Well, yes, it could be something rising out of the Earth, or flying in the Air, or swimming in the Water— we live with bugs on this planet, some of them crawling on the earth, some floating in water, some buzzing in the air.  And some can definitely carry diseases, so contact with them can cause skin infections etc.

BUT, we should not ignore the fact that Skin conditions are very often the result of internal situations—especially when we are talking about chronic skin conditions such as Acne or boils, or Dermatitis, Psoriasis, rashes—any sort of persistent Skin condition that doesn’t go away easily.

According to well-known Herbalist, Dr. David Winston, conditions such as dry, scaly, itchy, angry red or puss-like skin can definitely be related to imbalances in the colon, primarily, the gut flora of our liver, and the fluids in the kidney as well.  This in turn leads us to the very real possibility that behind it all is our way of eating—what foods/drinks do we take in daily, what, but also how we eat.  Eating on the go, for instance, in a hurry, etc., may have a strong effect on our Digestion, hence on our Skin!

Yes! Diet plays a huge role in Skin conditions, and what we should be looking at if we do have skin problems is: what do we eat, what might need to be eliminated, etc.

Obviously, there are good botanicals out there which can help with skin conditions—BUT! always in conjunction with improving our diet.

I would start with tinctures, as some of these herbs are quite bitter, and would not make a “pleasant” tea! Below are some of the best herbs to use internally, as teas, or tinctures, or salves, to help with skin conditions:

  • Burdock Root & Seed (Arctium)—my all time favorite herb for general Cleansing, but primarily for detoxing the Liver. A very bitter herb,but most effective.   Burdock grows wild everywhere. It is a plant (I call it the “Giant” plant!), with huge leaves and very tough roots.  In herbalism, we use the Burdock Root, a root very hard to cut up, but always worth the effort, for Detoxing all systems. It is particularly effective for dry flaky skin.
  • Yellow Dock root is an herb quite similar to Burdock—also to be used on dry/flaky skin.
  • Dandelion Root (Taraxacum): another excellent bitter and easy to take Liver cleansing herb.  It grows everywhere, literally!  An herb we can definitely pick on our own, provided it is a clean space, of course!  Dandelion Leaves  are also very effective, not only because of their bitterness, but also because they are full of nutrients. The root makes a great tea, the leaves are also great in Spring salads.
  • Turmeric (Curcumin):  A bitter Spice used widely –- for curries primarily, but a great spice to sprinkle/incorporate on all meat, omelets, soups. I even sprinkle it on our salads, and on my toast in the morning!
  • Flaxseed and Psyllium are two kinds of seeds that are what we call bulking foods/herbs, meaning they swell up in our digestive system once taken in. This bulking quality helps the stomach and the intestinal area, in general, get rid of/push out unwanted  substances.
  • Wormwood and Black Walnut Hulls are two very bitter Vermifuges (bug killers) that are very effective.  However, I would seek the advice of an herbalist before taking them on my own, as they can be very strong and might cause some issues.
  • Golden Seal, another bitter herb, fights all sorts of infections, is very potent in combatting stuff like “bugs” of any sort, and is very detoxing, esp. of the Liver.
  • Gotu Kola (which we already met under Memory Herbs) is particularly effective if the skin is red and inflamed, and makes a good combination when added to another detoxing herb, Sarsaparilla.


Again, the above herbs are quite strong and very effective, but I would strongly advise to consult an herbalist when we are trying to determine which of all these herbs would best fit our condition.   An herbalist can take in our whole information, from diet, to other conditions (very importantly, possible stress), to our lifestyle, to our specific characteristics, so that a combination of the above herbs can truly help us get rid of what is “bugging” us– in a most efficient but safe way!!


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Charoula Dontopoulos
Certified Herbalist
Holistic Health Advisor
BC Polarity Therapy Practitioner