Healthcare in the 21st Century

Quickly Fix it-Quickly Lose it

by Mary Jo Ruggieri, PhD, RRP

In this era of incredible technology and scientific advancement beyond our wildest dreams, we still cannot cure cancer or some of the everyday diseases such as arthritis or asthma. Maybe we are looking for these cures in the wrong place!

Our current healthcare system relies extensively upon the use and abuse of pharmaceuticals.

There is a pill for every ill and a drug for every ache and pain. Being a multi-billion dollar industry, drug companies do not have an invested interest in seeing people taking care and taking charge of their own health.

We have become the “Quick Fix Society.”…

Have a headache? Take AdvilTM or TylenolTM.

Acid indigestion? Take NexiumTM.

Muscle strain? Take muscle-relaxers-and so the list goes on and on…

The question that has to be asked to get us out of this quick-fix cycle is: How do we really heal

How We Heal

  • Within the process of living, we automatically heal. The healing system is always one step ahead, determined to restore balance. Your system will repair itself whenever it becomes damaged.
  • We have internal systems of rejuvenating our bodies. If we become fatigued from fighting a cold or have gone through chemotherapy, our physical bodies will correct the problem.
  • Nerves will regenerate, poor vision is often corrected given the proper stimulation, and a broken bone will mend itself.

Andrew Weil, in his book Spontaneous Healing, cites several basic activities of the healing system:

  • Healing is an inherent capacity of life
  • The system operates continuously and is always on call
  • The system is diagnostic and will recognize damage
  • Damaged structure will be removed and replaced with normal structure
  • The system will direct moment-to-moment corrections that maintain normal structure and function.

If we accept the premise that healing is an inherent capacity of life, then we need to go one step further in our understanding of this process. Healing comes from “within,” Some call this Life Force; others say that is the human energy system within every cell that allows the body to heal itself.

Andrew Weil, believes that “Health, according to the energy model, is the harmonious flow of life energy, while imbalances in their flow (due to unhealthy habits) result in illness.”

When we look at how we heal, we quickly understand that we have internal systems that communicate with each other and send messages when something is wrong on board the ship. The crew goes into repair mode and all of the systems go on alert to stop the ship from sinking. This alert system is based on a radar mechanism that sends out beams of energy like a tower that transmits signals. We really do heal through an energy-based system.

It would seem that the quick-fix syndrome would only have a band-aid effect, treating merely the symptoms and never getting to the actual cause of the problem, which lies in the balance of energy systems in the body.

Looking for cures outside the body can only affect us adversely and in some cases can harm us more than help. Medical errors, adverse drug reactions, dangerous drug interactions, botched surgeries and misdiagnosed diseases are currently leading causes of deaths in our world today.

There Are Options:

  • The first is to recognize and trust the healing process of the body
  • Second is understanding that healing involves a unique system of energy and keeping that energy in balance.
  • Third is knowing that there are non-invasive, energy-based and holistic therapies that help the body heal from within.

A new film is out based on the Science of Healing, called THE LIVING MATRIX!  Scientists, Psychologists, Bioenergetic Researchers and Holistic Health Practitioners review incredible information and research that show how the body really heals and what self-healing capabilities your body goes through to well and stay well!  A NEW Paradigm Has Emerged.

The Living Matrix – Documentary

Mary Jo Ruggieri PhD. RPP

Holistic Health Consultant

Healthy Tidbits

Decrease Your Risk of Stroke With B Vitamins

High Levels of homocysteine are the culprit.  Make sure you ask your doctor to test your homocysteine level when you have your next blood test.

Homocysteine is a natural amino acid metabolite of methionine.  High levels of homocysteine, an essential amino acid, can cause hardening of the arteries and related stroke problems.

Use these B Vitamins

B6-300 mg per day before breakfast

B12-sublingual is best, 3 mcg per day

Folic acid-2mg per day

These three vitamins convert homocysteine into harmless cystathionne which then can be removed from the blood.

According to a report from the New England Journal of Medicine, low levels of these three vitamins and high levels of homocysteine are associated with increasing strokes, especially among the elderly. Don’t wait – get B6, folic acid and B12  And why not?

Vitamin D3 To Avoid The Swine Flu

Vitamin D3 research is launching a huge movement in making people aware that D3 is an incredible immune builder. Check in with Dr. Shealy for this profound information!


Laughter Is The Best Medicine

Laughter heals, laughter changes chemistry in the body, Laughter creates muscle tone, Laughter will help you lose weight. Laughter is spontaneous, Laughter is our best medicine.

Join a laughter Yoga Group!

Click on the link to learn more:

laughter yoga

Holistic Health Research

What is Going on With Bioidentical Thyroid Medications?

  • According to the American Association for Health Freedom, Time-Cap Labs, a producer of bioidentical thyroid replacement hormone (generic version of the brand name drug Armour Thyroid) has been ordered by the FDA to stop production.
  • Armour itself has been difficult to obtain over the past years and is frequently on backorder along with the thyroid preparations Westhroid and Nature-throid.
  • These developments affect approximately 2 million consumers.

See the article FDA Attacks Natural Thyroid Millions Depend On for more information.

Patient advocate Mary Shomon has been tracking the natural thyroid medication debate and compiled a wealth of information (scroll down the page), including  How to Survive the Shortage of Armour and Nature-Throid Natural Desiccated Thyroid Drugs.

You can protect thyroid patients rights by joining the Save Natural Thyroid Coalition.

Contributed by:

Heidi Beke-Harrigan, MLS, APP or

More Research Links

Keep up on the latest news in Complementary and Integrative medicine from the Health Freedom for All News

  • Blurred missions? Do government agencies and professional associations really promote health and the best interest of the American public, or commercial interests and profit


Holistic Health Research



With the current fears around the Swine Flu and the hesitation on the part of many of us regarding the safety of the vaccines, the following might be of interest to our readers:

An Anti-Viral, Anti-Bacterial Vinegar Tincture, easy to make!

Four Thieves Vinegar Recipe:

Use equal parts of the following herbs:

Lavender,  Sage, Thyme, Melissa (lemon balm), Hyssop, Peppermint, 3/4 garlic cloves

  1. Mix the above herbs in a glass jar.

Fill another glass jar (preferably quart)  to about 2/3 with the herbs/garlic.  Cover with vinegar so that there is at least one inch of  fluid above the herbs.

  1. Use unpasteurized apple cider vinegar from a health food store.
  2. Close jar tightly.
  3. Let sit at room temperature in a cool place for six weeks.
  4. Shake jar daily.
  5. Strain off herbs and garlic in another jar and store in a dark cool place.
  6. Take a teaspoonful once or twice a day.
  7. Add a spoonful to your bath for personal protection.
  8. Use as topical spray to disinfect surfaces, including skin.

As told by Herbalist Elizabeth Kastner.

Increases the “Zest for Life”.   Schisandra is an excellent

The information in this email is for educational purposes only.  This information is not intended to diagnose, treat illness or prescribe any type of medication or treatment.  For medical needs, we recommend consulting your Medical Doctor, Dietitian or Mental Health Practitioner.