Current studies agree that stress, environmental toxins and lifestyle are the leading causes of disease and that many of our present day diseases are preventable.

Though we imagine our home environment to be a sanctuary in which to rest and restore, many of the ongoing conditions people experience (allergies, asthma, rashes, respiratory challenges, and cancer) are being linked to the hidden toxins and invisible pollutants in our homes. Our home environment has a direct impact on our health.

The good news is that we can turn our primary dwelling into a wellness environment. We can create a place where our body can maintain, rejuvenate and even thrive. Taking ownership of our health truly begins at home and not at the doctor’s office.

“We can be our body’s greatest friend or its worst enemy. Our choices of food, rest, exercise, fresh air, energized water, sunshine and attitude have the greatest impact on our health.” Ron Garner, Bed, MSc, ND

Natural, safe, simple-and-easy-to-use environmental and lifestyle wellness solutions help combat the toxins that are rampant in our homes, schools and work places, insuring better quality of health for everyone.

As we begin to make changes in our surroundings, our children, family and friends will take notice. Together we can change the current downward spiral of disease to one of prevention, self-care and active wellness.

“Twenty-first century health care will be based upon the subtle energy principles involving the mind, body, environmental and spiritual dimensions.” K. Pelletier, PhD

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