Sacral Chakra
“I don’t want to be at the mercy of my emotions. I want to use them, to enjoy them.” – Oscar Wilde

The second chakra, the Sacral Chakra, is the central point of our emotions, sexuality, and sensuality. It governs our sense of self-worth, our relationships, and the confidence we have in our own creativity. This chakra is the center of our passion and pleasure, and also our emotions – feelings and sensations. The essence of the Sacral Chakra is that of water, always flowing, never still, thereby having an ability to let go, accept change and embrace transformation.

Sacral chakra – highlights

  1. Sanskrit Name: Svadhisthana
  2. Meaning: Sweetness
  3. Color: Orange
  4. Location: Lower abdomen, sexual organs
  5. Element: Water
  6. Sense: Taste
  7. Seed sound: Vam
  8. Physical organs/ association: Lower back , hips, kidney, bladder, Reproductive organs, circulatory system, bodily fluids (tears, urine, blood, menstrual fluids)
  9. Emotional/ Psychological association: Desire, pleasure, sexuality, sensuality, intimacy, warmth, creativity
  10. Mineral: Moonstone, coral, carnelian,
  11. Herbs for incense: Orris root, gardenia, damiana

Signs of an unbalanced second chakra:

  • Emotional or mental issues: guilt, out of touch with feelings, overly emotional or stoic, poor boundaries with other people as well as poor emotional boundaries, overt sexuality, sexual dysfunction, fear of intimacy, excessive attachment, frustration, a tendency to be manipulative, disharmonious relationships, fear of change or inability to change, addiction to food, work, television, substances etc.
  • Physical issues: gynecological problems, irregular menstrual cycle; impotence; frigidity; kidney, bladder, or urinary problems; stiff lower back; muscle tension, and abdominal cramps.

A balanced second chakra brings:

  • Sense of adaptability, confidence and creativity
  • An enjoyment of pleasurable activities without guilt
  • A sense of surrender and not having to be in control
  • A strong connection to others while maintaining clear boundaries
  • An ability to express and exhibit healthy emotional behaviors

Beneficial activities that promote and maintain a balanced Sacral Chakra:

  • Meditation and visualization: Visualize a glowing orange orb or even an orange sunset below your navel while meditating.
  • Reiki or other energy healing disciplines
  • Chant the seed sound “Vam”
  • Nature: Since the element of this chakra is water, relaxing at a waterfront such as a lake, ocean or river is very helpful. Taking a bath or shower also helps to balance this chakra.
  • Exercises: Dancing, and any exercise focused on the hips and the lower abdomen (such as hip circles and scissor kicks) works well for balancing this chakra. Gentle or yin yoga with a focus on hip-opening postures including open angle pose, bound angle pose, cow pose and boat pose.
  • Food: Since the element of this chakra is water, that is the best thing to ingest to clear and balance this chakra. Additionally, transparent liquids like teas and broths, and juices will help this chakra. Orange colored food such as oranges, orange pepper, carrots will boost this chakra.
  • Essential oils: jasmine, rose, ylang-ylang
  • Color orange: Wearing the color orange or stones such as moonstone, orange tourmaline, coral, and carnelian.
  • Affirmations: Speak out with complete confidence the following affirmations:
    • I am radiant, beautiful and strong.
    • I enjoy a healthy and passionate life.
    • I go with the flow with grace and ease.
    • I allow my emotions to flow through me in a healthy way.
    • I honor my body and treat myself respectfully.
    • I love who I am exactly as I am.