The third and very important herb in the trilogy of Memory Herbs is Gotu Kola, another traditional medicine that comes to us from India, where it has been venerated for thousands of years by Yogis, and passed down the generations to modern times as not only a great memory herb but also a longevity herb. Increased memory and even longer life spans  have been attributed to the use of Gota Kola.

Gotu Kola shares a lot of the same memory enhancing qualities as Bacopa. The two herbs in fact have often been used interchangeably, and even shared names.  Also, when used together they enhance not only memory, but more general cognitive properties.

Gotu Kola also appears to help cardiovascular function—and that makes a lot of sense when we realize that reduced memory often is a result of poor blood circulation. Gotu Kola also seems to help with anxiety and rheumatic pains, and, again, reduced anxiety will often lead to better memory, and reduced pain will allow for better brain function.

Gotu Kola requires a few weeks to work and seems to cause an increase in neuronal (i.e. nerves, especially those of the brain) growth. In this it works in a similar way with Bacopa, but we do not yet know for sure if the two herbs taken together would benefit us in additional ways and potency.

I do, however, use Gotu Kola, Bacopa, and Gingko, along with some other herbs like Rosemary (folklorically famous for its memory benefits!) in a tincture I make—which at least has restored some of my aging memory! I love that tincture, called, simply,


And at this point – having assured myself it is a very safe tincture to take daily—I also share it with friends, my partner, and some clients!

Gotu Kola, besides its cognitive/memory benefits, also seems to have:

  • Anti-inflammatory properties, and
  • Increases the production of collagen — which helps in:
  • Wound healing

All in all, I find Gotu Kola to be a very beneficial herb, provided, always, one has studied the herb or has consulted an herbalist, as each one of us have different constitutions and may have different reactions to the same herb!


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