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A Randomized Trial of a CAM Therapy for Stress Reduction in American Indian and Alaskan Native Family Caregivers by Dr. Leslie Korn

Purpose: Although it is widely recognized that caregivers of individuals with dementia experience elevated stress that places them at increased risk for health problems, little is known about how caregiv-ing stress may be alleviated among underserved eth-nic minority populations. The purpose of this study was to compare a complementary and ...
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A Salish Feast from Cultural Survival Quarterly – Dr. Leslie Korn

A Salish Feast from Cultural Survival Quarterly - Dr. Leslie Korn Click to View PDF ...
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Bodywork and Movement Therapies by Dr. Leslie Korn

Summary In part 1 of this 2 part series the paper entitled: Designing a polarity therapy protocol: Bridging holistic, cultural, and biomedical models of research, presented rationale for the design and development of a standardized Polarity therapy protocol for the treatment of dementia caregivers. In this second part, the bodywork ...
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Cancer Detox with Coffee Enemas by Dr. Leslie Korn

Detoxification is essential for the prevention and treatment of cancer and should be part of everyone’s daily self-care protocols. Among the most important detoxification method is the coffee enema. There is significant empirical research to support the use of coffee enemas for physical and emotional well-being. As in all therapies ...
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Harvard Public Health Review Returning Medicine to Its Roots with Dr. Leslie Korn

Leslie Korn, M.P.H.'85, believes that healing is achieved from within, through the language of the body. In a traditional, open-air, thatched palm palapa house, she treats her patients--mostly indigenous residents of the coastal village Yelapa in the Comunidad Indigena de Chacala, Mexico--using acupuncture, polarity therapy, psychotherapy, traditional foods, and local ...
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Indigenous People and Diabetes – Community Empowerment and Wellness by Dr. Leslie Korn

CHAPTER 10 BURYING THE UMBILICUS: NUTRITION TRAUMA, DIABETES AND TRADITIONAL MEDICINE IN RURAL WEST MEXICO Burying the Umbilicus: Leslie E. Korn and Rudolph C. Ryser If you do not care where your umbilical cord is buried, it is as if you had no mother. Luisa Lorenzo, Community leader Summary of ...
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Nutritional and Complementary Treatments for Mental Health with Dr. Leslie Korn

Rich Simon: Hello again. My name is Rich Simon. I’m editor of Psychotherapy Networker and your host for this series about mind-body approaches in mental health. Today, we’re moving into territory that I would imagine most of us have not received a lot of training in, at least officially, but ...
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Returning to Native Tradition An Integrative Approach to Diabetes with Dr. Leslie Korn

Returning to Native Tradition An Integrative Approach to Diabetes By Shirley Vanderbilt “We place women and children front and center in our work and use a feminist analysis of health in the context of cultures and societies.” — Leslie Korn, Ph.D., director, Center for Traditional Medicine Prior to European colonization ...
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The Body Remembers: Address and Relieve Traumatic Stress Through Massage by Dr. Leslie Korn

We benefit from massage and bodywork in so many ways. We may seek the help of massage to address pain and discomfort, or to relax from the stress of daily life. But bodywork can be just as effective in addressing traumatic stress, whether recent or long past. Sometimes during a ...
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The Hidden Patient Polarity Therapy for Dementia Caregivers with Dr. Leslie Korn

Porter Shimer, in his book New Hope for People with Alzheimer’s and Their Caregivers, gives a tongue-in-cheek view of the dementia caregiver’s role with this proposed ad — “Wanted: Someone to spend an average of 100 hours a week to oversee the physical and emotional well-being of another human being ...
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The Most Important Missing Link for Mental Health Today – Creating the “good mood” kitchen

Nutrition and Mental Health There is no doubt that nutrition affects mental health. Poor nutrition leads to and exacerbates mental illness. Optimal nutrition prevents and treats mental illness. Note the word “optimal” to describe nutrition that prevents and treats illness. One’s diet cannot be just “good,” or providing the basics ...
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