Eat a diet rich in fiber and take a protein supplement to balance blood sugar.

Avoid alcohol, caffeine, sugar and spicy foods – they can contribute to hot flashes and mood swings.

Get regular exercise

Reduce stress – use relaxation technques/meditation

Take a multivitamin and a b complex

Use black currant seed oil or primrose oil – they reduce hot flashes and work as diuretics

Take digestive enzymes to aid in digestion

Take calcium (1,200 mg) and magnesium (800 mg) – they relieve irritabilitynd nervousness, prevent bone loss and aid in sleep.

Try chamomile and valerian root to aid in restful sleep and help deal with stress

Use black cohosh to reduce hot flashes and balance hormones

Have thyroid function checked

Have hormones tested to see if estrogen or progesterone levels need balancing

Consider using bio identical hormones


Dr. Kathleen Jones, D.C., N.D.