Reiki is a bio-field therapy. It is intended to affect energy fields that purportedly surround and penetrate the human body.

The existence of such fields has not yet been scientifically proven. Reiki energy manipulates bio-fields by applying pressure and/or… by placing the hands in, or through, these fields. Reiki practitioners believe they can stimulate healing by restoring balance in the body and opening the flow of energy through it.

Among the first things most people learn in their Reiki classes is the definition of the word Reiki. A widely accepted explanation is Rei means Universal/Spiritual/Divine and Ki means Life force/Energy/Light/Love.

Reiki is the energetic essence of spiritual wisdom; it facilitates the awakening of the recipient’s and practitioner’s connection to the wisdom.

Reiki energy comes from an unlimited supply. Because of this, we will never run out of Reiki energy, no matter how many people are giving Reiki sessions. The reason Reiki is unlimited is that it comes from a higher level of consciousness. As long as we come from a higher level of consciousness when we plan and carry out our lives and business activities, we will be able to tap into this same unlimited supply which will result in abundance and prosperity in our lives.

Reiki has been known to work in miraculous ways. As a healing modality that never does harm and always acts in accordance with the highest and greatest good of each individual person, it can produce profound healing and instill a deep connection with one’s true self.

The Reiki methods used during sessions allow patients to tap into their inner healing capabilities in order to free themselves of their diseases and the associated symptoms that are deeply engrained in peoples’ cellular memory.

All still agree that Reiki adapts its healing energy to the circumstance of the moment. Reiki will listen to your questions and teach you intuitively. As you develop your relationship with Reiki, the answers you receive will affect your life, beliefs, needs and intentions, at the same time that they help you define your understanding and practice of Reiki making it into something that is uniquely your own.