Here Comes the Sun…Flower by Sean Herbert

Organic Sunflower Sprouts are quickly becoming popular among the gourmet artesian greens and offer a lite, peppery-nutty flavor. Sunflower Sprouts can be grown indoors in small growing trays all year round in your kitchen. They make for an interesting conversation center piece on your dinner table and can be harvested as needed. To sprout Sunflower seeds I recommend using organic black-oil sunflower seeds. Soak the desired amount of seed overnight, rinse in the morning, and plant on top of 3-4 inches of organic soil in your sprouting tray. Water the tray until the soil is moist, fill a separate tray with dirt, and place directly on top of the sprouted seeds. This creates pressure allowing the seeds to sprout uniformly. Once the seeds begin to sprout they will lift the top tray 2-3 inches. Remove the top tray and allow them to green up near a window. Sunflower sprouts require morning watering and indirect light, and can be harvested in 5-10 days.

Organic Sunflower Sprouts are also known for their amazing health benefits. Sprouts are the most nutritious food per calorie on the planet. A Sprout is simply the young plant bursting with the energy for growth. Sprouts contain anywhere from 10 to more than 50 times the nutritional value of their adult plants. Sunflower Sprouts in particular are noted to contain the complete amino acid profile of bio-available protein to build muscle, bone, and phytonutrients that are easily absorbed by the human body. Sunflower Sprouts are an excellent substitute for lettuce in sandwiches and salads, add a kick to green juices, and are a tasty complement to any of your favorite culinary endeavors…not to mention they are harvested from your kitchen garden directly to your table for unmatched freshness and Flavor