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The Institute of Holistic Health Careers was honored to host guest speaker Christina L. Ross PhD as she introduced ground breaking information on the future of medicine, Energy!

What is disease? Why do we get sick? Etiology is a groundbreaking work on the field of disease causation.

Author Christina Ross, PhD, is a board certified Polarity Practitioner and biophysicist who studies inflammatory response-which she believes is the cause of all physical illness.

Disease, Dr. Ross explains, begins at the spiritual level, at the very essence of our being, and evolves through our mind and emotions before it is established in our body.

Etiology is a study on how to detect disease before it manifests as chronic or incurable. Ross empowers the reader by providing research based complementary and alternative medicine options, encouraging involvement in one’s own healing process.

Excerpts from Etiology

  • As the biotech industry becomes more advanced, molecular biologists are seeing the need to study more than just the physiology of the body- they are beginning to understand the energy of the body.
  • Biophysicists study the human organism not as the sum of its cellular and molecular parts, but as an integrated, sophisticated system of cell communication and information exchange.
  • Disease is instability in our Spirit.
  • Unless we are totally in tuned spiritually it will be difficult to know when our spirit becomes unstable.
  • The human bio-field is a complex combination of overlapping energy patterns that characterizes the unique spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical makeup of an individual.
  • Disease communicates through vibration. It uses different frequencies to relay messages that either make us feel pleasant or uncomfortable.
  • These signals can be either harmonic and peaceful or chaotic and uncomfortable.

Other topics include,

  • How can we see disease coming?
  • What is Energy Medicine?
  • How do my thoughts and emotions affect my health?
  • How eating habits affect health, and many more.

To purchase Etiology, click HERE

Reference: Etiology, How to Detect Disease in Your Energy Field Before It Manifests in Your Body by Christina L. Ross., PhD, BCPP


Healthy Tidbits: Energy Medicine


Power of Emotions


Our mind and body are in constant communication. Our emotions affect our physiology. Not only does our food fuel us physically, it feeds our minds, our emotions, and ultimately our spirits.

Our spirit communicates through our emotions, and when our soul is not feeling well, our emotions can make us sick. Our thoughts can make us physically ill.

Christina L. Ross., PhD, BCPP

Be Positive


Being a positive person isn’t just a nice thing, it’s actually a protection.

Positive consciousness creates positive realities. When we see the good in everything and everyone – including ourselves – we can start to experience the good that is all around us.

The more we connect with the force of positivity, the less negativity can touch us.



Polarity for Balance


Lifeforce, chakras, auras, prana and chi are words often expressed when discussing the human energy field.

Energy Medicine Practitioners believe that channels of energy run through the body; when these channels are blocked or out of balance, pain and disease can result.

Practitioners of Polarity Therapy use their hands to balance the human energy field, believing that, when in balance, the body will begin to automatically heal.

Research has shown that in disease, the natural flow of energy is obstructed, disordered and often depleted. Think about how you feel when you’re sick-no energy.

As long as energy is flowing freely, we maintain optimal health.

Mary Jo Ruggieri., PhD, HHP. BCPP


Energy Medicine Research

Scientific concepts of consciousness and healing prayer


Research shows that prayer is effective in promoting biological growth of certain forms of life under controlled laboratory conditions.

Prayer and thought can affect our biology. Studies show that what we think about our health is one of the most accurate predictors of longevity.

Group of teenagers praying

Can our thoughts and prayers override our genes? Epigenetics would show it is possible. Epigenetics refer to inheritable changes beyond DNA sequence that control cell identity and morphology. Epigenetics play key roles in development and cell fate, and it highly impacts the etiology of many human diseases.

Outside influences such as prayer can not only affect our physiology, but our psychology as well.

How Does Prayer Work?

Because energy can organize into a coherent state, our prayers and intentions operate as highly coherent frequencies, which can change the molecular structure of our biology.

If thoughts are generated as frequencies, healing intention is well-ordered light. German physicist Fritz Albert-Popp constructed a photomultiplier that captures lights and counts it, photon by photon.

In diseased states of cancer patients emitted fewer photons. Our prayers are intentional thought processes that have the ability to affect bio molecular processes and bring more light into the body!

Reference: Etiology, How to Detect Disease in Your Energy Field Before It Manifests in Your Body. Christina L. Ross., PhD, BCPP


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