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“It’s not the food in your life, It’s the life in your food” Hippocrates

Every year I journey to Hippocrates Institute to spend three weeks of “Taking Care, Taking Charge.”


The basic concept I work with is detoxing, cleansing, and preventive healthcare. I follow a live and raw foods program along with specific green juices for cleansing and bodywork daily to help restore balance and daily exercise.


What is not to like about that?? Oh yes the Hippocrates Institute is in sunny Florida and I always schedule my retreat in February!

Founded by Dr. Ann Wigmore, who I had the pleasure of studying with 30 years ago, Hippocrates has had clear goals since 1957.

Goals and Focus

1. Research and implement research data for optimum health

    through the use of live, enzyme- rich foods.

2. Implement the healing effects of wheatgrass and leafy green


3. Drink (3x daily) alkalinizing juice to detoxify the body and

    quicken waste elimination.

4. Daily exercises which include swimming, yoga, Tai Chi, and


5. Detox systems such as Infra-red saunas, Colon

    Hydrotherapy, steam, and hot tubs.

6. Specific bodywork recommend for different goals and conditions

    needed–Reiki, Polarity Therapy, Acupuncture, H-Wave therapy,

    Lymphatic Drainage with oxygen, and all types of massage.

7. Personal Health Evaluations, Naturopathic testing, and medical


8. Complete raw and live meals (besides all your green juice)

9. Focus on a Positive outlook on life and use mental health

    training and working with mental health counselors.

10. Last but not least is a focus on the belief and having faith that

      good will prevail.

Why Living and Raw Foods?

Live foods are composed of:

  • Raw, uncooked vegetables and fruits
  • Germinated, sprouted grains
  • Nuts and Seeds
  • Sprouted Legumes
  • Green sprouts grown on trays
  • Alkalizing juices
  • Dehydrated, fermented foods.


Reasons are many for a living food diet

*  First and foremost Raw and live foods are “Jam packed” with
active enzymes.

* Also abundant with active/plant based vitamins and minerals-
filled with oxygen and natural fiber.

* Raw/live foods produce alkalinity which reduces inflammation and
conditions created by acid based diets (heavy meat, dairy, fast
and processed foods)

* Live foods such as sprouts, are as live as you can get, still growing
until you eat them.

* Contrary to popular belief, fresh, raw and living foods have tons
of protein. ie, sunflower sprouts represent a complete protein.
They contain every amino acid your body needs.

Ref: B.R. Clement, Hippocrates Health Program


No One Diet Can Claim To Be Perfect For Everyone But…..

I personally advocate trying to do as much of a plant based diet as possible along with it being at least 50% raw. This is a challenge to many but the benefits outweigh the struggle.

Step by step, inch by inch and doing what you can to add more live and raw foods is best.

You will have more success if you add these foods slowly and add what you like first. By the way…a plantbased live foods diet does not mean having a bowl of salad greens every day. Variety is the spice of life.


Live Food Suggestion

  • Raw Hummus (sprout the chick peas)
  • Marinated Veggie Kabobs
  • Nut cheese blend nuts and seasoning
  • Nut meatloaf

Helpful References

1. Clement, Brian R., Hippocrates Health Program,

2. Campbell, Colin,  China Study, (I highly recommend you read this)

3. Robbins, John, Diet for a New America,

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4. Wigmore, Ann. Hippocrates Live Food program, Boston, MA,

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5. Recipe Book for Raw Foods Healthful Cuisine by Dr. Anna Marie

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Healthy Tidbits


Childhood Obesity

New research is showing that childhood obesity is linked to formula fed babies who also start solid foods before they are 4 months old

American Academy of Pediatrics suggested introducing solid food at 4-6 Months.

In the study breast-fed babies face no additional risks of obesity regardless of when they start solid foods.

Ref. Journal of American Medical Association, 2005.





Some Rules for a Great Sleep

  • Open window at night
  • Keep room as dark as possible
  • Avoid plastic materials
  • Avoid metal and water beds
  • If possible avoid all electrical devices in bedroom, including cell phones, t.v., charging device, night lights, electric blankets.


A good night’s sleep is the best thing you can do for your health.





Best Fruits To Eat

These fruits are best to eat first:


Apples                                 Lemons

Bananas                              Papaya (yellow best) 

Cherries (deep red only)    Pears

Coconut (green)                 Watermelon (but eat alone)


Eat organic, unsprayed fruit that is tree ripened, also choose fruits in their season.


High Carbs Increase Women’s Chance of Heart Disease.


Study “Women who eat diets heavy in certain carbohydrates may be at a greater risk of Coronary Heart Disease.”

news, April 2010


The carbs have a high glycemic index such as bread, pizza, and rice. These foods raise blood sugar quickly.


Women whose diets had the lowest glycemic index have half the heart disease.


Bread is the key villain –  no more french hot bread dripping in butter or olive oil! So Sorry!


Holistic Health Research


Since we are discussing the importance of enzymes and rich, live foods, there’s nothing easier and tastier than nutritious microgreens – truly a superfood! At a glance these might seem like sprouts but they are actually little seedlings.

Find out more about how easy it is to grow microgreens from Fiona Hill in her new book
Microgreens: How to Grow Nature’s Own Superfood.

Follow this link to find it at your local library Enter your zip code for local availability.

Or take a look at the website: Growing Your Own Microgreens

Heidi-Beke Harrigan