The Heart of It All

Your best defense is a progressive offense: the lymphatic system

The foundation of all good health lies within the function and operation of an individual’s lymphatic system. The nodes, when stressed out, will swell in your neck, especially behind the ear, and can make it impossible to swallow.

These nodes also provide a filtration system for the body. They contain the all-important T-cells that eventually will fight for your life. It’s a well-known fact that a
highly functioning lymphatic system can handle even the toughest invaders in your body – cancer!

It is important to remember that the immune system is your main defense for healing and long-term immunity to diseases.

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Staying Well with Dr. Mary Jo

Got the winter blues?

Just when you conquer one cold and a bout of flu another one is lurking around the corner.

Decongestants work temporarily but seem to increase the symptoms once they wear off. And, we’ve built up such a resistance to antibiotics that even the strongest do little for your perpetual sinus infection.

There is a different way to get through the winter blues.

Grab a cup of hot echinacea tea and read on:

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Healthy Tidbits

Good News! Dark Chocolate is good for you… rich in Polyphenals found in plants.

Chocolate could be as beneficial as a powerful drug in reducing risk of heart disease… dark chocolate that is.

Research shows it reduces risks by 40%..if you eat enough!

Try this recipe for Dark Chocolate Avocado Mousse as a special treat!
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