Hippocrates Health Series – 12 Lecture Series in Video

Welcome to the Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach, Florida

Each week we host about 60 guests in our unique, lush, healthful environment.

We teach the living foods lifestyle which focuses on the diet of organic living, raw foods such as sprouts, green juices, vegetables, sea vegetables, and soaked and sprouted grains, nuts, and seeds.

We employ wheat grass juice, a powerful cleansing and healing agent that expedites the healing process remarkably well.

Hippocretes is not only a Health Center, it is also a Health School showing how live foods and increased oxygen improve on the state of your health.

Test have proven that enzymes and oxygen nourishment help the body to correct any imbalances or weaknesses that encourage or allow illness by supplying your system with oxygen and enzymes, we help you rebuild your health.

The institute was started in 1955 by Dr. Ann Wigmore who healed herself of cancer and shared her wisdom with people who wished to heal naturally.  In addition to the Living Foods Diet, we focus on all the aspects of a healthy lifestyle.  We analyze your blood and a personalized program will be developed for you.

Many problems can be seen through the blood screening process and specially trained personnel are here at all times to make sure that proper procedures for your health are followed.

We also teach you the importance of exercise and rest, the need to heal emotional wounds. 

Thousands of people have healed themselves by giving their bodies the nutrition needed by every cell and eliminating the toxins that create disease.

We know that our immune systems have been designed impeccably.  It’s just that nobody gave us an owners manual  for the proper care and feeding of our amazing human bodies.

In this series of programs, you will learn about the inner workings of the body, the importance of detoxing and eliminating, how to best use supplements, how to live practically and healthfully with the combination of the foods we eat. 

We will answer scores of questions our guests ask about the Living Foods Lifestyle.

We invite you to join us in person for the free week life-change program w we offer at Hippocrates Health Institute.