Health is all about ENERGY. The human body runs on electrical energy and depends on having an adequate supply to re-charge and re-energize cells, the basic unit of life.

Chi, vital energy, is meant to circulate freely throughout the body. When this occurs the body is able to cope with stress, detoxify and maintain the balance of life known as homeostasis.

In today’s society people are suffering because the stress response may be experienced over a dozen times per day. Dealing with the stress response takes energy. When our energy is low we feel drained, tired, depleted and everything is an effort. When energy reserves are compromised one is more susceptible to disease. Aging is the result of a general loss of electrical vitality (energy) in the body.

Ways to increase energy and promote health are to eat fresh organic foods, use whole-food organic supplements, get quality sleep for recovery, breathe fresh air, drink pure energized water, have a positive attitude, reduce the environmental toxins at home and protect oneself from the EMF’s (electro magnetic fields) of modern technology (cell phones, computers, microwaves and florescent lights). Taking a period of silence during the day will slow down your organs, calm your brain and increase your awareness.

There are NATURAL FORCES found everywhere in our universe that are considered “WELLNESS ENERGIES.”

They are natural and renewable physical conditions that have been extensively researched and are included in the basic study curriculums of chemistry, physics and biology.

When we have energy we feel good, great, wonderful and “know” that we can accomplish anything. Understanding how to increase and maintain the energy supply in one’s body allows one to slow down the aging process and to live a more healthful life.

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