We can add “biological stress” to the growing list of toxins assaulting their bodies. In addition to more known chemical pollutants, scientists have identified that pulsed electromagnetic fields (EMFs), such as those from cell phones, wireless phones, computers, and TVs can disrupt normal biological function. Even low-level, non-ionizing EMFs can cause altered calcium function in many of the bodyÕs cells, including those of the brain and heart. Further physical changes include altered embryo development, muscle dysfunction, and increased anxiety. It appears that EMFs cause these changes by disrupting the natural human biofield frequency.

Researchers associated with California-based Clarus Transphase Scientific have identified specific biofield frequencies and developed technology which can enhance these frequencies and prevent the chaotic disruption caused by EMFs. Called Sympathetic Resonance Technology™ or SRT, this technology has been incorporated into pendants, bracelets, and other items under the Q-Link name. Several studies have been conducted to observe their health effects. For example, grade school students in a known high-EMF environment were assessed using the State-Trait Anxiety Inventory for Children. Students were divided into a treatment group and a control group. Retesting was done after using the Q-Link devices. The results indicated a statistically significant difference between treatment and control conditions for state anxiety scores. Scores decreased by an average of 3.0 points for the active Q-Link group compared to only 1.9 points for the inactive control group. Other research shows beneficial effects on the electrical activity of the brain. Additional studies have shown that this technology can mitigate the response to a variety of stressors, including exposure to chemicals.

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