Stress Related Diseases have reached epidemic proportions in our culture

Research shows Physical Effect of Stress is a serious health hazard and that the leading cause of mortality has shifted from infectious illnesses that were prevalent at the beginning of the 20th century to the stress-induced illnesses of the 21st century.

Chronic and lifestyle-related illnesses now account for the majority of recorded deaths. This, my friends, is us – this is the current state of affairs in our culture today. Multi-tasking, racing around all day, eating on the run, cell phones, emailing and texting (even when driving)!

The effects of stress become physical problems.

Your nervous system overreacts to tension. You become agitated. Your digestion slows down as will your mental sharpness.

There are hormone changes that occur under stress which will produce hypersensitive effects on the body.

Your body becomes a walking war machine, preparing for attack while shutting down many vital organ functions. Stress is seriously linked to specific illnesses, as research now demonstrates. Many cancers are stress-induced and many environmental issues such as pollution create cancerous conditions.

The truth of the matter is simply that nobody really functions well for long in overload mode. The body becomes insensitive to the effects of overloading and cannot handle it without serious side effects.

I believe that, even with all of our medical advances and technological superiority, we have not realistically dealt with the serious effect of stress. We have identified stress as a very important component in many illnesses and diseases, but we have yet to call it what it truly represents – a disease itself.

The choice is ours and being able to recognize when you are overloaded and “stressed out” is the basis of your health. Also being able to truly understand that the effects of stress in our lives is the first and foremost detriment to our health – a silent threat to us all.