Healthy Tidbits


Oncology Discovers CAM

According to Oncology Issues, a publication of standard oncologists talking to standard oncologists, “CAM therapies work harmoniously with traditional oncology treatment and can relieve some side effects of chemotherapy and surgery, boost the immune system, and relieve stress.” Oncologists of note have also stated that “the majority of oncology practices are not effectively integrating complementary therapies, despite the fact that doing so can benefit patients and help improve patient satisfaction…”


B6 in Prevention of Heart Attacks

“Enough Vitamin B6 Reduces Heart Attacks in America by Seventy Percent” (J. Hattersley 2002)

A large but generally ignored body of research shows that vitamin B6 possesses important infection-fighting capability. Further, a systemic inflammatory condition explains many heart attacks in clean arteries. B6 antioxidant vitamins appear to help alleviate this. (L.J. Ignarro, M.D., Nobel Laureate 1998)


Coenzyme Q10 Cover-Up

“Discovery – cholesterol lowering drugs deplete the body of a nutrient vital to a healthy heart and body – Coenzyme Q10.”

According to Maureen Kennedy Salaman, President of National Health Federation, “Depriving the heart of coenzyme Q10 is like removing a spark plug from your engine – it just won’t work. Low levels of Co-Q10 are implicated in virtually all cardiovascular diseases, including angina, hypertension, cardiomyopathy, and congestive heart failure.” It’s time to understand the side effects of some of these drugs! Supplementing CoQ10 to offset this potential damage of cholesterol-lowering drugs may be wise.


Check Out That Salmon!

According to Bottom Line Health (Spring 2004), “if you buy salmon at the supermarket, chances are good that it doesn’t come from the sea but from a fish farm!”

And guess what? “Farmed-out salmon is anything but healthy”.

Here’s the scoop:

  • Farmed salmon are hatched in plastic trays
  • Crowded into unsanitary underwater cages
  • Fattened with soybean pellets
  • Dosed with antibiotics and pesticides
  • Injected with a synthetic dye that gives them their pink color
  • Farmed salmon are far fattier than their wild cousins – and contain two-thirds less omega-3 fats
  • Farmed salmon contain much higher levels of cancer-causing PCB;s and dioxins than wild salmon

Well, you can’t fool Mother Nature – and for your own health, ask about the fish’s origin. I guess there is a reason the salmon struggle to swim upstream – to get far away from the farms!

Balance That Stress

by Mary Jo Ruggieri

The mind and body respond to each other in remarkable ways. Emotional states can alter responses in the immune system, organs, glands, and cells that will physically affect the body’s function. In holistic healthcare the body is seen as a whole unit. Body, mind, emotion and spirit are totally integrated. Stress or injury to one part weakens the entire body.

How we recognize and handle stress in our lives is the key to unlocking the door to health and vitality. Realistically making ourselves aware of the symptoms of stress is a must!! Often we run the red lights of life, discarding signals from our body and mind that we are approaching danger.

Do you experience lack of concentration, jaw aches, persistent irritability, inability to catch your breath, difficulty in sitting still and digestive problems? When you are experiencing stress, your breath rate may double, you may get flushed and feel gas pains. How often we complain that we have no energy is a main clue to the state of your health. Illness often starts as a problem with one’s energy level!

Identifying stress patterns is also useful. Do you recognize any of the following patterns: rushing in the mornings to get where you need to go, being late for everything, drinking or eating in the car, no quiet alone time, addicted to the telephone or carrying your cellular telephone in your pocket, working on vacation, not taking time to exercise or being preoccupied with over-exercising, and eventually feeling you never have time for family and friends?

Environmental stress also plays a critical role in our healthcare. Research is now linking many illnesses to environmental toxins and pollution. The National Institute for Health reports that there is a strong link between environmental pollutants and cancer.

When we add up the stresses in our lives and couple it with environmental conditions, we have a serious health threat. We are all faced with the challenge of being aware of our patterns that contribute to the disease of stress, and learning how to change the situation. TAKING CARE – TAKING CHARGE!

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. One solution is to identify early where we are holding stress in our body. Individuals have a difficult time recognizing stress in the body, until it becomes a problem, such as severe backache, chronic indigestion, headaches, lack of energy and often depression.

When it reaches the stage of physical and mental imbalances, it has become a problem. Bodywork is one factor that may help us identify where stress is located. It will not only identify stress holding patterns, it will educate the body in returning to balance.

Research has shown that bodywork helps movement of fluids through the system including lymph, blood in the arteries and veins, and removal of toxic waste; increases muscle response, diminishes muscles’ fatigue and increases energy.

Bodywork restores our coping mechanisms and allows for physical and emotional balance to occur before it becomes a major problem. There are manual therapies, holistic bodywork and energy alternatives available to us. The 1995 Holistic Health Directory listed more than 135 healing practices. A few of these are:

Craniosacral therapy: A procedure balancing the structure and function of the craniosacral mechanism. Very non-invasive, cranial work, used to treat chronic pain, stress headaches and general well-being.

Massage therapy: A term for a range of therapeutic approaches. Involves full – body treatment which manipulates muscles and other tissue to restore health.

Polarity therapy: An energy-based system of restoring the body’s vital energy, creating balance and reducing stress. Through various bi-polar contact points, reflex points and rocking movements, an over-active system will calm and stress will be reduced.

A thought from Shakti Gawain: “In harmony with the whole, we find individual freedom.”

Disclaimer: The information in this newsletter is for educational purposes only. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat illness or prescribe any type of medication or treatment. For medical needs, consult your Medical Doctor, Dietitian, or Mental Health Practitioner.