Past systems of healing and future cures for humankind share universal life energy

We are about to begin a new revolution! An innovative science is emerging, a science that holds the secrets of past systems of healing and future cures for humankind.

Modern physics has launched us into the Einstein era of nuclear madness as well as into a new science–the science of energy medicine.

Life force–prana as it’s called in India, ki in Japan or chi in China–is being expressed as a concept of wholeness. Mind, body and spirit are interconnected into a system that recognizes that energy permeates all living organisms. We are more than what we think we are.

Candace Pert says in her book Molecules of Emotion, “Unless we can measure something, science won’t concede it exists, which is why science refuses to deal with such `nonthings’ as the emotions, the mind, the soul, or the spirit.” Pert’s pioneering research gives great meaning to the “nonthings” by establishing the biomolecular basis for the link between the mind and the body. This link is often called the energy of being interconnected.

There are subtle pulses that occur in all movement–be it blood moving through veins or air blowing through your hair. This movement of energy is based on setting up two opposing fields, like a magnet. Energy travels from a positive pole to a negative pole through the neutral pole–polarity. In his writings on the “polarity process,” Franklin Sills suggests that a polarity is a relationship that sets up movement. He illustrates that energy flow, no matter from electrical energy or atomic fission, must use this principle of polarity.

Life in many cultures is considered to be first and foremost based on the principles of energy, and many cultures use energy medicine for healing. The Chinese and Indian

(ayurvedic) traditions use the principles of energy as the foundation for their entire health care system: yin and yang, positive and negative.

The basis for tai chi, qigong, yoga and meditation is balancing the energy flow in the body. Therapies such as reiki, polarity therapy, therapeutic touch and reflexology all influence the body’s flow of energy to promote health and healing.

According to Dr. Andrew Weil, “Health, according to the energy model, is the harmonious flow of life energy, while imbalances in this flow (due to unhealthy habits) result in illness.” He continues by saying that conventional medicine has long used machines–such as X-rays, lasers, ECGs and EEGs–that emit or record various forms of energy to diagnose or treat disease.

How does all of this energy really work? Simple. What happens when you blow a fuse in your house? The breakers go out, movement completely shuts down in your entire house and you are without lights, refrigeration and, of course, TV. Energy that comes into your house comes from a source, the power plant. This plant pumps high voltage electricity through a series of lines and transformers to slow it down so we can eventually use it.

The human body is also an electrical plant that really runs on a high voltage energy. The spine, representing the utility pole, sends energy via all the nerves (or wires) to every part of the body so movement can occur. Or, if there is a short in the circuits or an injury to the system, the circuit breakers go out. Knowing how to turn these circuit breakers on, keeping the system functioning well, is called energy medicine. Energy bodywork turns the circuit breakers on.

Everything has energy, as Einstein pointed out; matter is energy and energy becomes form and matter. Therapies such as polarity therapy, reiki, and therapeutic touch concentrate on keeping the positive pathways of energy open. Pain is a blockage of energy and eventually leads to disease and structural dysfunction.

Energy tracing is a skill; turning the human energy circuit on keeps the lines of movement open. Imagine if disease prevention and cures were truly successful in identifying the problem first at the energetic level, then bringing that energy back into balance and removing the blocks, which reduces the stress and tension that cause disease. We may get there sooner than we think.

Weil projects that all of the therapies, including acupuncture, that fall under the umbrella

term “energy medicine,” will enter the medical mainstream in the coming decades, as researchers and clinicians study their benefits.

Think forward: Acupuncture instead of anesthetics, reiki during surgery, polarity therapy to unwind lower back tension, meditation for migraines and magnets for balance. These could all be part of our future medical arsenal.

Words of wisdom from energy guru Dr. Stone: “Health is not merely of the body. It is the natural expression of the body, mind and soul when they are in rhythm with the one lifeê energy!”

May the longtime sun shine upon you.