Boomers in 2009


Baby-boomers Trying to Stay Young are Looking Beyond Mainstream Healthcare

Not willing to give up their late-night Peter, Paul and Mary sing-alongs, baby boomers continue to jet from Europe to Asia and back again while popping their B vitamins and sipping their Breathe Easy herbal tea.  Still climbing corporate ladders while taking care of their new grandchildren, boomers are as busy as ever struggling for balance in their lives.

Baby boomers (born between 1946 and 1964) are also becoming actively involved in lengthening and promoting their own quality of life.

Boomers refuse to accept physical limitations, low energy and lapses in memory as the norm for growing older.

Boomers are the driving force behind breakthrough research that dramatically slows aging, improves memory loss, restores vital energy and possibly could turn back the hands of time.

The latest hot topics in anti-aging research include:

  • Controlling free radicals via antioxidants before they destroy brain cells.
  • Taking magnesium for tired brains.
  • Glucosamine for joint pain.
  • Ginko biloba for improved short-term memory.
  • Greet tea for cancer prevention.


Boomers are spending billions of dollars trying to stay young. But it may be that boomers, who have seen enough of our current healthcare system, are wise in looking for a better way as they approach their senior years.

The onslaught of invasive therapies such as surgery, along with the overuse and abuse of prescription drugs that produce life-threatening illnesses, may be part of the motivation for boomers to seek alternatives.

What boomers want is demonstrated by where their dollars are going!  They seem to want a safer, gentler approach to achieving better health and more effective wellness programs with an emphasis on preventive, complementary and holistic healthcare.

The surge in use of vitamins, homeopathics, herbs, and non-invasive therapies is not by chance:  Boomers want to take control of their own lives and not be stuck in overcrowded nursing homes.

By searching for the secrets for a longer, healthier life or by looking for the fountain of youth, boomers are creating the next generation of healthcare options.

The good news is the boomers are discovering hundreds of ways to avoid diseases, reverse illnesses and enhance the quality of their health.

  1. They are doing research in controlling blood pressure, lowering cholesterol, unclogging arteries, reversing arthritis and diabetes-all without drugs.
  2. They have also rediscovered the lost art of organic farming, herbal tinctures and energy medicine.

Getting a second opinion has a different meaning to boomers:  how about third opinions and a “team” of healthcare providers, that may include a Doctor, Psychologist, Polarity Practitioner and maybe even a Psychic?

Boomers have certainly become the epitome of the smart consumer by accessing incredible and accurate health care information via the Internet.

The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine recently held an anti-aging conference that included topics such as:

  • The success of alternative treatment therapies for cancer.
  • Detoxification of environmental poisons and heavy metals
  • Stress, fatigue and premature aging.
  • Hyper-baric oxygen therapy and its role in anti-aging medicine.
  • The immune system and its effect on anti-aging.

So it seems that the new medicine is meeting the boomers’ needs by looking at the causes of aging, discovering anti-aging factors and accepting that non-invasive therapies should be the favored first choice of treatment whenever possible.  It is a NEW DAY!!

Julian Whitaker, editor of Health and Healing, defines future health as, “Not the mere absence of disease, but a vitality, zest and energy coursing through your veins that makes you thrilled to be alive.”

Mary Jo Ruggieri PhD. RPP
Holistic Health Consultant

Healthy Tidbits


More Vitamin C, Less Chance of Stroke! 


High Blood levels of vitamin C may reduce the risk of a stroke by 42%! Another side benefit is that vitamin C may also cut your chances of developin

The researchers concluded that the high levels of antioxidants could be the reason for vitamin C’s protective effects.

*Now is a good time to add more vitamin C to your diet.  A good supplement to use when you are busy and on the run is Emergen-C.  Steaming broccoli, spinach, and eating fresh grapefruit will also help.
Reference: American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 2008 Jan; 87(1): 64-69


What Does “Holistic” in Holistic Health really mean?

I want to introduce you to the American Holistic Health Association.  Susan Walter the co-founder of AHHA has a great brief overview of what Holistic really means.

Holistic as a whole made up of interdependent parts.  You are most likely to hear these parts referred to as:  1. the mind/body connection,  2. mind/body/spirit,  or  3. physical/ mental/ emotional/ spiritual aspects.
When this meaning is applied to illness, it is called holistic medicine and includes a number of factors such as:  1. dealing with the root cause of an illness,  2. increasing patient involvement,  and  3. considering both conventional (allopathic) and complementary (alternative) therapies. Suzan Walter, M.B.A.  co-founder and current president of the American Holistic Health Association.

In essence, Holistic Health means that there is a partnership between Healthcare Practitioners and the person.  It is individualized medicine.  This means that you actively participate in your health decision and healing process.  You would look at your lifestyle  (diet, exercise, personal relationships, work life, etc.)  and make the necessary adjustments to begin to restore balance and health in you life.
You are the Healer Within.


Did you know?

  • Niacin (Vitamin B3) is known to reduce cholesterol – this was discovered as early as the mid 1960’s.
    Reference:  N. Sheely M.D.
  • Incredible health benefits can be gained by standing on your own two feet and bouncing.  Yes, just bounce your body up and down.  You need no equipment, or special cloths, just stand and bounce!
    Reference:  (watch the video)
  • Think twice about those energy bars.  They can pack on the calories!
    Reference:  American Council on Exercise, 2008
  • Chewing an apple a day not only keeps the doctor away, but it cleans the surface of your teeth!
    Reference: University of Michigan health system, 2005


Need a job?


Careers in holistic healthcare are booming.


Become a Reflexologist,  Reiki Master,  Massage Therapist,  Holistic Nurse or a Holistic Health Educator.

65% of all Americans are now using holistic healthcare.

The healthcare industry according to the department of labor is the fastest growing industry in this country.  There will be a need for 12 million new healthcare jobs in the next ten years and we will continue to need 12 million new jobs every 10 years for the next 50 years.
Of this growth in healthcare, it is expected that 40% will be in complementary medicine, complementary healthcare and complementary therapies such as Polarity Therapy,  Elemental Reflexology,  Reiki,  Herbal Education,  Aromatherapy and  Stress Management.


Remedies from Anna Marie Clement PhD., N.M.D.

Sore Throat:  Eucalyptus;  Lemon;  Agrimony;  Chamomile;  Echinacea;  Myrrh;  Pau d’arco;  Sage;  Thyme;  Tea Tree oil;  Vitamins A& C.
Sunburn:  Vitamin E;  Aloe Vera,  Flax/Hemp/Olive-oil.
Sinusitis:  Catmint;  Elderflower salt-flushes;  Rose Water
Influenza:  Boneset;  Echinacea;  Garlic;  Melatonin;  Lapacho;  Slippery Elm;  Flaxseed;  Vitamins A & C;  Water
Inflammation:  Nettle-leaf;  Echinacea;  Clover;  Goldenseal;  Pau d’arco;  Vitamins C, E, K
References:    phone:561-471-8876


Holistic Health Research

Making Sense of Supplement News


Study results published this fall made headlines when they reported that neither vitamin E nor C supplements protect against cardiovascular disease in older men.  Seems like a cut and dried conclusion, but it might not be.

The American Association for Health Freedom (AAHF) and its international affiliate, the Alliance for Natural Health (ANH), have pointed out flaws in the study design and the involvement of three of the world’s largest drug companies,  BASF,  Wyeth and  DSM.

It’s important to read from a variety of sources for balanced information.

·         American Association of Health Freedom

·         Ask Dr. Weil

·         Natural Standard (subscribe to free newsletter-database costs $)


Heidi Beke-Harrigan MLS, APP  is a polarity practitioner and an academic librarian.  She specializes in holistic health education and medical research. Contact her at  or

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