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Can That Coke! – Again!!!

Colas, not coffee, linked to hypertension in women.

In a study published in the journal of the American Medical Association reported that women do not develop high blood pressure from coffee but there is a link between hypertension and consumption of caffeinated colas (independent of whether the soft drinks were sugared or diet).

“We speculate that it is not caffeine but perhaps some other compound contained in soda-type soft drinks that may be responsible for the increased risk in hypertension,” said the study.

Study was authored by W. Winhelmayer of Brigham Young and Harvard School of Public Health.

So, replace that Diet Coke with a good cup of Green Tea!!

Students Beware:
Want Better Grades Get More Sleep!


Sleepy students perform worse by L. Neergaard AP Medical Writer.

If parents want their children to thrive academically, “Getting them to sleep on time is as important as getting them to school on time,” said G. Fallone who conducted the research at Brown Medical School.

Difficulty paying attention, according to the study, was among the problems the sleepy students face. Students who got less than eight hours of sleep a night were more forgetful and had the most trouble learning new lessons.

Recommended amounts of sleep range from about 10 to 11 hours a night for elementary students to 8.5 hours for teens.

The study was funded by the National Institute of Health.

Hints To Improve Sleep Time

  1. Cut down on evening activities maybe that 7:30 PM piano practice isn’t worth the sleep loss.
  2. Get homework done before dinner.
  3. Start winding down 45 minutes before bed.
  4. Drink Chamomile Tea, one hour before bed.
  5. Sugar stimulates!! Cut sugar out at dinners, and evenings.
  6. Remove TV’s, computers, and video games from the bedroom.
  7. Keep the room as dark as possible (turn off night light after they fall asleep).
  8. Teach your children deep, slow breathing.

These hints may seem impossible but our children nowadays are doing entirely too much and the sleep deprivation is a major problem in their lives.

Reference: Mary Jo Ruggieri, PhD, RPP

Meditation Keeps Your Brain Alive


Meditation Positively Alters Brain Patterns and May Slow Age-Related Thinning of the Frontal Cortex.

Research by Sara Langar at Massachusetts General Hospital reported in the November issue of the Journal Neuro Report suggested that basically meditation could change anyone’s gray matter in a positive way. The study researched people who meditated 40 minutes each day.

Most of the brain regions identified to be changed through meditation were found in the right hemisphere, which is essential for sustaining attention. Other forms of Yoga and meditation, according to the study, likely have a similar impact on brain structure.

*Meditation is a simple system. You do not have to be a Monk to learn how to do it effectively.

Tips to Easy Meditation:

  1. Start slowly 3-5 minutes per day.
  2. Always begin with sitting in a quiet place, and begin deep breathing in and out of the nose.
  3. Every time you breathe in and breathe out mentally say to yourself the words “I am, I am.”
  4. Using your breath and using words to focus on will quickly allow you to tap into the skills of meditating.

*For Meditation Information and Classes email

“Eating Raw Food for Better Health”


Energy Soup & Green Smoothies- My Recipe Secrets

By: Jim Carey Editor Chi Living

Energy soup doesn’t have to be a recipe- the recipes on the websites are just starter ideas.

Cooked food dishes have recipes because the act of heating causes a chemical reaction, changing the nature of the ingredients, just like we did in science class. Raw food dishes don’t require elaborate recipes because there’s no heating, thus, no chemical reactions involved. For this reason, raw food recipes can be “taste as you go” and “flavor to taste”.

Start with the kinds of greens you like- I use lots of kale, then add romaine lettuce or other greens- usually 3 or 4 greens, and then add a trace of goodies like onions, flax, dulce, and whatever’s in the fridge. Then I add an apple for a bland energy soup, but usually use a pear or banana, instead to make it sweeter and richer. For a real treat I’ll use avocado, but I try to only eat 3 to 4 avocados a week.

Experiment until you find combinations you like. If it isn’t tasty, you won’t eat it.

You should be eating at least a quart of energy soup every day.

Remember- it should be almost all greens.

Raw food recipes are guidelines, not chemical formulas.

For the nutritional foundation of this diet, read Why Suffer? How I Overcame Illness & Pain Naturally, by Dr. Ann Wigmore. The China Study, by Dr. T. Colin Campbell. Green For Life, by Victoria Boutonko, or view the 3-hour video, Greens Can Save Your Life, also by Victoria Boutenko.

Eat Pumpkins for Arthritis Prevention!!

Beta-Cryptoxanthum is a Carotenoid found in yellow-orange and red-hued produce, such as pumpkins and red peppers. Studies show this could help reduce the risk of inflammatory polyarthritis by up to 40%. Drink that O.J., eat carrots and bake that pumpkin!!

Reference: Chi Living Food News

Avoid The Flu

Boost Your Immune System

There is controversy, fear and panic concerning a potential flu epidemic and flu health risks. The government cannot give intelligent advice to its citizens and their focus is fear based. Information is scattered, inconsistent and often conflicting.

One thing is for sure. We each can do something personal about preparing ourselves in case of a flu problem. The most important preventive preparation is to build, boost and enhance your immune system. Strengthen your body’s own ability to fight infections and viruses. Your immune system is your best asset to avoiding the flu. Even if you decide to get a flu shot (there is no guarantee that the shot will target the flu strain that may arise) it is still within your power to strengthen your immune power force! Do not wait. Start now!

There are incredible herbals and vitamins that are useful for building immune strength. Systems such as de-toxing and cleansing care are easy to use and effective to help you maintain peak immunity.

Please see the articles on immunity at the end of this e-newsletter and also read the Ask Charoula section of this newsletter. This section is devoted to using simple products and herbals for immune building.

Essential Herbs

Ask Charoula

Dear Charoula,

I was wondering what kinds of precautions I can take in preventing the flu and winter colds this winter?


For Prevention Measures

Healthy Cell (Herbal Tinctures)

  • Take 30 drops and alternate once a day and twice a day for 2 weeks, then take 1 week off, then for 2 weeks take 30 drops alternating once a day and twice a day, then take 1 week off, for a total of 6 weeks. The first week off, use Colloidal Silver protocol for 1 week. Repeat this for all winter months.

Throughout this program, also do the following:

  1. Take Essiac Tea 2 ounces daily (herbal tea)
  2. Use a dry skin brush 1-2 times a day- Brush before you shower
  3. Increase fluids up to 10-12 glasses of water daily
  4. Take Vitamin C daily
  5. Use a Mini Trampoline (helps flush immune system)- 10-15 minutes per day
  6. For any digestive problems, can take Acidophilus or Primadophilus capsules

When minor symptoms occur, stop Healthy Cell regime and begin Breathe Free herbal tincture. You can gargle with Breathe Free if you like. Use a Neti-Pot (see last month’s newsletter for Neti-Pot info). Begin Winter Care herbal tincture.

If symptoms begin to go into your lungs, then begin using lung tonic herbal tinctures. Add the following:
Elderberry Syrup, a round of Colloidal Silver, gargle and drink Chlorophyll, skin brushing, use of a sauna, weekly Polarity sessions, lean over a cup or bowl of boiled chamomile tea with a towel over your head to inhale the vapors.

Herbals and Systems Useful for Immune Enhancement

Healthy Cell Immune Builder (Herbal Tincture)

  • Preventative measure
  • Use prior to any cold or symptom

Winter Care (Herbal Tincture)

  • Anti Allergy and Anti Sinus

Lung Tonic (Herbal Tincture)

  • Use when symptoms become more pulmonary or in the lungs
  • Can go with Winter Care


  • For sinus problems
  • Use 1 tsp. Chlorophyll or 1 tsp. Sea Salt with warm water to irrigate the sinuses

Black Elderberry

  • Natural Immune Enhancer

Colloidal Silver

  • A Powerful, natural antibiotic
  • Both a remedy and a preventative measure for colds, flu, infections.
  • Adults- Use 1 tsp twice a day, children- use 1 tsp daily.
  • Colloidal Silver with Oil of Oregano are effective against Anthrax

Cassies Tea (Herbal tea)

  • Liver Cleanse
  • Use 2 ounces daily

* See article at end of newsletter on the importance of your lymphatic system

Hope this is of help.

Charoula, Herbalist

For more information on our herbal tinctures, go to the herbals section of our online store at E-Wellness Solutions.


Health Freedom Comes to Ohio

Protect your rights as a consumer to choose the type of healthcare you want. For more information please visit the website at Ohio Sunshine Health Freedom.

PHONE:  937-981-2924

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Avoid The Flu By Building Your Immunity

Your best defense is a progressive offense: The lymphatic system

By Mary Jo Ruggieri, PhD, RPP

The foundation of all good health lies within the function and operation of an individual’s lymphatic system. Those pesky nodes, when stressed out, will swell in your neck, especially behind the ear, and will make it impossible to swallow.

The lymphatic system, according to the Lymphatic System Anatomy Workbook, is a series of vessels, structures and organs that collect fluid throughout the body and return it to the main circulation for distribution. The lymphocytes function in the immune process; the fluid draining through the lymphatic system is lymph. The clusters of lymph nodes, almost like a bunch of grapes, are located throughout the lymphatic vessels.

These nodes provide a filtration system for the body. They contain the all-important T-cells that eventually will fight for your life. It’s a well-known fact that a highly functioning lymphatic system can handle even the toughest invaders in your body- cancer!

It is important to remember that the immune system is your main defense for healing and long-term immunity to diseases. The process and your entire body’s defense mechanism is located in the lymphatic system, a system we hardly pay attention to until it’s in a state of trauma or stops functioning properly.

When bacteria, viruses, foreign chemicals and environmental pollutants enter the body, the lymphocytes- the body’s “little soldiers”- begin “preparing for war.” But this type of war doesn’t depend upon large defense spending. It is a natural part of our everyday internal healthcare- the physician within; when these soldiers are activated they secrete large quantities of antibodies. These antibodies move into the sites of the virus or bacterial or even cancer cells and begin to engulf and destroy the disease or abnormal cells.

It doesn’t take much to understand who runs the show in our human biological house. The lymphatic system is a sure bet. It is the only thing that really lets us function and live a normal life in a germ-infested world.

The body houses hundreds and hundreds of lymph nodes, which are located everywhere imaginable. If we are to keep our lymphatic system functioning, we must be aware of their locations:

Head and Neck: under jaw, behind the ears, back of neck, base of skull, around the eyes, side of the cheek and the floor of the mouth.

Chest- Shoulder area, under armpits, breast or the mammary glands, clavicle or collar bone area, along the upper arm extending in the elbow and all major organs like liver and kidneys.

Lower body: groin area, pelvic girdle and all through the inner thighs- they even go along the spine in many areas.

The lymphatic system function only as well as it is kept in good working order. Surprisingly, the lymph’s are easy to care for, especially if you become aware of how they function.

Exercise is a key factor:

  1. Walking, biking or any cardiovascular work. Both the cardiovascular and the respiratory system are tied into the lymphatic system.
  2. Get a mini trampoline and jump on it for five to 10 minutes daily. Great for pumping leg lymph’s.
  3. Infra-Red Saunas.
  4. Sit-ups and push-ups.

If a lump continues for a period of time see your physician.

Self-help techniques:

  • Constantly do self massage – your jawbone, under your eyes, behind your ears, squeeze the muscles under your armpit and along side of your neck.
  • If a node is swollen or hard to touch, work around the area not on it.
  • Skin brush. It is good to use a dry vegetable brush daily on your entire body, stroking toward the heart.
  • Meditate. Stress suppresses immune function.


  • Lymphatic massage manually drains the lymph’s and helps promote positive movement.
  • Lymphodema, especially after surgery, should be attended to immediately through bodywork.
  • Polarity lymphatic balance uses key acupressure points to help the body move fluids and create a good energy flow.
  • Foot reflexology will stimulate certain lymphatic reflexes.

Personal cleansing:

  • Fast regularly – drink green juices or fresh carrot juice, which flush the lymph’s.
  • Do a colon cleanse. Work with a holistic health practitioner to set up a program to cleanse your digestive system.
  • Sweat. Soaking in hot tubs helps release fluids in lymph’s.
  • Eat good fats – avocados, olive oil, and almond oil.
  • Drink water every hour on the hour.

Specific herbs for immunity:

  • Echinacea, golden seal, garlic for surface immunity
  • Ginseng, liquorices, astralagus uses for deep immunity
  • Healthy Cell – Integrated herbs by Charoula Dontopoulos

The healthcare of the lymphatic system is truly the heart of it all. I remember a yoga teacher once saying, “You have everything you need to do what you want, and you have everything you want to do what you need.” It’s simple: Your best defense is a progressive offense, especially during flu season!!

*For specific formulas for building your immune system see “Ask Charoula”.

Polarity Lymphatic Self-Care

Exercises to move fluids and Balance Energy Flow:

  1. Breath of fire (breathe in and out through nose while pumping the belly like a bellows for about 8-10 times, on the last breath, hold and then release with “Ha” sound)
  2. Energetic diaphragm release (fingers under diaphragm, deep breathe in, on the exhale bend down).
  3. Squat and do the breath of fire
  4. Cross arms, hands under armpits, bend and squeeze
  5. Arms spread out, play with fingers, compress them and extend
  6. Hands behind head, bend down
  7. Occipital node manipulation (eye nerve); grab earlobes, pull down, open jaw, close, then push tongue against teeth (great for ringing in the ears in kids)
  8. Two fingers behind ears, come down under jaw to the mid point: open jaw and push against fingers with mild resistance (this is great for sore throats)
  9. Turn the head down and pump the SCM muscle (sternocleidomastoid)
  10. Hands behind back, head back, do breath of fire
  11. Shrug shoulders up and down
  12. With right hand touch left side where shoulder meets clavicle- left arm out- turn palm in and out, up and down, for about three minutes
  13. Leg up on the table, fingers behind knee- bend up and down, stretch and tamasically massage nodes behind knee (good for baker’s cyst)
  14. Squeeze mandible and down the subclavius (pinching along collar bone)
  15. Stick tongue out; curl up and under palate, pushing against the palate. Suck it up against the palate. Stick it out and pull and pump it- (brush the tongue am/pm from back and front, above and below- cleansing, use a tongue scraper or even a teaspoon works

Top 4 Trends in Healthcare

By Daryl Kulak

  1. Western Medical Costs Continue to Rise

There is no end in sight for their incredible rising cost of Western medicine, especially pharmaceutical drugs, doctor visits, diagnostic tests and surgical procedures. The equipment is getting more complex and expensive, and the other costs, including malpractice insurance, are all headed skyward.

  1. Health Insurance Opt-Outs Surge

Many people are opting-out of regular health insurance, either by choice or by loss of employer benefits, using instead high-deductible policies that cost much less. These policies are not only more cost-effective, but they encourage a preventive approach to healthcare for the consumer. They are also turning to new tools like the Health Savings Account (HSA) to reduce costs even further.

  1. Alternative Medicine Becomes the Dominant Healthcare System in America

Alternative medicine, including acupuncture, yoga, massage, polarity therapy and reflexology, is taking over medicine in America. The established medical institutions are trying to fight it, but they lose every battle.

Watch for the switch to alternative medicine in almost every sector of healthcare, including prevention, self-care, colds/flu, chronic conditions and many others. Western medicine will remain useful in solving acute conditions and mending broken bones, etc.

  1. The Rise of Health Freedom Laws

Five states have enacted “Health Freedom Laws” which enforce freedom of choice in healthcare practices and practitioners. These laws open up freedom of choice for healthcare consumers to all types of health practices, including many alternative medical modalities. These laws also effectively reign in overzealous medical boards that try to engage in “turf protecting” instead of focusing on consumer safety.

For more information on Health Freedom initiatives, visit Ohio Sunshine Health Freedom.

Daryl Kulak is the author of the book “Health Insurance Off the grid,” an easy-to-use guide to simplifying health insurance and using alternative medicine as a first, best line of defense.


  1. USA leads the world in medical error and inefficient care.
  2. Improper treatment 34% of the time- includes wrong medication and inaccurate or delayed test results.
  3. A third of the patients polled reported higher rates of disorganized care in their physician’s offices.

Reference: 2005 Commonwealth fund International Health Policy Survey

  1. In Europe, St. John’s Wort, a botanical used to treat mild to moderate depression, is outselling Prozac by leaps and bounds.
  2. More than one-third of U.S. adults use complementary and alternative medicine

Reference: National Institute of Health

  1. Evening Primrose Oil fights breast cancer.
  2. Gamma-Linolenic acid (GLA), the essential Omega-6 fat that is found in evening Primrose can inhibit the action of the cancer gene HER-2/NEU. This gene responsible for almost 30% of all breast cancers.

Reference: Journal of the National Cancer Institute November 2, 2005