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Regenerative and Energy Medicine


Regenerative Medicine is the “process of replacing or regenerating human cells, tissues or organs to restore or establish normal function”.



Regenerative medicine is a holistic modality of treating diseases. It works by restoring the structure and function of damaged tissues and organs.


The process reprograms your body’s own cells to be fully functional and vigorous once again. Dr. Christina Ross (Wake Forest Center for Regenerative Medicine) has conducted studies that show Energy Medicine is also found to repair and restore cell growth and repair damaged tissues and organs.


Similar to Energy Medicine, Regenerative medicine helps your body to:

  • use it’s natural ability to heal and defend itself
  • work with the natural healing processes, without invasive surgery and harmful medicines
  • harness your body’s own curative powers to accelerate the healing and renewal process
  • regenerate damaged tissues and organs

Using Regenerative Medicine scientist have also been able to grow tissues and organs in the laboratory and safely implant them when the body cannot heal itself.


Energy Medicine and Regenerative Medicine go hand in hand in helping people rebuild and repair their own body.


“What is crucial for regenerative medicine is the understanding of factors that allow biological systems to self-assemble into consistent, highly complex patterns”, says developmental biologist M. Levin of Tufts University Center for Regenerative Biology.


Levin also suggests that important advances in regenerative medicine will come with knowing that external signals can activate or modify the bodies energetic structure. Dr. Ross also has research showing that external signals can be key to repairing the body.




What is disease? Why do we get sick?


Etiology is a groundbreaking work in the field of disease causation. Christina Ross, PhD, is a board-certified Polarity Practitioner and biophysicist who studies inflammatory response-which she believes is the cause of all physical illness.


Disease, Dr. Ross explains, begins long before biochemical imbalances occur in our physical body. Disease begins at the spiritual level, at the very essence of our being, and evolves through our mind and emotions before it is established in our body.


Etiology is a study on how to detect disease before it manifests as chronic or incurable. Ross empowers the reader by providing research-based complementary and alternative medicine options, encouraging involvement in one’s own healing process


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Reference: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Regenerative_medicine



Etiology “How to Detect Disease in your energy field before it manifests in your body”

Dr. Christina Ross


 Healthy Tidbits


Soulful Quotes

“Relief from boredom, anxiety, depression, and addictions are the pleasant side effects of engaging the imagination, and of restoring the soul.” – Bruce L. Moon


“What a man thinks of himself, that is what determines, or rather indicates, his fate.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson
“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared with what lies within us.” – Oliver Wendall Holmes






Physical Dis-ease is our bodies way of telling us something is out of balance. Disease is a language expressed through the body, mind, and emotions. It is also the language of the soul. It affects not only a person, but also those around him or her, changing lives and life’s meaning.


Find out how disease presents an opportunity to change lives for the better not only within an individual but also within the health care system as a whole.

Giving Thanks


We all have many things we are thankful for. Giving thanks helps us to forget about our troubles and focus on all the good we have in our lives. Being grateful everyday can help us attract more things to be grateful for!


Consciously utilizing The Power Of Gratitude is not only an important skill to learn and master, it’s an extremely important aspect of consciously and consistently attracting to yourself the Abundance and Happiness that we all aspire toward and without exception deserve to experience in life. Happy Thanksgiving!



Reference: http://www.abundance-and-happiness.com/gratitude.html


Herbs For Life!


Inflammation: Natural Approaches


According to scientific research Inflammation is the root cause of illness and disease. What to do about inflammation is a question that is often asked by many people who suffer from the

pain that is associated with its effect.


Here are some proven natural approaches that really do help:


Topical Approaches


* Arnica Gel: a clear gel that can be used frequently on affected areas. Rub generously and repeat as often as needed.


* Castor Oil: a thick oil that should be generously applied to the affected area.

After applying the oil, cover area with plastic. A heating pad may be used to help absorption.


* Bio-Freeze: an excellent substitute for ice. It lasts a long time and has a hot/cold interaction.


General Herbs and Enzymes


* Digestive Enzymes: best to get a brand that has a mixture of enzymes


* Bromelain: also a digestive enzyme from pineapple; extremely effective; take as recommended on bottle


* Ginger: helps with osteoarthritis inflammation and may be taken as a tea


* Tumeric: also very effective; can be sprinkled over salads, soups, and/or taken as a tablet.


* Boswellia: one of the most effective for inflammation; has been

extensively studied and can also be effective for asthma


* Licorice: may be taken as a tea


Charoula Dontopoulos, BCPP, Herbalist



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Elemental Reflexology
Reflexology is a system of applying pressure to certain points on the hands, feet and ears. 


This complementary therapy works on the feet, hands and ears to help heal the whole person not just the prevailing symptoms.

Elemental Reflexology™, integrates the ancient art of Ayurvedic reflexology with the modern energetic principles of Polarity.

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