What is a Sprout? by Sean Herbert

Sprouts are simply the baby plants bursting with the energy for growth. My favorite analogy is to fill a room of adults with a bunch of 2 year old children…Within a few short minutes all the adults would be saying “Wow I wish I had their energy!” That is what Sprouts are to the plant kingdom, they are like little alkaline batteries bursting with the solar energy of the sun! Sprouts are the most nutritious food per calorie on the planet! Sprouts contain anywhere from 10 to more than 5O times of the nutritional Value of their adult counterparts. A great example is one ounce of Broccoli Sprouts is nutritionally equivalent to eating a pound and a half of adult Broccoli…How is that for packed nutrition? Broccoli Sprouts have been recently researched by Johns Hopkins University and they found a phytochemical in them called Sulforaphane that is said to inhibit the growth of cancer cells! Mom was right when she said to eat your Broccoli! People have been using Sprouts as medicine for over 5000 years, and it really makes a lot of common sense. What happens to the cells of our bodies if we continue to consume dead processed food? Our cells begin to die, it’s called premature aging. What happens to the cells of our bodies if we consume live, enzyme rich, nutrient rich, LIFEFORCE rich foods? Our cells begin to thrive and we experience improved health!

So what else is in these little sprouts that make them so good for us? Sprouts absorb the sun’s energy by a process called photosynthesis and it changes that energy into a green liquid called chlorophyll or the blood of the plant. Chlorophyll is only one atom different than hemoglobin in human blood that carries all the oxygen and energy to our blood cells. Chlorophyll cleans and oxygenates our blood boosting our immune system and helps our bodies to heal and regenerate. Chlorophyll has been called nature’s greatest healer!

It truly is amazing that all this nutrition, vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals and living enzymes are packed into these tiny plants called Sprouts. By just incorporating a small amount of Sprouts into our daily meals, our health and energy will benefit greatly. We may not be able to regain the energy we had when we were children, but if we keep eating Sprouts we may be able to keep up with them!