Hello again and welcome to our Herbal Corner!


Best thing about herbs:  They make Magical Teas!! So…. How many of us drink teas (herbal teas!) throughout the day instead of coffee???(though coffee actually is an herbal product as well, and very beneficial if drunk only once/twice a day!)

And, by the way, when I say “herbal teas”, I do NOT mean herbal   packets, I mean herbal teas from scratch! And, yes, they are SO easy to make.

First, we decide what sort of tea we wish to drink–and there is a tea for everything we need:

  • Relaxing tea/stimulating tea.
  • Pleasure tea
  • Tea to help with our Winter colds.
  • Tea to help with pain.
  • Tea for Immune System Support
  • Tea for Urinary issues
  • Tea to calm down our Nervous System and that’s just a few of some teas we may need!


So how do we start??

Well, first we research a little: what do we need it for? Then, we research where we can buy the teas we want.

  • Most big cities have some sort of an herbal store.
  • I mostly buy mine from well-known and reliable online sources and I buy enough for 2-3 months at a time.


Once I have the teas stored in my kitchen cupboard (preferably in glass jars and away from any heat sources), all I need to do is this:

  • Heat the water
  • Measure one cup/H2O per one teaspoon/soupspoon of herb (depending how strong you want the tea to be–I like mine real strong!).
  • Pour the water over the tea
  • Let sit for half an hour (NO less) in a teapot, then fill your cup and enjoy!!!


Mixing different herbs (always per spoonful) is indicated for best support and healing, so make sure you know exactly what to use per cup. We will discuss this in future articles.

So go ahead and try making a cup of strong hot tea, and make your Winter day enjoyable –and warmer!

For any wellness questions, email Charoula at: Charoula@e-wellnesssolutions.com