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Mary Duafala

MS, BCPP, Certified NES Practitioner

Mary Duafala, MS, BCPP, Certified NES Practitioner 

Mary Duafala, an integrative and holistic healthcare advocate, is executive director of the Abbeyrose Foundation and owner of AlphaMED Bioenergetics, LLC. She has published and conducted research on a variety of topics, including oncology and pain management. 

Mary has pharmacy and business degrees, is a medical writer, board-certified polarity practitioner, a bioenergetic health practitioner, certified NES Practitioner, and holds certificates of certification in a variety of holistic modalities. As founder and executive director of the non-profit Abbeyrose Foundation, she guides the foundation in providing educational activities and in supporting and conducting research on holistic and integrative wellness practices as they relate to people and their pets. As a bioenergetic health practitioner, Mary works with people and animals to help them achieve their highest potential. Mary provides the following bioenergetic services for people and their pets: NES Health Body Scans; miHealth Sessions; NES Health infoceuticals; Polarity Therapy; Reiki Sessions. 

For more information on strategies for keeping you and your pets healthy and happy, visit the Abbeyrose Foundation at 

Mary Duafala – 614-940-4848

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