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“Sound Heals”

Sound is a basis for our lives and in utero our sense of hearing develops first. In essence, we can hear our mother’s heartbeat, the rhythm of her breath and music if placed close to the womb.
Vocal tones, Tuning forks, Tibetan Bowls or Crystal Singing bowls all bring comfort and stress reduction to the person listening.

Research in Sound Therapy shows:

  • Physical changes occur, muscles relax, heart rate slows down and pain is minimized
  • Breathing deepens
  • Mind “chatter” is reduced
  • Helps analytical mind relax
  • Mental stress reduced

An Oncologist in New York City, Mitchell Gaynor, M.D.
(in his singing bowlsbook The Healing Power of Sound) speaks of the use of crystal bowls to generate and maintain energy frequencies in the human body-mind system.

He says our healthy human tissues are crystalline in nature and the bowl sounds resonate with the human body in a unique harmony.

Dr. Gaynor uses Crystal Singing Bowls, vocal toning and meditation in conjunction with his prescriptions for conventional Chemotherapy and Radiation. He has seen wonderful results (as documented in his book) from this seemingly simple addition of sound to conventional cancer treatments.

Sound therapy sessions are relaxing and very effective for creative energy balance. Many of the tools used for sound therapy can be intergrated into many other types of Therapy like Polarity Therapy, Reiki, Massage, or Mental Health Therapies.

There is a subtle shift that happens when we reintroduce Sound into the healthcare process- one that only a sound can accurately convey.

Reference Source: Isa Dollyhigh, MM, RPP, CPE Former Director of Healing Arts


Healthy Tidbits


Apples Good For Lungs!

In a study by the American Thoracic Society showed that apples reduce the risk of lung cancer. Also apples contain fiber and pectin that help lower cholesterol. Don’t forget that apple a day.





Aloe Vera Can Protect Fruits and Veggies.

Coat your produce with aloe vera, it will preserve it’s quality and safety.

It is believed that aloe vera gel works as a natural barrier to moisture and oxygen–and it’s safe for consumption.





Delaying Vision Loss


Researchers discovered taking antioxidant supplements and the mineral Zinc may significantly delay vision loss- also helps aging eyes.

Source: Archives of Optomology Oct. 20




Holistic Health Research


Tune in to Sweet-Sounding Pain Relief

Listening to slow, mellow music 20 minutes per day can reduce pain symptoms. Adults with osteoarthritis found that listening to Mozart 20 minutes daily for 2 weeks resulted in less pain. The key is consistency.

For more about the study:

Effect of music on chronic osteoarthritis pain in older people McCaffrey, R., Freeman, E., Journal of Advanced Nursing 2003 Dec;44(5):517-524.

In addition to classical music you might try:

Related practices that may be helpful;

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