“Sleep is the golden chain that ties health and our bodies together.” Thomas Dekker

FANTASTIC is how I feel when I awake refreshed, energized and present. Anything less than that is not the way life is intended to be.

According to a growing amount of research, though many factors influence health (genetics, nutrition and exercise), the most significant wellness choice one can make is in the quality of rest one receives every night. In other words, sleep matters!

Sleep is food for the brain. It contributes to a healthy immune system and can also balance appetites by helping to regulate the hormones, which play a role in one’s feelings of hunger and fullness.

Deep levels of sleep provide the optimum conditions for the body to recover, repair and maintain. Our truly amazing bodies can fix almost anything if given the right environment and the proper tools.

Here’s the challenge. Experts agree that most people don’t get the sleep they need for good health and more than 40 million people suffer with sleep related problems. In a world of busy schedules, active lifestyles and stress, sleep has become a rare and precious commodity.

Poor sleep has been related to increased stress, continual fatigue, weight gain and other diverse health challenges that can be catastrophic, such as cardiovascular problems, the potential for developing diabetes, and other chronic disease states.

Oftentimes changes in temperature (being too hot or too cold) interrupt normal sleep cycles. Pressure and friction, poor support and alignment of bedding and out-gassing of petrochemical-derived materials can not only add to lack of sleep, they can induce back, shoulder and hip discomfort, as well as headaches.

Sleep medications are alluring in advertising and though they give the illusion of sleep, they do not allow the body to recover and repair. They often leave one feeling drowsy and disoriented the next day perpetuating the cycle of sleep deprivation and increased susceptibility to disease.

Few things can make you feel better than a good night’s sleep. And few things have as powerful an influence on our health and our lives.

The Naturest Sleep System is composed of natural materials that are environmentally renewable and chemical-free to naturally help one enjoy refreshing, healthy sleep, the way nature intended.

Composed of a mattress topper, comforter and pillow, and based on “Adaptive Sleep Technology,” it is unique in its combination of features designed to address all aspects of the sleep experience:

  • A More Natural Environment: Intended to bring your sleep area as close to possible as nature, more in accord with the surroundings normal to the human body. This includes proprietary, patent-pending magnetic technology and the use of natural materials.
  • Proper Support: A design that does not rely on spring compression and minimizes pressure points, helps reduce the tossing and turning that interrupts the sleep cycle. Shapes to one’s body contours.
  • Temperature Regulation: Variations in temperature may also interrupt sleep. The Naturest Sleep System utilizes ceramic-reflecting fibers that help balance temperature extremes while alkalizing and nourishing the body.
  • A Relaxing and Calming Atmosphere: Ambient conditions and massage effects are known to be beneficial in promoting better rest and helping the onset of sleep. The Naturest Sleep System comprises a passive massaging surface that gently relaxes.
  • Built-In Ventilation: Promotes the free-flow of air without drafts and an environment that is naturally breathable
  • Materials: Are from natural latex and cotton, made from renewable resources that produce no chemical fumes. Creates a relaxing sleep environment that is all natural with no power source required.


General Tips For Better Sleep

  • Avoid caffeinated beverages too close to bed time, caffeine stays in the body for 12 hours
  • Don’t drink alcoholic beverages late in the evening, they can shorten your REM sleep, the most restful sleep time
  • Don’t use your bed as a place to eat or work, you will associate it with tasks rather than sleep
    Turn off electronic devices (computer and TV) a couple of hours before bed to let your brain a chance to unwind
  • Eat early enough to not feel full when you lie down
  • Finish exercising and working out at least 3 hours prior to bed
  • All lights out – darkness is conducive to sleep
  • Prepare mentally, emotionally and physically for sleep: empty your mind, meditate, stretch with gentle Yoga or Tai Chi
  • Breathe deeply, fully and rhythmically


“I have been working out with a fitness trainer and can be pretty sore that evening. After a nights sleep in my Nikken sleep system, when I get up in the morning, I have no discomfort at all!”

“I can’t believe how much energy I have on so few hours of sleep!”

“I just got my Naturest sleep system. LOVE IT!
I slept like a baby. I have MS and I went right into a deep sleep when I lay down and did not feel stiff when I got up.”