There is a profound energetic connection between animals, mother earth and the human spiritual path. Our lives can be deeply enriched by understanding this interplay. Whether a pet, food animal, or wildlife, animals are key to our survival, and have much to teach us.

What do I mean when I use the term “energetic”? Energy to most of us calls to mind something that turns lights on and off, or runs our cars. We don’t realize we are made of energy, and that we interact with people and animals on an instinctive, energetic basis. All living and non-living substances consist of vibrating electromagnetic energy – just like light, sound or microwaves. We literally send off an invisible electromagnetic field in all directions, like ripples caused by pebbles tossed into a pond. This energy field is a physical connection to our animal companions, wildlife and our natural surroundings. It connects us to every being on the planet. Manipulating the energy field (also called the biofield) is the basis of energy therapies such as Reiki, Reconnective Healing, Healing Touch and Healing Touch for Animals.

The energy field of an animal is far more expansive than ours. A dog’s field is several times that of a human’s. A horse’s field will encompass a large arena, and a cat’s will fill an entire property. The energy of wildlife is especially important to earth’s survival. They create frequencies that help maintain the vibrational health of the planet and all creatures on it. It is hypothesized that cetaceans are part of the earth’s magnetic system, helping to stabilize it throughout our vast oceans. Sensory biologists already understand that many species migrate by utilizing the earth’s magnetic field. As scientists gain greater awareness, cetaceans will be valued and protected at a higher level. Save The Whales takes on a whole new importance when the energetic survival of the planet is at stake!

Animals have a heightened sense of sight, hearing, and smell, and they also have an advanced energetic sense. It’s as if they have radar at the edges of their energy field. This is understandable when we consider their need for survival in the wild. Despite their advanced nature, however, an animal’s energetic foundation is similar to ours. Animals also respond beautifully to energy therapies.

When I lecture about energy medicine in the veterinary setting, I recommend Healing Touch for Animals (HTA) because its founder, Carol Komitor, understands animal (and human) energy at an advanced level. She was immersed in the veterinary profession before developing her healing methods. Because animals are so sensitive, human-based modalities can be too forceful, thereby making the animal uncomfortable. If my clients would like to learn something other than HTA, I recommend they take courses specific to animal healing.

Healing or Healers?

We humans are not the only beings on the planet who are capable of providing energy therapy. Many animals are expert healers. A long term study of feral cats in England found that when a member of the colony became ill, other cats encircled it and purred. Purring is vibrational medicine! The benefits of Equine Assisted Therapy go way beyond documented effects such as improved muscle control and self confidence. Horses are skilled energy healers, and work at a level completely separate from what we see in the physical plane. A person doesn’t have to be mounted on the horse to benefit from their healing energies. It’s also hard to argue with the power of a dog or cat’s love. At very minimum, a beloved pet opens our hearts, which is a type of energy medicine in and of itself. Nothing heals like unconditional love.

I have found that providing energy therapy for an animal enhances my own biofield, and I believe it goes beyond being immersed in the energy. Animals are highly spiritual beings, and assisting in their healing actually raises us up to a higher level. We become more advanced energy practitioners.

The Spirituality of Animals

Every indigenous culture understands that there is a consciousness and spiritual connection that flows through animals and the earth, just as it does with humans. Humans are not the only ones with a spiritual nature. Nature has a spiritual nature.

Many of us don’t think of our pets as being part of our spiritual path, but I believe they are. They are of a divine essence. If you want to feel divinity, look into the eyes of an animal. Don’t just glance — take a long, slow, deep look into its eyes.

I once had the enlightening experience of sitting next to a chimpanzee. I was in awe of this incredible creature, and being next to her was a delight. Then I looked into her eyes. I was never the same after that. Something shifted; a vibration altered. My light brightened.

Animals are an ingenious manifestation of nature’s divine energy. An animal’s essence doesn’t become diluted with issues of self-worth, guilt or shame. Anger and judgment don’t disrupt their connections to source. I have practiced energy medicine with many anxious, ill or painful pets, yet their heart centers remain open. The very essence of an animal allows powerful loving energy to come channeling through.

This direct relationship to divine energy can also be experienced as wisdom, and one of the most important purposes of the animal kingdom is to model humans. Animals are a reflection of who we are. Wild and domestic animals show us the best and worst of humanity. They reveal our weaknesses, tragedies, and wounds we are too hurt to see. Animals will model us even to their own demise. It is part of who they are.

Wild animals also show humans that we are every bit as playful as otters splashing about in a stream, as magnificent as the most majestic eagle, and as powerful as a polar bear guarding her cubs. Our pets have a more intimate connection to us, and teach us in many ways. They come into our lives just when we need them; exiting once their spiritual jobs have been realized. Animal companions teach us by putting knowledge right where it counts – in our hearts. Their connection to a higher power can help us do amazing things.

If we want to learn more about ourselves, we need only observe our pets. They will show us the joy we can bring to life, and the unconditional love all humans are instinctively capable of. They can also exhibit our weaknesses, so that we may gain clarity and overcome them. If you see an issue with your pet, look in the mirror. Not with judgment and shame, but with gratitude for the awareness and opportunity to heal.

This is one of the most amazing ways animals are of service to humans. When I use the term service, I’m not speaking of entitlement or domination. Being of service is instinctive to animals, and part of their consciousness. And is that not the highest spiritual state a human can aspire to? When one is completely of service to another, he is living a truly spiritual life. People must evolve to this state. Animals are born in this state. No matter your belief system surrounding Jesus, I think most would agree that he was a highly evolved being. The story of his birth tells us he was born in a manger because there was no room at the inn. Or was there no room at the inn because he had to be born in a manger — humble yet sacred surroundings.

Let’s go back to that memorable day when I was sitting next to the chimp. It was no wonder that something shifted within me. The feeling was beyond description. The energy emanating from her eyes was divine – there is no other word that describes it. We are all part of this force; it is a physical manifestation of our spirituality.

Animals work under the radar, in different forms, yet knowingly leading humanity to wholeness. All we need is to receive their gifts. My hope is that someday you will come to know them as I do.