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Charoula Dontopoulos

Charoula Dontopoulos

Certified Herbalist, BCCP, BCHHP & HHA

Charoula studied Polarity Therapy and related Energetic Practices such as Elemental Reflexology, at the Columbus Polarity Institute.  She is a Board Certified Polarity Practitioner, through the American Polarity Therapy Association.  

She also has Diplomas in Elemental Reflexology, as a Holistic Health Practitioner, and as a Holistic Health Advisor, and Corporate Wellness Coach through the State of Ohio Board of Career Colleges and Schools.            

Charoula has been practicing Polarity Therapy and Elemental Reflexology since 1995 at Columbus Polarity.  Chakra Balancing – a passion of hers – combines Meditation and Botanicals. 

As an Herbalist, Charoula has been using Herbs & Botanical healing for at least 25 years.  She is a member of the American Botanical Council and the American Herbalist Guild. 

She has been faculty for 25 years under the Ohio Institute of Energetic Studies, the Institute of Holistic Health Careers, where she taught classes in Polarity as well as Herbalism. 

As an Organic Farmer, Charoula grows a lot of her own organic herbs at the Organic Farm, Wiseheart, in South-Central Ohio, where she makes most of her own herbal remedies. 

She specializes in Herbs and Energetic Foods, with a focus on supporting Wellness, through helping clients Detox, including choosing the right Botanicals to improve their health. 

Primarily, Charoula loves Herbs! She loves growing them, communing and interacting with them, picking them, making teas, tinctures, salves, and various oils with them. 

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As far back as I can remember when I started being interested in Botanicals (and other alternative healing practices as well) I was fascinated by how Hormones were central to our overall functioning: regulating moods, sleep cycles, temperature, even our appetite! At first, being a woman, female hormones were the ...
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ARTICHOKE!!! (Cynara scolymus)

Okay, so who likes (or loves!) Artichokes, but NEVER thought of them as something of an herbal thing?? Well, it is. It is grey green, like a lot of herbs, it has lots of soft leaves, and the tastiest, softest “heart” (as it is referred to!) at its center. We ...
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Do you like Cocoa??? Who doesn’t, it is most pleasant, slightly strong and bitter, but delicious! I love it! Especially in the winter, who wouldn’t like to sit by the fireplace, with a delicious cup of Cocoa—it is sweet, it is a stimulant, and yet, amazingly, it does a great ...
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Devil’s Claw

There is an herb which I have never grown myself, not sure it would adjust to the winters of Ohio, but I have been fascinated with it for a long time. Its common name is enough to “catch” my interest in it! Devil’s Claw! The botanical name is very exciting ...
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Dr. Stone’s Polarity Tea

Have I mentioned so far that besides being an herbalist, I am also a Board Certified Polarity Therapy Practitioner? Well, that’s another Holistic Health Practice that came into my life a few years back, and I have since then combined that and Herbs in a very successful and satisfying way ...
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Food for Bees !!!

Hello again!! Hope everyone spent some of their time all week becoming aware of the dance of wildflowers and honey bees, either in their gardens or in some of our great national parks! I meant to continue last week by mentioning some of the best plants/flowers that attract the honey ...
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Herbs and UTI’s

Hello again! Today I am again picking a subject of current interest to me:  I have been going through - for the first time ever - an infection relating to the Urinary System. These situations, however, seem to be common out there, or so I learned by doing a bit ...
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Herbs for Health and Immunity

I thought this week we should take a look at the one system in our body that is utterly essential to our healthy survival. This system is The Immune System. And what exactly, you might ask, is the Immune System, and where is it located in our body? Well, our ...
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Honey, Sweet Honey!

Ok, so who does NOT like honey?!! I certainly love it, I spread it on my toast in the morning, I put it in my yogurt in the evening, I sneak a teaspoon of this wonderful treat off and on during the day—whenever no one is looking!! I used to ...
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One might say that I grew up surrounded by beautiful fragrant bushes of Rosemary, thriving near the Mediterranean sea, and around my house in Greece. Rosemary is native there, and grows not just in fertile gardens but on the rocks at the edge of the sea. Rosemary – Ros Marinus ...
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Shatavari Hello there! Today I would like to introduce you to something more exotic, a plant grown in an environment way away from our Western world, the country of India. Indian herbal tradition goes back millennia, and is rich in all aspects of healing herbs, some of which grow exclusively ...
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SKIN ERUPTIONS: What on Earth Bit me this Time?!!!

Well, yes, it could be something rising out of the Earth, or flying in the Air, or swimming in the Water— we live with bugs on this planet, some of them crawling on the earth, some floating in water, some buzzing in the air.  And some can definitely carry diseases, ...
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St. John’s Wort

Hello, everyone! What a totally beautiful, true spring day today! I have been so preoccupied with things indoors that I almost missed going out to the garden, and running around to see what was up and what was blooming, AND what needed cleaning! I am sure there are gardeners reading ...
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T I N C T U R I N G !!!

So we have talked a few blogs back about how to make herbal teas, and tea is the easiest and less time and effort requiring herbal preparation. No question about it: a good cup of tea is always appreciated!  I like mine hot, but cold or icy teas are wonderful ...
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The Soothing Slippery Elm Tree

A lot of us do not consider trees as part of the Herbal Family of plants.  Huge mistake! Oak Trees, Willow Trees, Elder Trees, Hawthorne Trees, Juniper Trees, and – for me – the lofty Slippery Elm Tree -- all are not just beautiful trees but also contain deeply healing ...
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The Bitter Principle

Spring is truly here, and for good! Green things are definitely sprouting out of the earth—tiny at first but so quickly spreading and growing and announcing: Spring is here!! A lot of the herbs that show up at this point of time are probably the strongest—they still have to put ...
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The Energetics of Herbs

Before we start today’s discussion, I want to send this thought out to all our readers: It would really be a special treat for me—and all of us reading these blogs—to hear from some of you about your own experience with herbs, or how these blogs are helping you HAVE ...
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The Nature of Herbs – #1

Hello, and welcome again to our Column dedicated to Herbs! I have had a relationship with herbs since I was very young, and contracted a very dangerous illness.  It was actually an awful time for Greece back then, in the middle of the Second World War, medicines were rarely available, ...
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Vitex (Chaste Tree)

The Women’s No. 1 Herbal Friend!            I am way past the time I used to not be able to live without a Vitex Tincture, or tea—or a tincture that did contain Vitex along with some other great Herbs for women and our specific needs! But I love to still ...
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Wild Mustard

For the last few days, the back of my herbal garden (about 20 feet long) has been entirely taken over by my beautiful and wild White Mustard plants. This started a few years ago, a couple of wild plants that sprang up in early spring, and I let them grow ...
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Women’s Hearts

I grew up with a constant fear of heart attacks, because a close relative of my family—a woman—died suddenly of it, and I never—as a child—got over the fear of my mother or aunts going the same way. Much later, when I studied Energy Medicine, my fears were confirmed when ...
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