check your shampoos and cleaning products for benzene, which affects the thymus and affects the immune system Propyl alcohol, which has a negative effect on the liver and causes cancer in some organs.

  3. Metal Pollution
  4. Copper from plumbing, mercury, amalgam fillings, lead and cadmium from soldered and galvanized plumbing, aluminum from drink cans and cooking pots are all harmful.

  5. Physical toxins
  6. Fiberglass insulation left imperfectly sealed Asbestos found in clothes dryer belts contribute to exposure to these toxins Cancer tumors have a correlation to asbestos and fiberglass.

  7. Chemical toxins
  8. Many cancer patients test positive for chlorofluorocarbons like Freon Polychlorinated bipheynls are used in soaps and detergents Formaldehyde is used to cure foam and can be given off by furniture and mattresses two years after manufacturing

.We must take our hats off to pioneers like Clark who have brought the toxic effects of our environment to our attention. But now what?

Fasting for Detox

Fasting is one of the oldest known therapeutic methods for health care. Medical history shows fasting to be a definite form of rejuvenation and healing. Old medical science often referred to fasting as “the physician within” or “the great remedy.”

Dr. Paavo Airola believed fasting to be one of the safest healing methods known to medical science. Intentional fasting is not starvation but allows your system to cleanse and even rejuvenate. Short and regular fasts can be the answer to helping some of our chronic health conditions. For longer than two- or three-day fasts consult a holistic health care practitioner or a naturopathic doctor.


Prepare with a short cleansing diet. For several days, eat more organic raw fruits and vegetables. Eat steamed basmati rice with vegetables. Avoid meats and dairy prior to a fast. Drink six glasses of water daily. Drinking one tablespoon of liquid chlorophyll at least two times per day is helpful.

The fast (two to three days)

Upon rising, brush your skin, soak in a hot tub or sauna followed by a cold shower, then sip a good herbal tea. Peppermint or chamomile is great.

Two hours later, drink one or two cups of freshly juiced fruit juice (dilute 50-50 with water). A combination of mostly apple juice with a little fresh beets and ginger is good.

Mid-morning, take three to four Spirulina tablets (helps keep blood sugar balanced)

At noon, have one to two cups of freshly juiced organic vegetable juice-mostly green, such as celery, cucumber and a little carrot.

Take a walk after lunch.

Mid-afternoon, drink more herb tea and get a polarity lymphatic treatment and/or massage.

Midday, take three to four more Spirulina tablets.

Evening, sip several cups of warm vegetable broth. Make a big pot of organic veggie soup (add a lot of potatoes) then drink just the broth.

Retire early and enjoy.

It may be best to have no other obligations during the actual two-three days of fasting. Go ahead and pamper yourself.

Breaking the fast

Breaking the fast is almost more important than the fast. Do not overeat.

Day one, in addition to your juices eat one apple and have a salad for dinner.

Day two, eat soaked prunes for breakfast, salad for lunch and vegetable soup for dinner. Continue to drink your juices.

Day three, add yogurt and nuts for breakfast, salad for lunch, baked potato for dinner.

Day four, eat normally

Continue to skin brush, drink water and do mild exercises.

Fasting can help you take a few days out of your busy schedule to focus on yourself. Doing the fast with a friend can be fun, but only if your don’t sit around talking about food all day long!

Even doing one day a month of organic juices would be a good start. Staying healthy with regular short fasting is the ultimate way to a healthier you.

For more in-depth fasting programs or for a list of Holistic Healthcare Professionals:

Contact the Institute of Holistic Health Careers at ihhc.tv