Remember when we first sent Astronauts into space and thought that their discomfort was due to ‘space sickness?’ It turned out that their symptoms were actually caused by being away from the Earth’s Magnetic Field. Since there is a lack of magnetic fields in outer space, NASA now places magnets in both the spaceships and the Astronauts’ space suits.
MAGNETIC ENERGY, a fundamental part of the universe, is essential for healthy growth and the production of all living things. Earth itself is a giant magnet with positive and negative (north and south) poles. And our human energy field mirrors this system. Human beings have always lived within this magnetic field – until fairly recently.

Over the past few centuries, our civilization has developed structures (steel buildings) and machines (cars, trains and planes) that have disrupted the flow of this energy, causing a reduction in its strength.
“Carl Friedrich Gauss first measured the strength of the Earth’s magnetic field in 1835. Since then, scientists have been able to monitor the Earth’s magnetic field and have noted that its strength has decreased about tenfold over the last 4,000 years.”
Given our modern lifestyle, as a society, we are no longer in touch with the Earth as we once were. Instead we spend most of our time indoors either working or commuting. Our exposure to the Earth’s magnetic field is limited.
We are also surrounded by sources of alternating currents (electromagnetism) from cell phones and computers, which are harmful to us. Dr. Kyoichi Nagawa, a leading scientist in the field of biomagnetics, concluded that the weaker magnetic field of modern times has caused what he has termed Magnetic Deficiency Syndrome (MDS).

Symptoms of MDS include stiffness in the shoulders, back and neck, insomnia, chest pains, headaches and dizziness. MDS can also lead to chronic and degenerative disease, the loss of normal healing ability and increased susceptibility to infections and the effects of environmental toxins.

The use of magnetism is a field that has attracted increasing attention and is studied in laboratories and medical institutions worldwide.

Proven to increase energy, prevent illness, and promote a healing environment, magnets are a non-invasive, non-chemical way to feel better.

Magnets are used to treat a wide variety of ailments. Clinical research suggests that a large number of conditions including osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, tension headaches, migraines, Parkinson’s disease and chronic pain can all benefit from magnet use.

Magnets are also extremely helpful in diminishing the effects of ‘invisible pollution,’ the electro-magnetic frequencies (EMF’s) that are produced by the electrical devices and appliances in our homes.

On another note, amateur, professional and Olympic athletes enjoy the use of magnets for prevention, accelerated recovery, and enhanced performance.

One needn’t be looking for athletic glory to enjoy the benefits of magnetic technology. We all deserve to live every-day-life to the fullest.

Nikken has been a leader in the field of Advanced Magnetic Technology since 1975. Through research and development they create products that replicate the Earth’s magnetic field, which helps restore the normal conditions in which human beings are meant to live and thrive.

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