Facts and tips about butterbur extract:

• Scientists believe that butterbur works by promoting the relaxation of smooth-muscle lining cerebral blood-vessel walls and by combating inflammation. • Butterbur also demonstrates efficacy in managing seasonal allergies and asthma.
• A specialized extract of butterbur root extract has demonstrated impressive efficacy in preventing migraine headaches. Used in Germany as a prescription remedy, this plant extract can reduce the frequency of migraine by 50% when used daily for three to four months. • A dosage of 50-75 mg of standardized butterbur extract twice daily for up to four months has demonstrated efficacy in migraine prevention, while 50 mg twice daily has been used in the management of allergic rhinitis. • Humans should only consume commercially-processed butterbur extracts that are free from potentially harmful pyrrolizidine alkaloids.Migraines represent a significant public health concern impacting both adults and children and particularly women. Powerful drugs can treat the acute symptoms of migraines, but overusing these medications can actually increase an individual’s susceptibility to further headaches, creating an ongoing cycle of pain. Migraine-preventive medications seek to break the cycle of recurrent migraines, but come with a host of side effects. Moreover, finding an effective medication can take months or years.

In Germany, doctors are recommending a natural extract from the herb butterbur (Petasites hybridus) to maintain headcavity comfort. In clinical trials in both Germany and the United States, butterbur reduced the incidence of head-cavity discomforts by approximately 61%.

Butterbur’s principal active constituent, petasin, reduces smooth muscle spasms and helps relax the constriction of cerebral blood vessels. Butterbur’s ability to relax constricted arteries and smooth muscles may help control head-cavity discomfort.

Migra-Eeze™ contains butterbur root extract standardized to provide 22.5 mg of petasins with each daily dose of two softgels. Riboflavin (vitamin B2) and ginger are included based on the ability of these nutrients to exert functional changes that may also guard against cranial discomfort.References:
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