Sean and Jody Herbert

Got Sprouts?
Sean and Jody Herbert

Sean and Jody Herbert

Founders, "Got Sprouts?"

Sean and his wife Jody experienced severe health challenges in the past and over the years acquired the knowledge and experience to regain their health by using living foods and Sprouts. They opened “Got Sprouts?” in 2006 to provide a trusted source for high quality certified organic Wheatgrass, Sprouts, Seeds and all the supplies to get you growing toward a healthy plant based lifestyle. Sean continues to be a sought after speaker/author at local schools, churches, garden clubs, and Health and wellness venues. Sean and Jody were honored to provide their services to the Tony Robbins Health and Wealth program and have taught Sprout classes to wellness seekers, health educators and Doctors at the Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach Florida.

Our Story

Did you ever have a time in your life where you thought it could not get any worse and then time passes and you realize that God put you exactly where you needed to be to help people? Well here’s my story…In 2004 I was diagnosed with severe Crohn’s disease. Crohn’s disease is basically described as your immune system attacking your digestive system. Unfortunately for me I was misdiagnosed for 2 years prior with flu like symptoms so when I was properly diagnosed I was so far gone they had to do resection surgery where they take out the infected part of the colon and attach the two healthy ends of the colon and send you home and tell you to eat baby food and pray!

Well after returning home I just wasn’t bouncing back. I had no energy and was not digesting anything. This is when my Angel stepped in…My wife Jody is now a 20 year cancer survivor who learned about the healing benefits of live food and Sprouts. She basically began juicing for me Sunflower and Pea sprouts with celery, cucumber and Ginger and within a few days I felt a spark of life come back to my body. This juice really gave me hope. Within a few weeks I started having more energy and when I felt well enough I went and took a Sprouting class and began sprouting in my kitchen.

Then a funny thing started happening, my friends and neighbors started telling people about my recovery, and of course I was happy to share my bounty of fresh harvested sprouts with them. Then I started to get calls from fellow Crohn’s patients, cancer patients and really sick people asking me how I was recovering so well. All I could tell them was “You got any Sprouts?” That is where the name of my future company came from (Got Sprouts?).

So I began growing and delivering fresh sprouts, and started shipping them to people, and before long I outgrew my house and in 2006 we opened “Got Sprouts?” to provide happy and healthy Sprouts for people who want to be healthy and happy!

We are now celebrating our 12th year in business and have moved to a much larger facility with our mission to provide the highest quality certified organic Wheatgrass, Sunflower Sprouts, Pea Greens, Buckwheat Lettuce, Sprouted Bean Mix, Broccoli and Radish Sprouts, 22 varieties of organic Seeds and all the supplies to get you growing toward a healthy plant based lifestyle!

Jody and I like to say, “We grow the highest quality…because our lives depend on them!”

Articles by Got Sprouts?


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Sprouts…The Secret to Youthful Living by Sean Herbert

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Wheatgrass: Nature’s Medicine by Sean Herbert

Have you ever seen a dog or cat when they are not feeling well…What do they look for? GRASS. Instinctual animals will act instinctively because they know what is good for them.  There are 9000 different varieties of grass on the planet and most if not all animals on...

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What is a Sprout? by Sean Herbert

Sprouts are simply the baby plants bursting with the energy for growth. My favorite analogy is to fill a room of adults with a bunch of 2 year old children…Within a few short minutes all the adults would be saying "Wow I wish I...

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