Somehow everyone seems to feel more alive, empowered and centered when basking in the healthy and nourishing rays of the sun.

‘When the sun is shining I can do anything; no mountain is too high, no trouble too difficult to overcome.’ Wilma Randolph

I am sure you have noticed how plants and trees lean toward the sun. And how houseplants need to be ‘turned’ so they don’t become one-sided and ‘leggy.’ It is a natural response to ‘reach-for-the-sun’ to absorb the life-giving nourishment necessary to all organisms.

A portion of the light spectrum that is emitted by the sun is absorbed by everything on earth as heat energy. It is essential for the health, production and growth of ALL living things. Known as the ‘wavelength of life’ that penetrates deep into tissues and joints, these invisible waves are responsible for balancing pH, which is critical to good health.

Since we spend more time at jobs, commuting or indoors, (because it is too hot, too cold, too buggy, or the level of UV rays is too high), we aren’t able to access the health-giving benefits of the sun’s rays. What if scientists were able to replicate the natural, nourishing energy, and weave it into day and night products? What if we could receive the health benefits we require 24/7? Would that make a difference in our health?

Nikken products utilize space age technology by using bio-ceramic fibers and tourmaline to replicate nature. These fibers are able to create a natural heat in the body as they respond to one’s own body temperature and reflect it back. This provides optimum temperature and an alkaline environment, which encourages and supports the body’s natural healing resources.

This special technology is woven into ceramic-reflective fibers for bedding, seat cushions, jewelry, insoles, back support and joint wraps. They can be put on specific areas of the body for temperature control and dynamic sports recovery.

Technology has revolutionized how we can use nature’s own resources. By encouraging our body’s to naturally maximize any nutrients that are already available, our body is then able to function more efficiently, resulting in better health and wellness.

Benefits of Sun Energy:

  • A source of gentle, natural warmth without electricity.
  • Promotes self-regulation of temperature.
  • Allows the body to function more effectively.
  • Provides increased strength and energy.
  • When applied to overworked muscles, reduces lactic acid buildup and calms muscle spasms.
  • Maintains warmth, providing an overall reduction of general body acidity.