Rich Simon:
Hello again. My name is Rich Simon. I’m editor of Psychotherapy Networker and your host for this series about mind-body approaches in mental health. Today, we’re moving into territory that I would imagine most of us have not received a lot of training in, at least officially, but many of us are quite interested in the topic of today’s discussion. The primordiality of what we do is we talk and we like to talk and that’s what the training of our profession is about, but today we’re going to be moving into a topic very relevant to our work, largely ignored and we’re very lucky to have someone who both has training as a psychotherapist, she knows how to talk and be a talking therapist, she’s a body psychotherapist, she knows a lot of about behavioral medicine and public health. Amongst other things, she spends 10 years plus in the jungles of Mexico. Let’s see if we can get some stories out of her about that experience and we’re very fortunate to have as our guest here today Leslie Korn. Leslie, welcome.