Chapter 1  – How we Heal

Energy is perpetual – you can’t create it you can’t destroy it.   As an Energy practitioner and as an energy science teacher I basically have come to understand the power of energy.  In my opinion, and many others opinion, the future of medicine lies in the understanding and the correlation of energy and the energy fields of the body in relationship to healing, to balance, and to disease control.  What I want to show you today is the fact that we really are an energetic system.  I kind of compare it,  as I always say, to an electrical plant. We  have energy as a source.  What is energy?   Electrical energy,  chemical energy,  we have metabolism – that’s an energy when we metabolize food to create calories which is energy.  The whole essence of our system,  the root of everything we are,  starts at a vibrational level.  We’re all atoms. To make it simple – when you have energy you turn a light switch off.   How does that all happen?   Well you have to have a source.  There’s some source of energy – that could come from your power plant, that could come from any other source such as wind or it can come from water sources but nevertheless you have to have a source.  Energy has to step down because you can’t go plug your toaster into the electric plant.  Energy has a system of high frequency to low frequency energy. You can just look outside and see your big transformers and you can see the wires coming into your neighborhood.  You can see those transformers moving to your house where they connect the wires in your house.   You have all these circuit breakers.   There is a pattern,  there is a system.   As you step energy down from high vibration to low vibration so we can use it,  When it moves into your house and it’s usable,  you have circuit breakers.   Look at your circuit breaker box.  All of the circuit breakers have some type of relationship to something in your house.   This circuit breaker will open up your garage door,  this other circuit breaker will make sure your refrigerator is on. If your circuit breaker can do a couple things it can be on or it can be too much.  I­­­f it gets overloaded you could create a fire.  You can really be in trouble.  If there’s not enough energy or the circuits are broken,  the circuit breaker will shut off.  It’s fine if your circuit breaker shuts off in your area of your house that has your refrigerator or your stove goes off you know that you have to fix get your stove or your refrigerator fixed.   You don’t just take the food out and say okay I’ll take the spoiled food out and then I’ll put some more in.   You have a system.  What’s so beautiful about this is that body is the same thing.   We start out with our whole source which happens to be light.   We are bio photonic so we’re not plugging ourselves in but we have a source – sunlight or  light –  that’s why it’s so important to have light.  That’s why we’re always looking at the problems with vitamin D.  That have create that from light source and We’re really having some difficulties with that so we have the same thing.

Many people are saying that the future of medicine involves looking at the energy systems of the the body.  We have Aura’s and chakras. I would like to present you with some some information.  As we go through this series of the science of energy I want you to be able to understand it so that you can do things like meditate to calm your system down if your circuit breakers are all shut off because you’re overloaded,  you have a lot of adrenal overload,  and your fatigued and your stressed. Eventually just like the refrigerator that went out,  if you just take the food out and put more food in without correcting the circuit breakers and correcting the problem,  the same thing with your body.  So we want people to really understand the value of energy and the concepts of energy in our body and our healing. 

Meditation and stress management are good things.  Listen to a couple of these Chapters. 

Energy like I said is perpetual.   In every culture and in every medical tradition before ours healing was accomplished by moving energy.  Chinese medicine, Ayurvedic medicine, homeopathy,  and herbal medicine are all based on the same idea.  Let’s try to figure out how to keep your electrical system, your circuit breakers,  going so your organs don’t shut down or you’re processing food properly it’s all about your energy.   Candace Pert author of the book “Molecules of Emotion”, says medicine of the future lies in the knowledge, the understanding of, and the appreciation of the energy systems of the body.  

When we think about this even when I teach medical students and I talk to them – they understand energy.  What’s an EKG, a MRI, what’s a CT scan?  All measurements of energy.  

We’re moving slowly in to nuclear medicine, into the vibrational medicine,  

Classical Chinese acupuncturists, they believe that channels of energy run through the body and when these channels are blocked or out of balance pain and disease can result.  

What we’re saying from the energy science is that you have to have the circuit breakers being dysfunctional first before the house burns down. Why let it burn down?  My view is that if you study energy – which we do polarity therapy Reiki everything that’s coming to be popular now – if you study energy and you understand the concepts of it, you can prevent the house from burning down if you see the lights flickering.  Same thing in your body if you’re fatiguing,  if you can’t you sleep too much,  start seeing the warning signs.   Work with an energy practitioner. The polarity practitioners are really good at identifying stress holding patterns and seeing in the body where you are not having enough energy or the circuit breakers have kicked off and then you have pain. 

Also, modern science has developed more than adequate measurements to connect energy fields and the scientific knowledge. I think that’s an important thing for us to realize because science is explaining the roles of energy fields in health and disease this is very important. The reason is that we have now developed sensitive instruments.  We do have the EKGs, MRIs, and we have all of these instruments that can detect minute energy fields around the human body. 

We, the Center the Holistic Health Career Center, has been involved with many studies on energy and what happens when someone has an energy balancing issue.  We have different tools to measure that.

Sudies at Stanford have found that each organ in the body generates characteristically energy fields.  This is a is a whole topic unto itself but there are  three variables:

  1. Science has found that there are pulsating magnetic fields that jumpstart healing in a variety of soft and hard tissues.
  2. Energetic frequency stimulate the growth of nerves, bones, skin, capillaries, and ligaments. Jim Oschman wrote a very good book on the science of energy called “Energy Medicine: The Scientific Basis” 
  3. So in essence what we want to understand is that we are not just physical, just mental,  or emotional.  We start out with our own energy system from conception. Look at the caduceus and you see the spine being formed in a baby.  When you understand this you can start to appreciate prevention and wellness. 

My whole take as a preventive and wellness practitioner is let’s prevent it before it becomes a physical manifestation.



Chapter 2 – How to understand energy and its relationship to stay well

It’s all about life and life force and how we got there. We’re going to start with Mr. Einstein because I think this is a very, very important piece. I actually called this whole concept “As above So below”.  

Starting with Mr. Einstein and what he said  

e = MC2

Energy is matter and matter is energy.  This is important because part of staying well is to understand that we are an energetic system. I’m going to try to make it very simple so that you understand we are an energetic system, we are made up of atoms. Energy leads us to do things that disrupts our electrical and energetic system then creates physical problems.  Energy is matter and matter is energy.  For energy to move we have to have a source.  The source and oftentimes people relate this in quantum physics to how the whole earth and universe started was with the big bang theory, but what happened is the Big Bang Theory did occur and it produced another system that was vital to our understanding energy.  It’s called EMF – electromagnetic force.  In electromagnetic force after the big bang theory and after the Big Bang occurred you had actual movement of energy.

To have life force (movement of energy) you have to have poles.  A positive pole,  neutral pole and negative pole.  Polls actually shift – you attract energy and you repulse energy. The electromagnetic force and it’s a very cool system.  Let me show you a little quick demonstration to show you how electromagnetic force is quite action-oriented.  Here is a trigger ball and if I make the connections, make the poles and make the connections, I create action. What i want to show you today is how this moves from the idea that we are energetic beings down to the fact that we are not just a physical system we are an energetic system.

With the attraction and repulsion and electromagnetic force,  energy is always repelled and repulse out so energy moves from the source.  Remember one vital thing – energy goes from high vibration to low vibration.  It’s the same thing as your house – you have electricity and energy coming into your house fomr a power plant.  The power plant -you can’t go plug your toaster into the power plant,  but energy steps down so it slows down, it gets to your neighborhood and your electrician can use it and put it into your house and all the circuit breakers that you need. What I want to show you is this system – energy moves away from source and is repulsed out but then it’s attracted in.   That makes a very big push and a pull in and it comes right back to the center.   Notice here these colors – once the energy is attracted back in due to electromagnetic force it spins.  This is very important because as its spinning it is going to push the energy back out again and then it’s attracted back in,  then it spins again.  These are called in ancient energy science and theories chakras. Chakras mean spinning wheels.  Energy is spun and stepped down little bit further with each Chakra, it spins out moves away again its propelled out and is attracted back in spins again and it continues until it slows down where it’s usable – same thing as your power plant. You see the Transformers –  energy is moved out from the power plant and it spins at those big old transformers and moves out again till it slows it down so that we can use it.  The same thing.   The important thing is here in each of the chakra centers as it slows down there are qualities.  Some colors have higher vibrations –  high at the magenta, the blues and the purples,  to slower vibrations at the Reds the Browns. In ancient healthcare systems ayurveda and Chinese,  they use this knowledge, which is basically quantum physics, to say hey energy goes through this whole chakra system.  It steps energy down.  When you’re at the higher vibration spinning before it steps down this is called ether.  The elements are using ayurveda and chinese and it’s a good system of assessment.  As it slows down, as it’s a repulsed out,  it slows down to air, to fire, to water, to earth.   We call these the elements and a lot of these traditional medicines are based on that.  Out of the chakras come the elements,  out of the elements then come the physical body.  This is how we are formed.   This is how we are made.

The most important thing is understanding that each of these qualities gives us a lot of knowledge about the mental emotional and physical states.  You can have a very Airy personality or you can have a fiery angry personality.  This is what we study.

Understand energy and you will actually stay well.  

This is your lesson on “As above So below” and How to understand energy and its relationship to stay wellHow to understand energy and its relationship to stay well





Chapter 3 – Balancing your energy

Let’s apply what we did in Chapter 1 and 2.  What is energy about,  what is an electromagnetic force.  We tried explain the whole concept that we as human beings, the life force on the planet, animals,  we’re all energetic beings. We’re all at a vibrational level.  

The most important thing is staying well.  We have a complete training system and the science behind how to balance energy.  Is it stress –yes.  Is it being able to breathe and calm your body – yes.   Once your circuit breakers get overloaded you are in crisis and it’s chronic.  What we as energy practitioners, whether you’re talking about Reiki, whether polarity therapy, whether you’re talking about meditation or yoga, all of these systems work with the internal process of you being a vibrational system and a whole electrical system. In your in your house you know if your circuit breakers are overloaded they close off. If there’s not enough energy coming into your house you can’t turn the lights on or things flicker. 

Today I’m going to just give you a sample of what energy practices are.  They are non-invasive, they are effective,  they calm people, they work in changing the stressors, physically and physiologically, which are the start of all diseases and conditions. 

We are working with Shannon today.  There are various types of energy balancing shiatsu, Reiki, and reflexology.   All of it works on the energetic system – understanding like an electrician.  The first thing we do is come to the body and you can do on the body or you can do off the body. We study like an electrician. We study the patterns of the circuit breakers – we call these lines of force.  We can find out where the energy is being knotted or  tightened or not flowing as if there was a knot the hose.  We find those areas – we can feel them, there is muscle tightness.  We know the acupressure points and how to work the circuit breakers.  There is one really profound one that we use in many of the modalities including polarity therapy and Reiki. It’s called the star work. We may just even brush the body down but I can start with doing diagonals,  powerful diagonal lines, and just hold the hip and hold the shoulder. Sometimes in polarity we might rock a little bit.  If we find tightness we can interview the person, we can tell through their mental, their physical, their emotional cues, which one of the elements are out of balance – where the energy is not connecting,  where they’re angry, where they’re frustrated,  where they have pain.  Pain is energy that is unbalanced. We hold in this star and we can just hold this. Sometimes we can move to the other side and do across. It’s very light touch. In Reiki you can do off the body where you may hold right in the North Pole part of the body. Electromagnetic force – we consider the poles. Hold right over the navel.  You can feel slight heat coming off the body.  Holding and touching is very healing if you’re qualified and your trained well, you know how to do that, and which  circuit breakers are off.

I want to show you the hands  – the hands have five fingers and each finger has an energetic pole.  Ether, Air, Fire, Water, and Earth.  Oftentimes we will do an acupressure point right in the thumb and just hold and that balances any pain mechanisms. 

If you understand energy science and energy theories you can actually tell if there’s a shoulder problem or a physical muscular problem.  You could say ok that’s an air thing.  I might hold the feet or I might hold the ankles,

Polarity Therapy is Body Reflexology

If I have a shoulder problem I might be holding here. I can go to the hip and I can find a point that probably hurts.  

As you look at staying well one of the things you should explore is an energy practitioner that is qualified and you can work with.  

To stay well you have to really understand all the stressors of the body.

Chapter 4 Foot Reflexology

Welcome to staying well with Dr. Mary Jo The Science of Energy, Chapter 4. The Science of Energy involves health happiness and balancing stress. In this series Chapter 2  we show you how to use energy effectively.  and The energy process of balancing energy is so important. Stress is the key number one thing to disease and conditions.  Stress starts with an imbalance in your electrical system – it’s like your circuit breakers.  You are all vibration.   We are an energetic being.  This is something that we have to work with if we are going to stay healthy and prevent diseases.  

Reflexology is one of the key energy practices that is so accurate and so effective.   You can do body reflexology which is what polarity therapy is about.  We have Reiki.  We have energy medicine.  We have yoga and meditation. They’ are all balancing the energy system. 

Today I’m going to show you the basics with foot reflexology.  We look at the whole system of all of the points on the feet.  We look at them energetically. We look at the elements. In Chapter 2, we talked about how energy steps down and how it manifests at the physical level.  The 5 toes represent what we call the qualities of energy:

  1. Ether
  2. Air
  3. Fire
  4. Water
  5. Earth

Often you will find that certain organs, the spine which reflexes on the inside of the foot, the head that reflexes on top,  or the sinuses are areas of referral as vibrational referrals –  what is called long meridian lines or referrals. We can go into a point on the ether toe and do a nice contact and that reflexes to the sinuses.  You will find that the body relates to itself and its parts reflexe to each other.   When we do work on the spine we can open up the side of the foot – the mapping of each vertebra is so accurate. Remember your body is very integrated. It starts out with vibration and pulses.  You can read it – ­­­the foot reading and the foot mapping and the reflexology is very powerful.  

As we do and as we work on doing the reflex points even to hold a point and make a contact.  I showed you especially with electromagnetic force and as energy has to move you have to have a positive neutral and negative contact.  We know those on the feet – we know those in the body.  

Before a disease manifests on the physical level we can get the clues that give you a sense of something’s wrong – the circuit breakers are not right here, something’s too much or something’s too little.  An energy practitioner is the key to staying well. 

As we work with these points we also do pressure points.  We can do the colon reflex points here and we have such knowledge in Ayurvedic medicine and n Chinese medicine with the elements of the body and how the body is integrated and how it responds and reflexes to itself.  I can just move right here and do certain points which will reflex to the colon energy lines in the areas.  If I find certain knots I can usually tell if there is a restriction.   Energy has to flow like the circuit breakers in your house.  It’s like tying a knot in a hose and expecting the water to go through.  Diseases start with these types of stressors in the body.  Any of these reflex points will help stimulate and balance.   Sometimes we can just do certain areas of the feet where we might ring them on the top of the toes.  You will find there are lymphatic points that you can hold and push and those again reflex.   So when we talk about reflexology it’s a whole science involving the idea that the body is integrated. Why would we think that you have a sick stomach and you and you get a migraine or you hurt your back and you’re angry. You know there’s so much correlation between the mind, the emotions, the body,  and the spirit. 

To stay well one of the areas that we’re trying to focus on is to understand that we are energetic beings and that we can predict and see stress and stressors in the body at the energy level first before they will ever manifest at the physical level.  

Stay well and find a good energy practitioner.