Written by: Mary Jo Ruggieri

Winter Blues with Dr. Mary Jo Ruggieri

I’m a holistic health professional. I’m very excited because we are launching a new series for you called Staying Well.  What we are planning on doing is give you healthy tidbits and provide you with research information,  awareness,  general information so that you can stay healthy.

We are in crisis in our health care.  Medicine is having all types of difficulties. I have some research showing that people are not getting well, the pharmaceuticals are completely out of control and the abuse of drugs are causing major health conditions.  There is a report and a study called Death by Medicine.  What is so upsetting is that this research shows that our medical system is one of the leading causes of death and permanent injuries in the United States today.  One of the main reasons for this your chances of getting an infection when you go into a hospital are 33%.

We want to bring you information that can help you stay out of the hospital and try looking at the non-invasive therapies first, the therapies that are going to give you more naturopathic things,  that don’t have any side effects,  there’s nothing wrong if you need to have a medication or you have some an asthma attack.  We’re not saying that – what we’re saying is stay well.  and This is my key,  to stay well.

We’ve got to move to a wellness paradigm in healthcare instead of a disease paradigm.

Let’s launch our first topic called winter blues. What do we have in the wintertime?  Infections!! We have flues, we have colds,  we have congestion,  sinus irritations, and lung issues. All of it is surrounded by the fact that we are in a culture that is busy where we don’t stay home and take care of ourselves.  If we have a cold we don’t stay home for two or three days and drink liquids and relax. I’d like to share with you today is the is some materials that you can use to stay well during the winter blues season and things that you can use and try that are more naturopathic. It’s easy to take these sinutab sprays but oftentimes it dries you up, it makes you feel good for a little bit,  but then what happens is it comes back with a vengeance – more mucus.  When you do all types of Advils and medications like that,  they really may help with that pain and that may be necessary.  I understand that but we have side effects.  There is not a pharmaceutical out there that doesn’t have some kind of a side effect. What we’re trying to do is to see how many tools that we can share with you today just for the topic of staying well.  With the concept of winter blues upon us things that you can use.

The first thing I want to do is to talk to you about – do you have vitamin d3 in your medicine cabine?  It’s called the sunshine vitamin.  It is amazing, absolutely amazing. I like to recommend that if you take vitamin D3 that you’re taking at at least 2,000 to 3,000 mgs. Vitamin D3 is related to the prevention of colon cancer – not only colon cancer but it prevents a lot of the colon cancer polyps. I also like to recommend that you take it with a magnesium and a calcium supplement together.

The other thing that I think is really, really valuable for you is to think green Green! ­­­ Green is a very high level of balancing in the body, it pulls mucus out of the body, and it sustains alkalinity in the body. I tell people to get a bottle of liquid chlorophyll,  put it in the refrigerator,  take a couple tablespoons of liquid chlorophyll put it in the water and drink it down.  Now when we talk about these things like your vitamin D, your chlorophyll, and taking greens it also has an autoimmune effect meaning it will boost your immunity.  When you’re dealing with the winter blues this is a very important thing.  If you don’t like to drink it take Corella tablets.  Something green every day?  Yes, it would it be good to juice your greens and sure I think celery and cucumber juice along with adding maybe some spinach or kale with it is wonderful but if you don’t have time then maybe mid-morning and mid-afternoon take two or three tablets of Corella.  The whole idea of green is that it is a neutralizing effect to your body, it helps boost immunity, and it also helps if you do have any mucus coming as it starts to remove the mucus.

One of the tools that I think wonderful for winter blues is called the neti pot.  This has reached all kinds of Fame in the past years because people are starting to to use it consistently for prevention of sinuses sinus irritations or mucus. It is one of the best things once you learn to use it, and use it right.  It is centuries-old.  They were using this in India in the old Ayurvedic system of medicine.  They were using the neti pots for constant cleansing of the nasal passages.  You fill it up with good clean water.  I add either a little bit of colloidal silver   (Colloidal silver is a natural antibiotic) to the neti pot,  some good you know lukewarm, not hot, not cold, water and all you do is you turn your head and you drain it right out.  If you’re stopped up anyhow you might start draining a little bit then blow your nose and then drain more. Sinus infections are rampant in winter.  Part of it is that airborne – coughs and sneezes – you might fifty feet within somebody and if they sneeze you’re going to get the mucus particles and the infections that they sneeze out.  The neti pot  constantly keeps you flushed and irrigated. They treat sinus infections with antibiotics and they don’t work. I’m opposed antibiotics if you need them, but they don’t work for the sinus infections because sinus infections are viral. Sometimes I’ll do this two or three times a day if I’m in that winter blues and I have some stuffiness.

The other task that I think is really, really good as far as preventing disease is called tongue scraping.  This is a toung scraper – you can get this in most health food stores. I always tell people to put some water in your mouth rinse your mouth out.  Your tongue collects toxins and you sleep because you need to detox. Your tongue collects toxins so after you rinsed out your mouth, I always tongue scrape before I brush my teeth I brush my teeth and tongue scrape a little bit afterwards and it takes and removes all those heavy heavy toxins so you don’t reabsorb them.

The next thing is skin brushing.  One of the keys to your health and complete health when you are talking about staying well is to boost your immune system.  The immune system is  your core to health and wellness.  Do this absolutely dry.  I keep one right in my bathroom. I put one in my travel case.  You brush everything from your body your limbs to your heart,  your neck to your heart, and then your limbs, your feet, your legs, and everything to your stomach.  Brush down your back. You don’t have to do it a lot, just one brush stimulates the auto immune system to about twenty eight percent more capacity for immunity. It is an excellent habit to get into.

The other variable which I’m going to talk more about is to introduce you to herbals, to introduce you to homeopathics. Look at the herbs.  Some of these herbs are so accurate and so non-invasive,  they work so well. One of the most researched herbs for winter blues is Echinacea.  Echinacea is good if you use goldenseal with it.  We have a formula called Healthy Cell. It’s a combination of a many herbs.  The synergy herbs especially when you use them as a tincture,  are just brilliant in the system because they absolutely auto immune enhance and they also work on infections.  They also work bacteria.

Think about it  – staying well means prevention. Staying well means that you do things before you end up in conditions that are that really need catastrophic care and that’s what medicine is about.  If you don’t know enough about it, hopefully we’re going to give you information that will help you.

What I’d like to do in this series of staying well is to empower you to help you have the awareness and the knowledge of looking at yourself and saying you know what medicine is.  Healthcare is changing and don’t kid yourself when we see what’s happening with the changes in healthcare.  It needs to change and what is happening is that because of the economy people are not getting the health benefits they need so they’re going to be having decisions to make.  If I have discretionary funds for healthcare and I’m not getting as much in my insurance.  Have you looked at your co-pays lately?  Have you gone to the doctor’s to have an x-ray and seen how much we have to pay now?  

We now have very good schools that are academically training our holistic health practitioners.  We’re seeing West meet East.

In our series of staying well we hope that you’ll absolutely gain the information, the knowledge, that you need to help yourself.  Use the skills and the information to keep yourself well.

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