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Bodywork for Mental Stress 

In Holistic Healthcare the body is seen as a whole unit. Body, mind, emotion and spirit are totally integrated. Stress or injury to one part weakens the entire body.

Center for Disease Control  June 2012 came out with a statement that 85% of most diseases have a emotional relationship!

How we recognize and handle stress in our lives is the key to unlocking the door to quality health and vitality.

Making ourselves aware of the symptoms of stress is a must. Often we run the red lights of life, discarding signals from our body and mind that we are approaching danger.

Do you experience lack of concentration, jaw aches, persistent irritability, inability to catch your breath, difficulty in sitting still and digestive problems?

When you are experiencing stress, your breath rate may double, you may get flushed and feel gas pains. How often we complain that we have no energy is a main clue to the state of your health.

Being aware of our own “self-talk” is another barometer of stress.

Make a check list to see if the following apply:

  • being critical of yourself
  • feeling powerless
  • not having choices
  • nothing feels right
  • expecting the worst from people

Identifying stress patterns is also useful.   


Do you recognize any of the following patterns:  

  • rushing in the mornings to get where you need to go
  • being late for everything
  • drinking or eating in the car
  • no quiet alone time
  • addicted to the telephone or carrying your cellular telephone in your pocket
  • working on vacation
  • not taking time to exercise
  • being preoccupied with over-exercising
  • feeling you never have time for family and friends

Environmental stress also plays a critical role in our healthcare. Research is now linking many illnesses to environmental toxins and pollution.  


The National Institute for Health reports that there is a strong link between environmental pollutants and cancer. There is evidence to link pesticides in our foods, excessive hormones in our dairy products, high quantities of chemicals in our drinking water and unclean air to cancer.

When we add up the stresses in our lives and couple it with environmental conditions, we have a serious health threat.

Bodywork is a factor in helping us identify where stress is located. It will not only identify stress holding patterns, it will educate the body in returning to balance.

Research has shown that bodywork helps the following.

  • movement of fluids through the system including lymph, blood in the arteries and veins
  • removal of toxic waste
  • increases muscle response
  • diminishes muscles fatigue and increases muscle energy
  • restores vital organ function including respiration and circulation
  • increases neural activity benefiting balance in reflex patterns
  • restores energy to balance stress.

 There are many forms of Bodywork that are effective:

Accupressure: An ancient Chinese technique using finger pressure on specific points along the body. Useful for body tension, muscular stress pain, or arthritis.

Craniosacral therapy: A procedure balancing the structure and function of the craniosacral mechanism. Very non-invasive, cranial work, used to treat chronic pain, stress headaches and general well being.

Massage therapy: A term for a range of therapeutic approaches. Involves full-body treatment which manipulates muscles and other tissue to restore health.

Polarity therapy: An energy-based system of restoring the body’s vital energy and reducing stress. Through various bi-polar contact points, reflex points and rocking movements, an over-active system will calm and stress will be reduced.

*See new section of newsletter Holistic Health Glossary

A thought from Shakti Gawain:  

“In harmony with the whole, we find individual freedom.”

 Mary Jo Ruggieri PhD, BCPP, HHP

Healthy Tidbits

 Lifestyle Diseases on the Rise


As society at large continues to become older, less active, more obese, and more exposed to pathogens, our incidence of “lifestyle diseases” has rapidly increased. Some lifestyle-related illnesses include cardiovascular disease, diabetes, allergies, and liver disease.
While the incidence of life-threatening contagious diseases has been greatly reduced by Western medicine’s advancements, there is a limit to what aggressive Western treatment can do for lifestyle diseases.




Act Now!!!

Cancer is the leading cause of death, killing more Americans under 85 years of age, then heart disease!!!
  • Research links cancer to environmental toxins
  • 40% of all cancers can be prevented by diet and lifestyle changes
  • Biologically active compounds in high fiber, plant foods, phytochemicals, antioxidants, are powerful for cancer lowering effects
  • Green drinks: Green Tea has high cancer prevention action it cleanses the body
  • Chlorophyll is a must, it reduces pollutants
  • Lycopene is as good as Chlorophyll
  • Red foods cooked are in the winning circle, cooked tomatoes inhibits cell growth in breast and prostrate cancer
Source: Taste for Life, March 2005

References: “Cancer Passes Heart Disease as Top Killer”, New York Times 1/20/05



Sleep Off Cancer


Getting a good night’s sleep may be an important cancer treatment. Recent evidence from the Stanford School of Medicine suggests that female cancer patients who maintain a normal sleep/wake cycle build better host defenses against the disease. (Brain, Behavior, and
Immunity, 2003, vol. 17, no. 5).
 Researchers believe that the body’s production of melatonin counteracts free radical compounds and limits the ovaries’ production of estrogen, which can cause cancerous cell division. Disrupted sleep patterns interfere with normal cortisol cycles – the hormone cortisol helps regulate immune system activity including cells that fight off cancer. – S. Toland

 Holistic Health Research I   


Exercise Doesn’t Cancel Out Sitting
Lots of attention has been given to the fact that a sedentary lifestyle isn’t healthy but until recently the cumulative effects of sitting haven’t been studied. Australian researchers followed 200,000 adults, 45 years of age and older for three years and determined that even among people who engage in similar levels of physical activity, those who sit less, still have a lower risk of dying.


So, even if an individual exercises after 9 hours of sitting, their risk level remains higher due to the prolonged sitting. The researchers recommend looking for opportunities throughout the day to engage in movement in addition to exercise.


Try setting a timer and getting up from your desk each hour, even if it’s just to walk down the hall. Mix things up by standing to do some tasks or play music while cleaning to pick up the pace.


Read more about the research findings in the Archives of Internal Medicine: Arch Intern Med. 2012;172(6):494-500. doi:10.1001/archinternmed.2011.2174


Heidi Beke-Harrigan MLS, RPP or
Essential Herbs

Need Better Digestion, Lower Cholesterol, Stronger Immunity…DRINK!!


Organic Fenugreek Aides digestion, assimilation, and elimination of carbohydrates; soothes stomach, lungs, intestines, ulcers, prevents fatty deposits, water retention, infection; rich in Vit. D, A


Organic Flax Seed Helpful for intestinal irritation, stomach ulcers, inflammations, coughs, asthma, and pleurisy; excellent stool softener and has a laxative and bulking property. 


Organic Fennel Earliest known herb used for digestion of oily foods, liver tonic, waste products removal, expels gas, relieves cramps, helps nerves, calms children, improves skin and eyes; high in calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, traces of sodium, iron, sulfur, and selenium.


Organic Licorice Root Excellent for stomach and intestinal ulcers because of it’s mucilaginous consistency; helps to neutralize uric acid; mild laxative and stool softener; food for the nerves and adrenals; helps in flu, cold and lung congestion; found in herbal combination syrups; improves spleen and liver function. 


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Recommended 1-2 cups per day, add a slice of lemon!



Learn About Every Holistic Health Modality A-Z

Holistic Health Glossary



Uses electronic devices to monitor and to assist learning to control involuntary body processes, including blood pressure and pulse rate, as a way of modifying emotional states such as anxiety or depression. Galvanic biofeedback measures the skin’s electrical conductivity while brainwave biofeedback monitors the different wavelengths of brain

The electro-magnetic field created by all living organisms. Referred to as “animal magnetism” by Franz von Mesmer, an Austrian physician who investigated and popularized energy healing in the late 18th century.
BIOFIELD THERAPEUTICS Healing science, healing touch, SHEN therapy, therapeutic touch, and “medical chi gong”.

Is a simple, hands-on healing technique in which practitioners use the first two fingers of both hands to lightly touch specific points on the body. The light touching of the correct points enhances the body’s natural healing ability. This simple, easily learned technique complements other health care programs, and is effective from the first time one uses it.


Is a gentle yet powerful form of bodywork that results in the proper alignment of the body’s sacrum. Since the sacrum is the center of gravity of the body, this can in turn result in total body alignment. Additionally, this can unblock base chakra energy and release stored traumas and toxins from the body.


A branch of energy medicine that uses music and sound modalities (tuning forks, toning, mantras, chanting, music and improvisation) to promote healing. It is the process of tuning into and aligning our natural rhythms with our “LifeSound”. The principles of BioSonics are used to interface with and enhance Cranial Balancing.


Encompasses many practices that utilize manual manipulation of the body. Techniques include massage, acupressure, energy work, movement, structural work, deep tissue massage and other therapeutics to induce relaxation, increase circulation, treat pain and stiffness, and to break up chronic patterns of muscular tension.


Bowen Therapy employs gentle manipulation of tendons, nerves and muscles, releasing a cascade of neuro-muscular responses, resulting in a re-balancing of the whole body.


Is a system of developmental movements that reduces stress and integrates the hemispheres of the brain to enhance and accelerate the learning process. When the mind body connections are integrated, academic performance improves, confidence and self esteem increase, and behavioral problems are reduced or eliminated. Brain Gym can help children learn to read, write, and otherwise function effectively in the classroom. The program is also used effectively in business, sports, and the arts.

*Compiled by the Art of Well Being. Institute of Holistic Health Careers


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