The actual identification (let alone measurement) of “healing energy” has been elusive and controversial. Although healing energy has been defined as “subtle” and “undetectable,” preliminary research indicates that these descriptions may be inaccurate.
To assess the fluctuation of extremely high-frequency electromagnetic fields, or gamma rays, during Polarity therapy treatment.
A series of gamma detection rate experiments were performed to establish a background and baseline count rate among 10 treatment and 20 control (10 sham and 10 standing-observer) subjects.
The Columbus Polarity Therapy Institute in Columbus, Ohio, and Public Health Information Services, Inc, in Dublin, Ohio.
30 volunteers recruited from Polarity and nonparticipant groups.
Polarity therapy, a holistic bioenergy modality.
The detection rate at 4 anatomical locations in space relative to each subject’s body was measured using an Nal(Tl) gamma radiation detector operated in integral count mode.
Marked decreases in gamma counts were found at every anatomical site location for all subjects during Polarity therapy, with less change noted during the standing-observer and sham sessions. Gamma radiation decreased in 100% of subjects during therapy sessions at every body site tested, regardless of which therapist performed the treatment.
This preliminary study suggests a consistent and dramatic decrease in the number of gamma rays measured in a subject’s electromagnetic field during one type of alternative healing energy treatment (Polarity therapy). The authors strongly recommend the collection of additional data, especially on subjects with cancer, whose long-term survival might be enhanced as a result of the radiation hormesis effects of alternative energy therapies.