1) Exercise. Exercise. Exercise!

2) Get outside whenever possible even in cold to feel sun on your skin for 20 minutes per day.

3) Detoxify your diet – get out the sugar and add more protein, fruits and veggies.  Increase your h2o intake.

4) Try some acupuncture – it is shown to improve signs of depression.

5) Use homeopathy – try pulsitilla if very emotional or ignatia if very moody. Use a 12-30c remedy.

6) Use aromatherapy – try citrus aromas like orange, lemon or tangerine.

7) Meditate for 10-20 minutes a day.

8) Increase levels of tryptophan and serotonin with diet and supplementation, increase b vitamins and minerals, Vit. D at least 2,000 units a day

9) Consider St. John’s wort (300 mg 3 x’s a day) or same

10) Avoid artificial sweetners (phenylalanine)

11) Consider a lightbox (10,000 lux of full spectrum) use at least a half hour a day.

12) Consider further testing for amino acid imbalances as well as thyroid, adrenal and female/male hormones levels. Neurotransmitter levels can now also be checked with a simple urine test. Hair analysis can be done to find out if heavy metal toxicities are interfering with mineral functions and blood analysis can be done to find any vitamin deficiencies.


Dr. Kathleen A. Jones, D.C., N.D