“Science is telling us what ancient peoples knew all along – Life is Rhythm” 

~Layne Redmond Drummer and Author of When Women Were Drummers

Rhythm is derived from the Greek word rhythmos meaning recurring motion = flow.

When an individual’s rhythm or flow becomes disrupted, this makes room for dis-ease to set into the mind and/or body.  As was explored in the first article of this series, the principle of influencing the mind and body with rhythm is an ancient technique.


The use of music and rhythm to reorganize the mind and body has been researched extensively.  Some of this research has specifically examined how music changes the structural and functions of the brain and thus the physical body:


  • Graser and Schlaug, 2003
  • Lappe, Herholz, Trainor and Pantev, 2008
  • Hyde, Lerch, Norton, Fogeard, Winner, Evans and Schlaug, 2009
  • Herdener, Esposito, deSalle, Boller, Hilti, Habermeyer, Schleier, Wetzel, Selfritz, and Catispan-Ludewig, 2010
  • Parbery-Clark, Anderson, Hitner and Kraus, 2010
  • Steele, Bailey, Zatorre, and Penhune, 2013
  • Skoe and Klaus, 2013


A unique program that makes use of this concept, research and the work of Alfred Tomatis is the inTime™ therapeutic listening program offered by Advanced Brain Technologies.  This program uses custom rhythms and frequencies composed and performed by world musician Nacho Arimany.   Each individual listening program is overseen by a certified provider, with listening sessions occurring 5 days a week 9at home, school or at a facility).


Prompted by listening, the ear takes over the body and organizes all the connections necessary…Most exciting and important is that the desire to listen has enormous power to induce change.” 

~Alfred Tomatis The Ear and the Voice


How does inTime™ work?

  • Music
  • Accessible beat rhythm (pattern) and polyrhythms
  • Entrainment – the physical phenomena of synchrony that occurs when a movement or rhythm influences another
  • Sound Frequency training with progressive emphasis (low, mid-high, high and full spectrum)
  • Familiarity and Novelty – rhythm and acoustic
  • Pattern
  • Neuroacoustic Modification
  • Movement – incorporated into each inTime™ training session


A Unique Therapeutic Listening Program Developed by Advanced Brain Technologies

The Concept
Combined through music and activity, rhythm and sound frequency have the capacity to bring about neurological change

Brain Plasticity
inTime™ was created with the knowledge that the brain can change in response to experience provided with sufficient frequency, intensity and duration

The Product
inTime™ is an organic compilation of original compositions, based on a blend of world music with diverse instrumentation, which accents the power of rhythm and sound frequencies

Benefits of inTime Ages 2 through Adults

Some conditions that respond well to the inTime training program include:

  • Traumatic Brain Injury/Stroke
  • Learning Disabilities
  • Sensory Processing Disorders
  • Autism
  • Stress
  • Concentration
  • Performance

Deb Wellmes, MA, ND is a Certified Provider for the inTime program and can assist in the purchase and development of a customized listening protocol.