Flower Power
Don’t leave home without the natural essence for stress relief

Working a busy schedule without much time for rest, barely sleeping five to six hours per night when you actually need eight to 10, and talking on a cell phone as you wait in a grocery line can all add up to fatigue, burnout and, of course, stress.
Besides changing your habits, which is difficult to accomplish, one solution would be to monitor your stress levels by adding several daily doses of Rescue Remedy.
Rescue Remedy has been named the number-one natural stress reliever in the United States. The beauty of it is that Rescue Remedy is a flower in bloom and the most
well-known of the Bach flower essences.

Let’s join Carol Bennington, a Polarity practitioner and a certified Bach flower essence practitioner as she explores the wonderful world of flower essences with us.
Bach flower essences, as Bennington explains, is a safe system of natural stress relief developed in England 70 years ago by the Dr. Edward Bach. These essences are prepared from non-toxic wildflowers and plants that were found to have a positive calming affect on emotional imbalances.
Flower essences and specifically the combination called Rescue Remedy can be useful in virtually any situation that creates anxiety or stress. Many find Rescue Remedy effective in being able to deal with intense situations like traffic jams, intensity around conflicts and income-tax time. Bennington suggests having a bottle of Rescue Remedy in your car at all times and virtually never leaving home without it.
With Bennington’s help, we’ll now examine the make-up of Rescue Remedy to help us to understand its effectiveness:
The five single flower essences that create Rescue Remedy are cherry plum, clematis,

rock rose, impatiens and Star of Bethlehem. Cherry plum helps restore balance when one feels like one is losing control. Clematis helps keep one focused when having difficulty concentrating. Rock rose helps restore courage and peace of mind when one is feeling terrified or panicking (this is helpful for nightmares and stage fright as well.) Impatiens helps keep one calm when feeling tense, frustrated or irritable. Star of Bethlehem helps neutralize trauma. The combination of these flowers aids in coping with any emergency or stressful situation.
Rescue Remedy Cream is also available. It’s good for stresses to the skin and parents report great success in using the cream for diaper rash. The flower essence of crabapple is also included in this cream for its cleansing qualities.
Rescue Remedy and Rescue Remedy Cream are favorite choices for animals. Use the cream topically—it’s safe if ingested by pets. “I’ve saved many a sickly plant by adding Rescue Remedy to the water,” Bennington said, and a secret for transplanting is adding walnut flower essence along with Rescue Remedy.
Only four drops of Rescue Remedy are needed at a time. This recommended amount is the same for all ages of people as well as for animals and plants. Simply add four drops to your beverage, or place four drops directly under your tongue. It can also be used topically, especially at pulse points. Try some in your bath water or in a spray mister.
Plants and some animals prefer the mist.

Rescue Remedy is the only combination remedy Bach made. He was intentional about not making other combination formulas. Bach believed every person should be treated individually. Even though people may share an experience, their reactions will vary greatly. Rather than making a generic formula, Bach identified the specific feelings and emotions of the individual before assigning an essence.
For instance:

  • Pine addresses feelings of guilt
  • Sweet Chestnut relieves deep despair and anguish
  • Gorse helps with depression after a setback
  • Honeysuckle is for thoughts that are focused in the past
  • Star of Bethlehem assists with grief and trauma

All these flowers are also helpful when persons experience loss.

The gift of the Bach flower essences system is that one can personalize formulas. Given that flower essences are easy and safe to use, you can determine which essences will match your needs. You may find it is useful to consult with a trained flower essences practitioner, who is available to assist you through educational classes and individual consultations. For those who prefer to self-administer, Rescue Remedy is available in most health food stores. Bach’s goal was that flower essences would be a self-help form of healthcare.

Stay tuned next week for an array of flower choices that will fit your every mood—being overwhelmed, exhausted or going through transition, Carol Bennington will again give us the scoop.

May the long-time sun shine upon you.