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De-Stress the Workplace

Stress directly affects employees


Healthcare cost increases with stress related conditions, increased tardiness and absenteeism, low productivity and morale. Creating a low stress environment can increase corporations and employees way of life.

Healthy organizations create stress free and wellness cultures.

They recognize skilled employees for good work performance and offer opportunities for career development. Healthy organizations value the individual and their families, provide a healthy environment, offer wellness opportunities, therapies, and education.

Healthy corporations understand the importance of onsite training and the value of educating the employees on:

  • Nature of stress
  • Effects of stress on health
  • Personal skills to reduce stress
  • Time management
  • Relaxation exercises
  • Repetitive motion exercises

Recognizing how employees react to stress is valuable.

Angry, agitated or keyed up employee’s may respond best to relaxation techniques such as:

  • Meditation
  • Deep breathing
  • Guided imagery
  • Music therapies
  • Aromatherapy, lavender
  • Stress nutrients – B complex
  • Body therapies
  • Yoga

Working with a Corporate Wellness Coach will save healthcare dollars, and increase the productivity of skilled employees.



Poor Breathing Increases Susceptibility To Stress.

The American Medical Association report that 80% of diseases are stress-related.

Physiological response to stress increases the breath rate.

Shallow breathing with a faster breath rate leads to chronic tension

Long deep breathing is efficient.

How to Breathe to Relax!

Inhale slowly while relaxing the abdomen.

Downward movement of the diaphragm creates a vacuum in the lung cavity, so air automatically flows into the lungs.

The lowest portion of the lungs fills first.

On the exhale, the abdomen should contract in.


Reference: Survival kit, Meditations and Exercise for Stress and Pressure of the Time by Yogi Bhajan, compiled by S.S. Vekram Kaur Khalsa

Edited by: Mary Jo Ruggieri, PhD, Hari Kaur

Healthy Tidbits


A. Physical and Physiological Results of Stress


Debilitating effects on a person’s immune system

Stress is implicated in the pathogenesis of cancer and dysfunctions related to auto-immune diseases.

Stress reduces our bodies’ protective systems that usually will fight off invasion from abnormal cancer cells.


B. Specific Effects of Stress


Voluntary nervous system creates muscles tension. (flight or flight)

Autonomic nervous system prepares you for this fight by sending extra blood to your muscles. Digestion and organ functions will immediately slow down

Hormonal changes occur and will produce hypersensitive effects on the body

Your body becomes a walking war machine preparing for attack while shutting down many other vital organ functions


C. Holistic Practices Reduce Stress


Mind-Body therapies are effective methods for stress reduction.

Effective Therapies include: Polarity, Reiki, Relaxation Massage, Reflexology, Acupressure

“One hour bodywork session equals 7 miles of brisk walking” (Tiffany Fields, PhD, Univ. of Miami, Fla)


De-Stress the Workplace Research


Research indicates: stress related diseases are in epidemic proportions.

1. The American Psychological Association: “Stress alone causes each American worker to miss an average of 16-20 days on the job every year.”

2. Dr. K.R. Pelletier states that the leading cause of mortality has shifted from the infectious illnessess, prevalent in the beginning of the 20th century, to “stress induced” illnesses of the 21st century.

3. Pelletier continues that chronic stress and lifestyle related illnesses now account of the ” majority” of recorded deaths.

4. Employers spent more than $8,500 per active employee on health care coverage in 2011 (Towers Watson; National Business Group on Health.

5.It is estimated that as much as 75 percent of total U.S. health care spending is for people with chronic conditions. (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention).

Wellness in Corporations Booming


Corporate Wellness: The Future of Healthcare!


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